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5 Easy Catering Hacks From Wendy Pashman Of Entertaining Company

Wendy Pashman, owner of Entertaining Company,  says she believes guests eat with their eyes. “Intentional styling of each culinary element is the key to creating a sensual palette of texture, color, aroma and taste — all leading to greater guest experience,” said Pashman. As proof positive, she’s shared five easy catering tips for serving food and beverages that are guaranteed to add both functionality and creativity to your next party!


Space Saver

Photo courtesy of Entertaining Company

“Entertaining Company launched this rolling cart buffet idea when a bride wanted a buffet and her parents wanted seated wedding. We brought two ideas together and our waiters guided carts through the tables and served directly to the guests, thus offering a variety of options using the least amount real estate.”

Containerize It

Photo courtesy of Entertaining Company

“How do you please a variety of tastes at one time, yet you don’t want to do a buffet? How about an Indian style Thali that can be customized with any array of your favorite samples — why choose? Have it all by serving Mediterranean salads in individual glasses, complete with demi forks. This is an easy way to ‘eat your greens’ while standing reception style. EC originally came up with this concept when we were tasked with serving 400 guests from an 8-foot table….we containerized EVERYTHING and just kept replenishing! As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.”

A Mini Meal In A Glass

Photo courtesy of Entertaining Company

“When we are trying to compress service into a time frame within a smallish venue, we often think about how to serve both beverage and finger food efficiently. This is the thinking behind this signature EC Antipasto Bloody Mary cocktail made with fresh horseradish Mary concoction and a variety of decadent antipasto hors d’oeuvres.”

It's All About Variety

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“Why have three trays when you can have one? Show guests the most variety and allow them the option of trying tuna (or another protein or veggie of your choice) three ways.”

Serving Efficiency

Photo courtesy of Entertaining Company

“A mini mug of beer topped with a mini corned beef sandwich: a perfect example of serving efficiency!”

Looking for even more inspiration? Check out Entertaining Company’s latest YouTube video, featuring EC consultant/stylist Kenny Woodman, who talks about how design thinking can affect culinary creations.


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