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12 Creative & Colorful Bat Mitzvah Themes

Photo Courtesy of North Shore Photography

A Bat Mitzvah party is a joyous recognition of a girl’s coming-of-age. These Bat Mitzvah themes and festivities reflect the passions and interests of the newly-teenaged girls they’re celebrating. From movies to hobbies, these events boast creative themes, beautiful colors and inspired design. Look no further for inspiration than these 13 beautiful Bat Mitzvah themes produced by talented teams of Chicago event professionals.


carnival themed bat mitzvah
Photo Courtesy of Jai Girard Photography

Designer Event Chicago cleverly coordinated every detail of this carnival-themed Bat Mitzvah, from the celebratory carnival treats to the thoughtful details infusing the carnival-vibe in the “tent.” The power-planning duo worked with HMR Designs to turn the venue in to a magical tent, where fabric panels lined the walls and the ceiling and string lights twinkled above the dance floor. Jai Girard Photography captured the details – we love the beautiful balloon art installation and the clever use of the carnival tickets. A hall of distorting mirrors and carnival games kept guests entertained and furthered the Bat Mitzvah theme, while the custom sweets displays captured the event theme perfectly. 

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Star Wars

Photo Courtesy of Moonhouse Productions

From the light saber ceiling installation shining over the dance floor to the star-shaped lanterns casting their glow above the centerpieces, Designer Event Chicago saw to every fabulous intergalactic detail of this Star Wars themed event. The escort cards, giveaways and signage were emblazoned with the recognizable font of the popular movie series, furthering the incredible Bat Mitzvah theme. Designer Event Chicago worked with Studio AG to perfect the decor schematic. The character cookies playfully depicted Princess Leia, Yoda, and Darth Vader while Storm Troopers acted as decorative candy holders with glowstick sabers. Green and purple uplighting completed the out-of-this world feel of this Bridgeport Art Center event.  

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Photo Courtesy of North Shore Photography

Full-sized palm trees wrapped with lights lined the entry to this Hollywood themed celebration, evoking the glamour of Rodeo Drive. Epic Events used swirling star projections and gold lamé draping to set the scene for the dance floor and a green screen (just like in the movies!) photo spot put guests in front of the iconic Hollywood sign or right onto the set of “La La Land.” North Shore Photography captured every little award-winning detail of this clever Bat Mitzvah theme, like clapboard seating cards and elegant tablescapes with elaborate candelabras and mirrored vases holding giant palm fronds. In the center of it all was a giant cut-out of the mitzvah girl’s signature — a precursor to all of the autographs she might one day sign.

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Photo Courtesy of Tell Draper Photography

The sinister red uplighting and drifting fog were the first signs that this wouldn’t be like every other Bat Mitzvah theme or celebration. Pulling off a creepy yet classy Halloween themed party isn’t easy, but BCR Events and Platinum Events Decor created a beautifully spooky event with gilded gourds and pumpkins and table placards attached to elegant gold, silver and black masquerade masks. Tables draped in a sheer black spiderweb overlay held collections of the macabre: moss dripping from dark branches, black candles, jars labeled “poison” and mercury glass skulls. Projections of scratchy branches made the dance floor feel like a fall forest at night.

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Photo Courtesy of Bob & Dawn Davis Photography & Design

Spring, the season of blossom buds and shoots, is a fitting for a Bat Mitzvah theme which itself is representative of new growth. This afternoon event evoked bright beginnings with sun streaming into the space designed by Great Events in partnership with Epic Events. Clear glass tables and vases — in varying heights for interest — minimized the separation of guests from the decor star of the event: the flowers. Gorgeous roses, hydrangeas, and gladiolas in hues of purple, blue and pink overflowed on every surface. Bob and Dawn Davis Photography & Design captured all of the fine details like violet raw silk tablecloths, teal silk napkins tied into bows, and die-cut placards.

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Photo Courtesy of North Shore Photography

This Bat Mitzvah theme and celebration perfectly expressed the party girl’s passion for tennis. Graphics of the guest-of-honor joyfully playing her favorite sport provided a backdrop for the green (of course!) dance floor. Event planner Barbara Moss Events and Epic Events used lime green uplighting giving the entire space the feeling the courts on a sunny day while the racquets suspended from the ceiling reinforced the theme. North Shore Photography created a beautiful record of every detail like yellow roses in perfectly-round arrangements resembling luxe tennis balls and square vases filled with bright grass atop tables outfitted with acrylic court overlays.

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Sugar Factory

Photo Courtesy of Tell Draper Photography

Pops of bright candied color and loads of actual candy made this Sugar Factory themed Bat Mitzvah a tween dream. Guest enjoyed drinks sporting gummi bear garnishes while dancing the night away on the custom-logoed dance floor in the Factory font with the mitzvah girl’s name. Jamie Joffe Events designed long tables color-coded in hot pink, apple red, turquoise blue and deep purple with dramatic tall lamps as centerpieces to fit the beautiful Bat Mitzvah theme. White backlit draping gave the entire room a dreamy feel while the dessert area, with it’s vibrant draping, felt like the cozy interior of a genie’s bottle.

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Photo Courtesy of Barb Levant Photography

Never has a blizzard-themed event felt so warm. Epic Events wove some winter magic to conjure a room with frosty blue lighting and snowflakes projected onto the dance floor, bringing this Bat Mitzvah theme to life. White branches on mirrored pedestals reached skyward from tables with brushed aluminum silver tops while transparent ghost chairs helped carry the icy theme. Cozy candlelight in silver glasses reflected from every surface as captured by Barb Levant Photography.

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Photo Courtesy of Kehoe Designs

Rustic wood tables formed a fitting backdrop for the farm-to-table meal at this eco-friendly Bat Mitzvah celebration. A reflection of the Bat Mitzvah girl’s passion for a sustainable living, the Kehoe Designs-planned event featured gorgeous arrangements of wildflowers in mason jars studding every surface, bringing the lush outside into the Hilton Orrington Hotel. Strings of large light bulbs criss-crossed the ceiling and giant marquee letters spelling the guest of honor’s name were understated touches of glamour at the casual, yet elegant affair.

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Photo Courtesy of Tell Draper Photography

Taking their cue from Lululemon’s shopping bags printed with empowering phrases to create this Bat Mitzvah theme, this Designer Event Chicago-planned party used the patterned words instead to describe the celebrated girl. Shoot (with basketball-shaped letter “o’s”), shop, smile, love and relax are just a few of the descriptors written on the colorful themed graphics scattered throughout the event — such as the table assignment board sporting the Lulu logo. The tables themselves were covered in simple white cloths punctuated by colorful silk napkins with centerpieces of bright roses and candles as designed by Epic Events. The Bar Mitzvah was hosted in the beautifully versatile Artifact Events space which is housed in an architectural preservation gallery.

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Photo Courtesy of Jai Girard Photography

Giant paintbrushes skewed at all angles above the drip-painted dance floor quickly set the theme for this water-colored Bat Mitzvah planned by Designer Event Chicago with decor from Epic Events. A chic mix of glass and white tables shifted the focus to the artist’s palette of multi-hued ghost chairs and  primary-colored uplighting shining onto every wall. The decor was a masterpiece with criss-crossing colored glass vases holding white lilies upright and unexpectedly sideways. Meanwhile the rooftop at Ignite Glass Studios were a painter’s dream with landscape views of the city and the Sears Tower. Entertaining Company thoughtfully tied everything together into one cohesive Bat Mitzvah theme with exquisite details in their food presentation, from custom-designed painter palettes to the individual paint cans of BBQ sauce to complement the spread. 

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Pop Culture

Photo Courtesy of Moonhouse Productions

This glam blue and pink party featured its own rhyming hashtag as well as a Snapchat filter for party-goers to capture their own (fleeting) memories. Kehoe Designs used the Bat Mitzvah theme and corresponding colors for everything from the tablescapes the custom furniture. The center of the room rocked a club vibe with low white couches festooned with turquoise and hot pink sequined pillows while the edges of the space were draped in white with glowing with uplighting and beads of crystals dripping to the floor. Flow Entertainment kept the focus on the monogrammed dance floor with its backdrop of black and white pics of the mitzvah girl.  

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