HMR Designs Design/Decor/Floral

Halloween Bash

Chicago IL

It’s not every day that our designers have the opportunity to use their impeccable eye for styling to arrange skeleton bones, rot flowers and scatter faux roaches. Perhaps it’s the rarity of a Halloween Party that makes it oh so much fun for an event designer. Or perhaps it’s just that Halloween reveals the darkness lurking in us all.

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Guests arrived at a cobweb-drenched Casino Club, entering via red carpet replete with cockroaches and spiders spilling forth from an open, occupied casket.

complete with rotting floral and alarming tabletop offerings

For cocktails and dancing, our art team constructed private alcoves beneath haunted house facades and custom graphics, in addition to peppering the space with an ample array of jack-o-lanterns.

The faux bug motif followed guests inside, where our designers personally salvaged decrepit antique furniture for lounge groupings