21 Delicious Dessert Displays
by George Street Photo

Photo by George Street Photo

Sweets for your sweet! Ready to start having hunger pains? We’ve compiled some of our favorite desserts ready to satisfy any sweet tooth. Here, it’s not just three-tier wedding cakes. From the traditional cake to donuts to multiple flavors of delicious tarts, we want it all!

Guests usually like to grab and go with their snacks, no one wants to carry around a slice of cake for 10 minutes! To solve this problem, how about having a dessert that more mobile than something that requires plate balancing. A cupcake offers the same sweet cake flavors without using a fork. And stacked for display, they looks absolutely adorable! Is your heart more of the glazed variety? Donuts, brownies, cake pops, candy tables and mini pies are all sumptuous and look just as gorgeous as a cake would. You can’t help but want to take a bite.

And even though we love the different types of sweet snacks, we still heart our wedding cakes. This naked red velvet cake is very unique and has a beautiful presentation. Even cakes with real cascading flowers have a clean, sleek look to them. Another fun idea is to have a small cutting cake for you and your sweetie, surrounded by a variety of tiny desserts. Even the pickiest guest won’t disagree with that. So go ahead — Mix and match your sweet table! This is solid proof that you truly can have your your cake and eat it too.

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