Corporate Holiday Parties

3 Amazing Corporate Holiday Parties

Photo courtesy of The Geraghty

Kehoe Designs 2015 Holiday Party

Photo by Kehoe Designs

This non-traditional holiday party ditched the garland and went straight to blowing minds. As reigning masters of cutting edge inspiration, Kehoe Designs welcomed their employees to The Geraghty for a one-of-a-kind holiday experience unlike any other. Craft cocktails, a candid photo booth, games of chance, and a DJ pumping visceral rhythms welcomed guests, leaving all in anticipation of what could possibly come next. Farm-to-table stations and a bar comprised of faux greenery, angled steel, and LED lights served up delectable offerings all night long. Giddy guests packed into strategically placed dining booths as they ate, drank, and laughed.

The blazingly lit dance floor turned into the night’s big thrill as Kehoe’s technical production and lighting departments teamed up to utilize a video mapping program to enhance movement. The video projection added energy to the already hot space, providing non-stop motion from above. Concert-style lighting framed the DJ.

Personal touches from the close-knit design company where everywhere. The photo booth alone was a work of art, created by Kehoe’s talented graphic and arts team. The gorgeous, cascading watercolor work boasted fresh floral and served as one of the many buzzed about elements of the night.

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Alice in Wonderland Holiday Party

Photo by Event Creative

The curiouser and curiouser space at Architectural Artifacts in Ravenswood set the perfect backdrop this Alice in Wonderland holiday party. Held in collaboration with Boka Catering Group, the cutting edge minds at Event Creative brought the whimsical tale to life.

Guests entered through a whipped up “forest”, where they then stumbled upon a hidden champagne bar. A door near the entry that guests unassumingly passed by when they first entered was later revealed as the night’s tasting room. This creative display featured seven action stations run by notable Chicago chefs, each inspired by a moment in the story. The Mad Hatter’s table was 20-foot display of divine treats like homemade donuts, French macaroons, cookies, and candy. And who can forget the tea?

The floral was transcendent with oversized blooms, complimenting the eccentricities of the book. Moss runners were speckled with bright orange, purple, and yellow flowers, which were tucked in between grape wood. Moss-covered fern curls were paired with fairy lights for a touch of whimsy. Nickel candelabras added height.

Creative elements to help guests find their way were used, such as directional signage made from birch posts anchored in a bed of moss and floral. The stairs needed to be blocked, so Event Creative place a large vintage map table at the bottom, made it a raw bar, and filled the stairs with lit floral to make it seem as if guests were truly “down the rabbit hole.”

Groupon Holiday Party

Photo by Sheri Whitko

James Bond would have been proud of Event Creative’s transformation of the historic Aragon Ballroom for Groupon’s annual holiday bash in 2016. This spy-worthy night provided a ton of photo ops for guests, with creative backdrops playing into the theme. Party-goers waited in line to get a shot in from of 007’s private jet, complete with a high-end luggage as props, setting up a convincing shot of having just de-planed in a faraway land.

Creative lounge settings were key to this holiday event. To create oversized floor lamps, Event Creative attached 8-food domes to a cantilevered lit arm. The ultra-chic seating, coupled with the gold lame pillows and tabletop lanterns, invited guests to sit and stay a while.

After guests sipped shaken-not-stirred martinis and enjoyed fair games like ring toss and beanbag toss, Foodstuffs catering provided the bites later in the evening, capping off a dynamite night.


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