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35 Event Photographers Beautifully Capture a Mom’s Unconditional Love

Mother’s Day comes once a year — but for event photographers capturing milestone celebrations, a mother’s importance shines year round. We love how these photographs reveal the infinite love between mother and child. Whether it’s a mom dancing with her son at his wedding, or a mother giving a quick embrace to her daughter after a Bat Mitzvah ceremony, moms make the party special — and deserve to be celebrated in turn. Read on to see how these 35 photographers highlight the beauty of mothers everywhere.

1. Alain Martinez Photography

A black and white photo of a mother hugging her daughter from behind in front of a window

photographer: Alain Martinez Photography

Worth Holding Onto

A great photographer knows how to blend into the background to get the best candid shots. We love how Alain Martinez Photo & Cinema captures this loving moment between the bride and her mother as they prepare for the wedding ceremony.

Alain Martinez Photo & Cinema

Miami, FL

2. André Maier Photography

2 couples dance on the dance floor. The men wear white jackets and the lighting is warm.

photographer: André Maier Photography

The Ultimate Dancing Queens

André Maier Photography knows the best memories are made on the dance floor — and he caught the perfect moment between the moms of the newlyweds. Their smiles say it all — and all we want is to groove on the gorgeously monogrammed dance floor with them.

André Maier Photography

New York, NY

3. Andrew Weeks Photography

Black and white photo of bride in white wedding dress kissing young son who is wearing a tux.

photographer: Andrew Weeks Photography

A Heartwarming Reflection

Andrew Weeks Photography captures this beautiful moment when the bride, oblivious to her reflection in the mirror, leans down to kiss her son before the ceremony.

Andrew Weeks Photography

Chicago, IL

4. Anthony Vazquez Photography

A brie standing in the foreground in her dress with her mother in the background helping her train

photographer: Anthony Vazquez Photography

From Picking Out the Dress to Finally Putting it On

This bride stunned in her romantic wedding gown — and we know mom was there to help her find it. Anthony Vazquez Photography brilliantly caught the look between mother and daughter once the moment had finally arrived. The loving glance is all we need to know this exchange was something truly special.

Anthony Vazquez Photography

New York, NY

5. Apollo Fotografie

A bride in a coral-colored robe laughs as her mother stands behind her and helps clasp her necklace.

photographer: Apollo Fotografie

Mom Knows Best

“Hanna and her mom share sweet smiles as they prepare for her to walk down the wooded aisle on her wedding day,” Apollo Fotografie tells us. We love how this image captures the joyful moment of a mother helping her daughter unclasp a necklace — as it’s always easier to get ready with Mom’s help.

Apollo Fotografie

San Francisco, CA

6. ArtVesta Studio

A bride sits in a dressing room and looks lovingly up at her mother who touches her on the shoulder.

photographer: ArtVesta Studio

A Mother’s Tender Look

This is a photo of a proud mother who raised her precious daughter as a single mom,” shares founder Tatiana Valerie of ArtVesta Studio. “You can see so much pride and joy in this woman’s eyes as she is about to walk Jessica, her daughter, down the aisle. Jessica is about to marry her high school sweetheart, the love of her life Andres, who had become a part of the family long before the wedding.”

ArtVesta Studio

New York, NY

7. Beller-Jones

A mother wearing a large brimmed hat stands in front of a mirror with her daughter to put on her necklace

photographer: Beller-Jones

Mother Knows How to Make Things Right

It looks as if this sage mom is offering some wisdom and tenderness to her beautiful daughter in the moments leading up to her I dos; whatever is being said is for their ears alone, but we’re glad Beller-Jones lets us bear witness to this image of closeness.


Chicago, IL

8. Bojan Hohnjec Studio

Mother of bride and friends get ready with bride before wedding.

photographer: Bojan Hohnjec Studio

The Family That Gets Ready Together

Day-of wedding preparations can often be a frenzy, but it’s also a time to draw closest friends and family even closer, like this bride did with her intergenerational makeup session lovingly preserved by Bojan Hohnjec Studio.

Bojan Hohnjec Studio

New York, NY

9. Cage and Aquarium

Mother pins a boutonnière to her son' tuxedo.

photographer: Cage and Aquarium

A Flower for Your Thoughts

It’s always easier to get ready when Mom helps with the boutonnière. Cage and Aquarium artfully capture this loving moment in black and white — with Mom’s leopard-print dress stealing the limelight.

Cage and Aquarium

Chicago, IL

10. Dennis Lee Photography

A mother dances with her son on the dance floor. three large windows are behind them

photographer: Dennis Lee Photography

When You Just Can’t Help But Sing Along

A wedding that takes place at an art museum is bound to exude beauty. But Dennis Lee Photography makes some artwork of his own with this perfect shot of a groom and his mother singing along during their mother-son dance.

Dennis Lee Photography

Chicago, IL

11. Duke Images

photographer: Duke Images

To Have and to Hold

This glamorous wedding at Montage Beverly Hills featured plenty of gorgeous décor and meaningful moments. We especially love how Duke Images captures this tender moment of a mother hugging her daughter midway down the aisle.

Duke Images

Pasadena, CA

12. Encarnacion Photography

photographer: Encarnacion Photography 

I Now Pronounce You Husband and Husband

Watching two moms proudly walk their sons down the aisle is enough to make our hearts sing. Encarnacion Photography captured every ounce of emotion — the happy tears, the laughs, and all the love — in each incredible shot. Not to mention, the picnic blankets in place of ceremony seats are inspiring our future backyard “I Dos.”

Encarnacion Photography

San Francisco, CA

13. Francis Ralph Potograpiya

Mother walks bride holding a red-rose bouquet down the aisle.

photographer: Francis Ralph Potograpiya

An Unbreakable Bond

Ashley’s father passed away when she was still a baby, leaving her mother Monica to raise her sister and her alone, Francis Ralph Potograpiya shares with us. Monica walks Ashley down the aisle in this heartwarming moment.

Francis Ralph Potograpiya

San Diego, CA

14. Fred Marcus Studio

A daughter embraces her mother before putting on her bridal gown in the dressing room.

photographer: Fred Marcus Studio

A Mother’s Warm Embrace

“Remi embraces her mom Joyce one last time before putting on her wedding gown,” shares Fred Marcus Studio. We love how their love shines even brighter than the fabulous lighting in this photograph.

Fred Marcus Studio

New York, NY

15. Gruber Photographers

photographer: Gruber Photographers

Double the Love

This groom is striding the aisle with all of the confidence a great mother instills over a lifetime; we adore that she and the groom’s father are by his side as he enters into holy matrimony, going from her maternal arms to the loving embrace of his new husband, as so beautifully captured by Gruber Photographers.

Gruber Photographers

New York, NY

16. JAYLim Studio

Mom sits on bed and watches daughter put on earrings before wedding ceremony.

photographer: JAYLim Studio

A Quiet Moment

JAYLim Studio captures this loving moment of a mother gazing with pride as her daughter puts on an earring and gets ready to walk down the aisle.

JAYLim Studio

New York, NY

17. Jennifer Clapp Photography

A mom leads her daughter to the aisle wearing a silver dress. There is grass and a tree behind them

photographer: Jennifer Clapp Photography

Happily Ever After

This outdoor wedding, with a horse drawn carriage and bridal crown, was straight out of a fairytale. We love how Jennifer Clapp Photography captures this raw moment between the bride and her mother as they get ready to head to the ceremony site.

Jennifer Clapp Photography

New York, NY

18. Jennings King Photography

A bride and her mother share a laugh while both holding her white, peas, and pink, rose bouquet.

photographer: Jennings King Photography

A Mother’s Artistry

Jennings King Photography shares how, “Chloe’s mother works for a florist, who also did all the wedding flowers and planning. Chloe’s mother designed and made Chloe’s wedding bouquet.” We love the joy on Chloe’s face as she admires her mother’s artistry.

Jennings King Photography

Charleston, SC

19. Jim Vetter Photography

A Mother, wearing a hot pink Cheongsam, smooths out her daughter's hot pink Cheongsam

photographer: Jim Vetter Photography

Just Between Daughter and Mom

Sweet, intimate one-on-one interactions can be hard to capture without ruining the moment, but it’s clear that this loving mother and her daughter were immersed in their shared preparation for the big day ahead, as Jim Vetter Photography so beautifully reveals.

Jim Vetter Photography

San Francisco, CA

20. Josh Elliott Photography

Outside, a mom wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and soft pink frilly skirt leans over her young child wearing a pink bow and lights a white two-tiered birthday cake with pink roses.

photographer: Josh Elliott Photography

The First Year Flies By

Celebrating your child’s very first birthday is a true milestone moment in parenthood — and Josh Elliott Photography captured this mom lighting her daughter’s very first birthday candle. From the “unicorn” in attendance to the hugs and heartwarming smiles, we can’t help but stare at this magical Brooklyn birthday party.

Josh Elliott Photography

21. LaCour Images

Mother oohs and ahhh at a gift given by her daughter the bride.

photographer: LaCour Images

Happy Surprises

Lead Artist and Company President Andre LaCour of LaCour Images tells us, “Beautiful bride Elizabeth shares a gift with mother Pamela at the beginning of her day.” We love the look of surprise and happiness on Mom’s face.

LaCour Images

Chicago, IL

22. Lynette Boyle Photography

A mom, dad, and two little boys celebrate a joint Batman-themed birthday for their sons.

photographer: Lynette Boyle Photography

Everything’s Better with Mom in the Picture

We love how Lynette Boyle Photography creates a masterful composition with a string of batman paper-cutouts connecting the white space between two parents. This photograph might show a family of four — but our eyes are on Mom and her beaming smile.

Lynette Boyle Photography

San Francisco, CA

23. Manolo Doreste Photographer

A bride in a white wedding dress wipes away as a tear as her mother holds her hand.

photographer: Manolo Doreste Photographer

Words to Remember Forever

A meaningful moment between mother and daughter will be forever in our hearts, thanks to Manolo Doreste Photographer. Although we’ll never know what this mom actually had to say, the photo is enough to say it all.

Manolo Doreste Photographer

Coral Gables, FL

24. Michael Jurick Photography

Mother lovingly ups her sons face as they dance surrounded by loved ones.

photographer: Michael Jurick Photography

When the Crowd Melts Away

Michael Jurick Photography captured this beautiful honor dance with famous fashion designer Ramy Brook and her son Dylan at his Bar Mitzvah. Event planner Gourmet and designer Jennifer Gould teamed up to create this stunning celebration.

Michael Jurick Photography

New York, NY

25. Mike Larson Photography

A mom ties the black bow of her daughter's wedding dress while a young girl in a white dress looks on.

photographer: Mike Larson Photography

It’s All So Fast

Moms go from tying little shoelaces to tying the beautiful bows on their daughter’s wedding dress in what feel like the blink of an eye; if only we had Mike Larson Photography around all of the time to capture each and every meaningful moment in a lifetime.

Mike Larson Photography

San Francisco, CA

26. Next Exit Photography

A bride and groom take a picture with their mom on each side in a quiet outdoor corridor.

photographer: Next Exit Photography

A Mom Sandwich

This bride and groom have plenty of reasons to celebrate — including enjoying a quiet moment with their mothers. We love how Next Exit Photography captures this happy scene in a tranquil corridor away from the crowds.

Next Exit Photography

Los Angeles, CA

27. Rachel Capil Photography

A mom reads Torah at the Bimah with her son and daughter.

photographer: Rachel Capil Photography

A Moment at the Bimah

Rachel Capil Photography goes behind the crowd to capture this moment of a mother participating in her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah ceremony. We love the composition of this photograph, the family rising above the sea of congregants.

Rachel Capil Photography

Pleasant Hill, CA

28. Rebecca Marie Photography

A black and white photo of a mother and daughter outside in a meadow embracing each other

photographer: Rebecca Marie Photography

Sweet Sepia

We love the soft-focus of this soft mother-daughter moment, captured by Rebecca Marie Photography, in a windblown field with a bride surrounded by steadfast nature and her mother’s steadfast love and support on her wedding day.

Rebecca Marie Photography

Chicago, IL

29. Romy Modlin Photography

Mother's head peeks out from behind son's shoulder during a mother-son dance.

photographer: Romy Modlin Photography

A Dance to Remember

Romy Modlin Photography captures a joyful mother enjoying a mother-and-son slow dance during a Bar Mitzvah celebration. We adore how visible her love is — even if we can only see a sliver of her face.

Romy Modlin Photography

Dallas, TX

30. Robert Hacman Photography

A couple crouches down with two dogs in hand

photo: Robert Hacman Photography

Leader of the Pack

It’s not a traditional mother moment, but enough of us are dog moms to appreciate this bride’s sweet inclusion of her four-legged baby in her big day and this adorable “bridal party” pic from Robert Hacman Photography.

Robert Hacman Photography

Wellington, Florida

31. Roey Yohai Studios

A mom in a fashionable red dress pauses on the aisle of her her child's evening wedding ceremony to greet guests against a backdrop of lit-up buildings.

photographer: Roey Yohai Studios

When the Aisle is a Runway

Roey Yohai Studios wows us with this colorful photograph. We love how this confident mother greets guests post-ceremony as she strolls down the aisle — as perfectly coiffed and dressed as any model — with her face full of pride and love.

Roey Yohai Studios

New York, NY

32. Studio Opia

Mother and bride slow dance during wedding reception.

photographer: Studio Opia

A Magical Moment

A Mother and daughter share a heartwarming mother-daughter dance at this elegant outdoor wedding reception, as beautifully captured by Studio Opia.

Studio Opia

San Francisco, CA

33. Sugarfree Studio

A mother helps her daughter put on her wedding dress.

photographer: Sugarfree Studio

Tears of Joy

Kimberly and her mom get ready for wedding ceremony. “Kimberly’s mom bursted into tears when I asked her to say why she is proud of her daughter,” says owner and lead photographer Anna Turayeva from Sugarfree Studio.

Sugarfree Studio

Miami, FL

34. The Picture Cottage

Close up of bride sharing a meaningful look with her mother. Both hold blush and white bouquets with greenery.

photographer: The Picture Cottage

Beaming Bride

This mother-daughter moment from The Picture Cottage is full of pride and love and tenderness — it’s amazing how one glance can say so much when captured at the right instant.

The Picture Cottage

Miami, FL

35. Visuals by Arpit

An older woman wearing a blue shirt and purple flannel sits on a red couch and raises a glass of Champagne.

photographer: Visuals by Arpit

Cheers to Motherhood

A toast to the mothers, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, and more — this mom raised her glass in honor of a special day, and all of the wonderful days to come and her smile says it all as beautifully captured by Visuals by Arpit.

Visuals by Arpit

Los Angeles, CA