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Corporate Anniversary Event - Superheroes vs. Villains

Chicago, IL

To celebrate 19 years of PEAK6 success we decided to go with a superhero theme for their super team! From entrance to exit the venue was covered in superhero details. From a Batmobile at the entrance to each guest getting their own superhero or villain wristband throughout the night, from specialty cocktails labeled appropriately for the event, to comic book decorated table tops, this event was one to remember.

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Guest were able to get right into the superhero vs. villain mode as soon as they entered the venue. With erie Joker wall designs, and a lit up Batmobile to greet the guest it was a sight to see right from the start!

Guest made the choice at the begging of the night to either be a superhero, or a villain and were then assigned a specially branded wristband that either lit up in blue for the superheroes, or green for the villains.

Hovering shades were placed from the ceilings of the venue and designed with iconic superhero designs and wording, such as this one here with the word "BOOM!' loud and bold for everyone to see.

Delicious cake pops were one of the many assorted desserts that guest had to choose from as J&L Catering staff carried them about the room.

This Captain America themed food station was one of four stations designed uniquely to one particular superhero.

This Cat Woman lounge was one of two designated lounging areas for guest to relax and enjoy the party.

Jason Derulo gave an incredible performance and was very interactive with the party goers.

Specialty designed tables from Kehoe were made to look like a real comic book. On tops of tables were small candles to gently light up the room.

Colorful pillows and accented pillows with iconic superhero logos were added to couches throughout the space to give guest a place to settle down and take everything in throughout the night.

The dessert station was a good vs. evil design to close off the night with one final battle along with a tasty treat!

Jason was as happy to be at this corporate anniversary party as much as the guest were happy and surprised to see that he was their entertainment for the night.

This Joker lounge was specifically designed to be as colorful as the Joker's personality.

This Joker statue is one of the many small detailed elements that were placed throughout the space to make sure that the superhero vs. villain theme was not lost in any aspect of the room.

One of the CEO's of PEAK6 gave his speech in a unique and fun way which entertained guests and left them speechless with the magic he pulled off as being everywhere at once just as multiple man would do himself.

Mini passed subs were one of the many foods being passed along to give the guest enough power and energy to party all night long!

Napkins were specially made to give guest a fun way to channel their inner superhero by being able to find out their superhero name according to their first and last initials.

A glimpse of the overall room for this superhero vs. villains themed corporate anniversary party.

Here is an overhead shot of the overall room at this superheroes vs. villains themed party. Colorfully lit blow-up stars hung from the ceiling and there were two center lounge areas; one playing towards Cat Woman, the other towards the notorious villain, The Joker.

An oxygen bar was a great entertainment for the guest to play right into the superhero theme of the night. Each color tube at the oxygen bar was meant to represent a super power and guest were intractably able to decide their fate!

This overhead shot displays the crowd at this corporate anniversary party enjoying a surprise performance by singer, songwriter, Jason Derulo.

This Poison Ivy themed food station was layered in all things green to pay homage to the famous Villain.

Nigel Mead is famously known for his mind reading and magic abilities. To match his fascinating talents he was dressed as The Riddler while walking around tricking guests at the PEAK6 corporate anniversary party.

One of the main attractions at this corporate anniversary party was playing laser tag throughout the party. At the end of the rounds the winner of the game was displayed on the stage screen for all to see!

This superman designed bar was one of three specially designed bars that were about the venue space at this corporate anniversary party.

This comic book designed table by Kehoe was a perfect touch to go along with this superheroes vs. villains theme, along with the background screen on stage looking like an effect coming straight out of the next Marvel movie!

New Moon provided a champagne chandiler complete with an acrobat dressed up just like Spiderman. Being able to climb up and down the ropes like Spiderman himself pouring champagne for guests as they entered their corporate party.

Superman cocktails were handed to guests as they first entered the party, giving them enough energy as Superman to party on for the whole night.

J&L Catering wait staff was dressed in the PEAK6 superhero logo T-shirts along with eye masks to help go along with the superhero vs. villains costume theme, but not so much as to where they could blend in and get lost amongst the crowd.

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  • Sound Kishbaugh + Partners
  • Lighting John Featherstone
  • Videographer Indirap Productions

This Wolverine themed food station was full of delicious meats from J&L Catering to help make guests as strong as Wolverine himself.