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11 Fun Twin & Sibling Mitzvah Celebrations

Event Planner: Sara Renee Events | Decor & Lighting: Always Flowers | Venue: The Breakers Palm Beach | Photographer: LuvRox Photography

Traditionally, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrates a boy or a girl coming of age surrounded by friends and family. Sometimes these occasions have twice the cause to celebrate — in the case of twin Mitzvah or sibling Mitzvah ceremonies (called B’nai Mitzvah for two boys and B’not Mitzvah for two girls). These eleven B’nai Mitzvah parties showcase just how personalized shared celebrations can be, with customized centerpieces, event logos, catch-phrases and even a fictitious planet spun from the imagination of one set of twin girls.

This fabulous diamond-themed B’Nai Mitzvah was all about the glitz and glamour. Twins, Jake and Rosie, were treated to a celebration at Chicago’s Ravinia Green Country Club where every detail, right down to the cake pops, had a little sparkle to them. The design and decor specialists at Epic Events expressed the theme with both subtle touches and big displays with mirrored tables and geometric glass centerpieces paired with a giant vintage-style marquee reading “Diamond” lighting up the dance floor. Planner Alison Ross Events did not forget to focus on the two teens being celebrated though — their names flanked the marquee, ensuring that they were the real stars of the show. North Shore Photography captured every dazzling moment from this night enjoyed by friends and family.

Planner Geffen Events clearly enjoyed curating a chic hot pink theme for these two girls’ B’Not Mitzvah celebration. The Ebell of Los Angeles proved a versatile space where guests could enjoy lounging in the courtyard on plush white couches from Classic Party Rentals or dance the night away in the glowing ballroom lit pink by Daylight Events. A custom logo designed by Creative Graphic Services featuring the girls’ silhouettes appeared on pillows, the dance floor, and a photo backdrop where guests posed while 2me Studios served as their paparazzi. Guest tables were decorated with larger-than-life arrangements of roses and hydrangeas from Sadas Flowers on dazzling linens. This event ended with a delectable dessert bar thanks to Hollywood Candy Girls.

This brother and sister duo had a Mitzvah celebration that lit up the night at The Breakers Palm Beach in Florida. From the graffiti painted walls to the buzzing arcade games, Planner Sara Renee Events worked with the decor and lighting specialists at Always Flowers & Events to ensure that every element at this B’Nai Mitzvah incorporated neon colors and glowing black lights. Guests, old and young, brought out their inner child playing on a giant Lite-Brite wall and a neon air hockey, donning enough glowing accessories to be seen from space. Rock with U Entertainment kept the party going with live music and dance performances that got everyone onto the dance floor underneath hanging colorful neon slinkies. To close out the bash, guests brought home graffiti-art baseball caps emblazoned with their names.

With bold colors and a striking lightning bolt serving as theming for this Mitzvah celebration, twins Zach and Tyler enjoyed a night dedicated and personalized to them. Held at and beautifully coordinated the day of by Chicago’s Twin Orchard Country Club, red and blue decor represented the colors that have identified the boys since they were born. Event planner, Sandy Raphael, incorporated a gold lightning bolt into their event logo for the light the boys have brought to their parents which also reflected the positive energy felt at the Mitzvah celebrations — in no small part due to the vibe that Flow Entertainment created by getting everyone involved the fun. Friends and family of all ages gathered on the black and white dance floor while Tell Draper Photography captured every memorable moment for these two energetic boys.

This B’Nai Mitzvah at New York’s Metropolitan Pavilion was a perfect representation of the personalities of twins Jess and Josh. Their “13” shaped cake displayed what made these two so unique, featuring the twins’ favorites hobbies and interests — with the “1” highlighting Jess and the “3” dedicated to Josh. The teens’ names were also displayed on pillows, the dance floor, t-shirts (which they shot out of a t-shirt cannon), and water bottles. With blue and purple being Jess and Josh’s favorite colors, event planner Joseph Todd Events incorporated it into the décor. Ending the night on a sweet note, guests brought home a box of hand selected cookies and enjoyed a Belgian waffle food truck. To ensure sweet memories, 5th Avenue Digital Photography captured each personalized moment for these lucky twins.

Marley and Ethan sure knew how to amp up the glam with their VIP-inspired Mitzvah. Event planner, Chris Weinberg Events, used the twins’ initials to their advantage with the theming “It’s all about ME” for Marley and Ethan — using a custom logo in tag lines such as “Throw ME” on bags of candy and “Sock it to ME” on their customized sock party favors. Lush red roses and metallic gold accents truly popped in the otherwise elegant black and white surroundings, with lighting that changed throughout the evening to set the mood. Patty Daniels Photography made everyone feel like a celebrity snapping photos both on and off the dance floor throughout the celebration.

Celebrating triplets wasn’t the only thing that separates this Mitzvah from the rest — guests took a ferry to this Ellis Island, New York celebration. This GOLD themed party, a play on the family’s last name, reflected each of the triplet’s unique personalities. Roy Braeger Event Design & Production created three personalized lounge areas featuring gold centerpieces incorporating each child’s favorite hobbies and memories. Guests were treated to robot dancers, caricature artists, interactive virtual photo booth, a lucite celebrity recording booth, a Family Feud simulation game, and much more at this highly-interactive, fun G3-logoed event planned by Laura Fishman Events. To ensure that this over the top celebration was truly unforgettable, 5th Avenue Digital Photography snapped shots of the party guests, gold boas and all!

Guests walked down a dual yellow and pink carpet to enter this twin girl Mitzvah hosted at the Miami Auto Museum & Unique Event Space. Starting in the courtyard, the girls’ love of horseback riding was cleverly depicted with the use of jump fences and hay bales as chic rustic decor along with a display of their award ribbons in the sport. Stepping into the main event space, guests were greeted with playful pink and yellow lights, as well as dessert tables with coordinating colors from caterer Le Basque and towering centerpieces of the girls’ initials arranged in luxe florals from event designer Plan Design Events. A highlight of this Mitzvah was a live performance by pop sensation Jason DeRulo.

Guests took a step back in time with this 60’s flower power-inspired B’Nai Mitzvah in Chicago’s Resolution Studios warehouse space. A standout feature was a retro VW van decked out in the event logo and colorful spray painted peace signs and flowers from Kehoe Designs, which served as a groovy backdrop for Garbo Productions’ pictures. Colorful lights and brightly-hued columns added some funky vibes to this celebration for twins Isabella and Oliver. Party guests could even satisfy their sweet tooths by reaching into the vest pockets of the servers which were filled to the brim with candy. All of these elements made this Rochelle L Baker-planned Mitzvah an event that even Austin Powers would approve of.

This Mitzvah took a trip to Planet ASIS, a place where these twin girls were allowed to let their imaginations run wild so that event planner Debbie’s Designs could create a world all their own. Izzy and Ava were sure to include donuts, cotton candy, music, and all things pink on their make-believe planet. Silver Pro Entertainment blew the party guests away by traveling to Planet ASIS with flamethrowers and neon robot dancers. The yin and yang sign used as the event logo symbolized the balance between earthy floral elements and glowing sci-fi themes, highlighting the different personalities of these two teen girls.

This NLB (Noah Leo B’Nai) themed Mitzvah celebration was for two close friends that share a passion for baseball. Guests entered the celebration by first signing baseball jerseys for each boy — a great keepsake for the party hosts — then entered Chicago’s Twin Orchard Country Club ballroom decked out in Chicago Cubs colors. Décor from Joseph’s Events played up the baseball theme with tables dedicated to different teams while activities included a pitching simulator, and even a baseball diamond dance floor. Bizar Entertainment got the sports fans dancing, while The Sweet Buddha dessert table served as a delicious dance break. And of course, nothing completes a day at the ballpark like a hot dog and a box of Cracker Jacks, which guests were able to take home. This combo Mitzvah beautifully captured by gerber + scarpelli photography was certainly a grand slam!  

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