photographer: Bojan Hohnjec Studio | event planner: Pink Bowtie Events | floral design: Stefan's Florist | venue: New York Athletic Club
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12 Event Photographers in NYC Who Captured Some of Our Favorite Shots of 2019

It may be a new year; but here at PartySlate, we’re still reminiscing over our favorite photographs of 2019. Long after the celebration ends — be it a wedding, corporate event, or milestone birthday — the good times live on forever in our photographs. 

It’s no surprise to us that some of our favorite event photography hails from New York City. Home to the Met Gala, Broadway Theater, and dynamic Wall Street, this vibrant city is a hotspot for visually-stunning private events. These 12 event photographers in New York City know this spirited city inside and out, from where to find the most scenic backdrops (including gritty side streets and graffiti murals) to where to catch the best lighting. Most importantly, they know how to capture the perfect celebratory shot — whether it’s a first look in front of a city food cart or a dynamic aerialist performance at one of New York’s iconic venues.

A lot can happen in a year. At the end of the day, it’s the moments of human connection and celebration that we always continue to cherish. So with that in mind, here’s to a new year — and all of the joyful memories that we plan on bringing with us.

Surfing the Wave of Love

photographer: André Maier Photography

You know the wedding band is great when the groom starts crowd surfing. We love how André Maier Photography captured this moment of fun and camaraderie — especially the lively details, such as the groom’s pineapple socks and colorful beverage.

photographer: André Maier Photography | planner: Stillwell Events | décor: Jes Gordon | venue: Current | entertainment: Element Music | caterer: Abigail Kirsch Catering stylist: Beautini

Love at First Look

photography: Anthony Vazquez Photography

A great photographer doesn’t just take pictures– he or she creates works of art. This photograph of a first look by Anthony Vazquez Photography reveals the deep love between this joyful couple. We almost feel as if we are right there in the room with them.

photography: Anthony Vazquez Photography | planner: Save the Date® | décor: Swoop | venue: Temple Court at The Beekman | entertainment: Hank Lane Music | lighting: Fusion Productions

Best Seat in the House

photographer: ArtVesta Studio

The aerialist wasn’t the only one with a bird’s eye view of party-goers at this glamorous gala. We appreciate how ArtVesta Studio makes us feel like we are floating at the same height of this dazzling performer, all while managing to capture the grand scale of the gorgeous venue.

photographer: ArtVesta Studio | venue: Capitale

Only in New York

photographer: Bojan Hohnjec Studio 

Bojan Hohnjec Studio’s photographs often feel more like paintings. The composition of this gorgeous bridal portrait takes our breath away. We love how the majesty of Central Park seems to go on forever, while the bridal train mirrors the delicacy of the clouds.

photographer: Bojan Hohnjec Studio | planner: Pink Bowtie Events | décor: Stefan’s Florist | venue: New York Athletic Club | entertainment: Hank Lane Music | caterer: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes | lighting: Stortz Lighting | makeup Michelle Stern Beauty

We Found the End of the Rainbow

photographer: Brian Dorsey Studios 

This rainbow-themed Bat Mitzvah won us over with its fabulous décor and delicious catering. We especially love this colorful shot, captured by Brian Dorsey Studios. We wish we could reach out and take one of those sprinkled-covered sweets — then join the celebration, of course.

photographer: Brian Dorsey Studios | planner: Gourmet Advisory Services | event design: Ed Libby & Company

Confetti Brings Kids to the Dancefloor

photographer: Christian Oth Studio

We look at this photograph and immediately want to take a spin on the dance floor (and toss some confetti of our own). We adore how Christian Oth Studio captured such a magical moment, along with so many others, at this colorful and vibrant quinceañera. 

photographer: Christian Oth Studio | planner: Brilliant Event Planning | décor: Ed Libby & Company | venue: PUBLIC Hotel | invitations & print: Ceci New York | caterer: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes | entertainment: On The Move | stylists: Beautini | ice sculpture: OKAMOTO STUDIO Custom Ice

It’s Always a Good Time for Ice Cream

photographer: Craig Paulson Studio

Everything about this photograph fills us with joy. We love how Craig Paulson Studio shot this couple’s first look at various vibrant locations around the city, including an ice cream truck. A great photograph always sparks our imaginations — and sometimes even makes us hungry.

photographer: Craig Paulson Studio | planner: José Rolón Events | décor: Ivie Joy Floral Arts | venue & caterer: Cipriani Wall Street | entertainment: Jarrell Entertainment & Gold Keys | rentals: Nuage Designs, Party Rental Ltd., Patina | lighting: Star Group | videographer: Keith Brady Media

A Wedding in Paradise

Fred Marcus Studio photographed this couple and their intimate wedding reception in gorgeous Capri on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. We are in awe of how the photographer made this breathtaking backdrop even more beautiful, knowing just where to position the bride (along with her veil) and groom.

photographer: Fred Marcus Studio | venue: JK Palace

Love for Love’s Sake

photographer: Gruber Photographers

Waves may be crashing wildly behind them, but this couple is serene in their love. We love how Gruber Photographers created the perfect contrast of excitement and tranquility, while also drawing us in (closer and closer) with such artful composition.

photographer: Gruber Photographers | planner: Barbara Esses & Ruthie Hecht | décor: Mark Rose Events | venue: Parrish Art Museum | invitations & print: Fancy That | tent: Starr Tent | lighting: Pegasus Productions | a/v: L&M Sound | videographer: Craig William Films | caterer: Foremost Ram Caterers

On a Quiet Corner in New York

JAYLim Studio has the unique gift of making us feel like we’re both moving and frozen in time. We are amazed at how this moment of good old-fashioned “goofing around” transcends into fine art. The gritty city backdrop takes on an ethereal feel, all thanks to JAYLim Studio’s stunning composition.

photography: JAYLim Studio | planner: A Perfect Day Wedding Planning & Coordination | décor: Verben Design | venue: Greenpoint Loft | caterer: Naturally Delicious | entertainment: Rick Bottari Music & PH Event Group | invitations & print: Sage Maxwell | videographer: Robs Adams Films

Ready, Aim, Party

photography: Michael Jurick Photography

Capturing the perfect photograph is like perfecting a daring performance act; it takes years of accumulated skill. This photograph by Michael Jurick Photography uses venue lighting to create an imaginary bull’s eye for this talented archer. It’s creative compositions like this that make us fall in love with the art of photography.

photography: Michael Jurick Photography | planner: Gourmet Advisory Services | décor: Diana Gould Ltd | invitations & print: Alpine Creative Group | entertainment: Total Entertainment | montage/video: Hart Studios

The World Through a Child’s Eyes

photographer: Phillip Van Nostrand Photography

In this photograph, the birthday boy has the same mysterious smile as the Mona Lisa. We love how Phillip Van Nostrand Photography makes everything else in the room recede (including a remote-controlled Lamborghini), so we feel like we are sharing a quiet moment with this adorable child. 

photographer: Phillip Van Nostrand Photography | planner: Premini Events

For Your Eyes Only

photographer: Roey Yohai Studios

At this celebration, the bride and groom only had eyes for each other. Luckily, Roey Yohai Studios was there to capture all of the elegant details of their wedding, including this intimate moment. We adore how the flowers slightly obscure our view, adding to the privacy of this instant in time.

photographer: Roey Yohai Studios | planner: Billy Evers Creative | décor: Flower Wild | venue: Hotel Bel-Air | invitations & print: Cheree Berry Paper | caterer: The Butter End Cakery