50th-birthday Art Deco tiered cake
event planner: Amy Katz Events | photographer: Rebecca Weiss Photography
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Say Thanks With These 50th Birthday Party Favors

50th-birthday Art Deco tiered cake

Milestone birthdays are becoming increasingly popular — and with good reason. The older we get, the more we realize that the best moments in life are the ones shared with loved ones. Turning 50 is the perfect excuse to throw a spectacular party and reconnect with the most important people in your life. Party favors are a great way to thank your friends and family for being part of the celebration — and the last five decades. From wearable swag to to edible treats, here are 17 of our favorite ways to share the love.

These Edible Treats are Icing on the Cake

50th-birthday party invitation and party favors of chocolate chip cookies and cigars
photographer: NYLUX Events

Play Favorites with Dessert

Have a favorite dessert or snack? For this 50th-birthday celebration, event planner NYLUX Events created take-home gifts that included gummy bears as well as the birthday man’s favorite cookie. 

photographer: NYLUX Events | planner: NYLUX Events

Jars of honey party favors for 50th-birthday party
photographer: Colin Howe

Sweeten the Celebration with Honey

This outdoor 50th-birthday party, hosted on a picturesque private farm, featured plenty of fresh, delicious cuisine. Jars of local honey made a perfectly sweet (and on-theme) take-home gift.

photographer: Colin Howe | event planner: Rachel De Marte Events | décor: Event Creative | venue: private residence | rental: Tablescapes for All | caterer: Entertaining Company, Pork Mafia, and Journeyman Distillery

Magic-brownie party favors for 70s-themed birthday party
photographer: Clane Gessel Photography

“Magic” Brownies 

Milestone-birthday parties often use a past decade as a theme. This 70s-theme party got its groove on with “magic” brownies — giving guests a psychedelic, and sugary-sweet experience.

photographer: Clane Gessel Photography | planner: Leslie Mastin Events | décor: Dejuan Stroud, Inc. | venue: Topping Rose House | rental: We Love Photobooth | invitations & print: Alpine Creative Group | lighting and sound: Luminous Designs

Champagne-flavored take-home cookies and pretty packaging for birthday party favor
photographer: Kent Drake Photography

Let Packaging Be a Gift In and of Itself

As soon as we saw the birthday lady’s cake — a Louis Vuitton purse with protruding champagne bottle — we knew the take-home gifts were bound to be spectacular. The packaging from these champagne-flavored cookies was just as lovely as the treats themselves.

photographer: Kent Drake Photography | planner: Christina Currie Events, Inc. | décor: Anthony Gowder Designs | venue: RPM Italian | rental: BBJ Linen | invitations & print: Charmant Invitations | dessert: Elysia Root Cakes

Dress to the Nines with These Stylish Party Favors

Art Deco t-shirt party favors
photographer: Maggie Marguerite Studio

Make a Statement with Swag 

What makes a champagne tower, secret “speakeasy” entrance, and glittering Art Deco décor even more fabulous? The perfect party favor, of course. This Great Gatsby birthday party let gets bring the party back home with Art-Deco-style t-shirts.

photographer: Maggie Marguerite Studio | event planner: Leslie Mastin Events | décor: TINSEL Experiential Design and Bloomin Balloons | venue: private residence | rental: Patina Rentals, Drape Kings, Bergen Botanics, and New York Tent | lighting: Luminous Designs | invitations & print: Lady J Creative | entertainment: La Vie en Rose, Marvin Myers DJ, and Shien | caterer: Creative Edge Parties

Sunglasses and feather-clip party favors
photographer: Francis Son Photography

Boho-Chic is Always in Vogue

This milestone celebration went full bohemian with tarot card readings, a Grateful Dead cover band, and feathery keepsakes. Take-home sunglasses were a fun additional touch.

photographer: Francis Son Photography | planner: North Shore Weddings & Events | décor: Erin McDonald Co | venue: The Dawson | entertainment: Terrapin Flyer and DJ Akib

custom-made bow tie party favors
photographer: Ashley Galminas Photography

Straighten Your Bow Tie

This two-day, two-venue (and a plane ride to the Kentucky Derby) milestone celebration kept guests on their toes with one fabulous surprise after another. Custom-made bow ties and hats gave guests a chance to dress up for the racing event, while also serving as a memorable party favor. 

photographer: Ashley Galminas Photography | event planner: WANTZ EVENTS | venue: Spin and Palwaukee Airport | desserts: Love, Sugar & Grace

Custom-made sock party favors
photo courtesy of J GROUP EVENTS

Knock Their Socks Off

In addition to a giant pizza-box photo backdrop, novelty take-home socks made this milestone celebration one for the books. We especially love how the hostess offered a variety of prints, so guests could deck their feet to suit their particular style.

photo: courtesy of J GROUP EVENTS | planner: J GROUP EVENTS

Offer Something Naughty but Nice

Hangover-kit party favors with TYLENOL, Energy Shot, and Emergen-C
photographer: Soda Fountain Photography

Hangover Kits to the Rescue

There was certainly nothing to regret at this milestone celebration that boasted food stations of international cuisine and multiple entertainment acts. Still, guests appreciated the thoughtful hangover kits that made the post-party blues a little easier to bear.

photographer: Soda Fountain Photography | planner: Michelle Durpetti Events | décor:Revel Decor | venue: warehouse | rental: Fotio Vintage Photo Booth Chicago | invitiations & print: Smitten Boutique | entertainment: Élan Artists, The Oh Yeahs, and BeatMix Music | catering: Paramount Events, The Lakewood, and WDS Desserts 

Rolled-cigar party favors
photographer: leila brewster photography

Roll With It

Cortez Cigars made a luxurious take home gift at this Roaring Twenties birthday party. Although, with a cask-shaped cake and costumed waitstaff, guests certainly didn’t want to leave the party.  

photographer: leila brewster photography | planner: True Event | décor: Social Décor | venue: Arch Street Teen Center | rental: Smith Party Rentals, and Patina | invitations & print: A Tie That Binds and Doris Loves USA | entertainment: Élan Artists, Studio Z Photo Booths, VW Picture Bus, and Ryan Oakes | caterer: OnTheMarc Events and Hillrock Estate Distillery | favor: Cortez Cigars and Brackish Bowties

Party favors that include custom-made flasks, accessory bags, and cassette tapes.
photographer: André Maier Photography

Raise Your Glass for a Toast — Even After the Party

This 1920s-themed birthday party made a subtle nod to prohibition with custom flasks. Regardless of your celebration’s specific theme, we love the idea of this unique party favor — especially as a blank canvas for hashtags and personal branding.

photographer: André Maier Photography | event planner: Just J Events | décor: Jes Gordon | venue: The Lighthouse | invitations & print: EAF Fine Papers | entertainment: Scratch DJs and Total Entertainment | caterer: Abigail Kirsch Catering and The Grand Bevy

Tattoo and temporary tattoo activity station
photographer: Matt Simpkins Photography

Great Memories (and Tattoos) Last Forever

Guests went “down the rabbit hole” at this Alice-in-Wonderland-themed birthday party and came out on the other side with lasting memories and artistic tattoos. Guests looking for something a little less permanent also had the option to select temporary tattoos.

photographer: Matt Simpkins Photography | décor: Mimosa Floral Design | venue: Tarallucci e Vino Events and Home Studios Inc.

Make Memories Last Forever with Lots of Photo Ops

Three men dressed as paparazzi photographers
photographer: Curtis Dahl Photography

Say Cheese

Not only are photo ops a fun activity for any milestone-birthday party, they instantly provide guests with the perfect party favor. This 50th-birthday celebration went all out with paparazzi cameramen and celebrity look-a-likes roaming the crowd. 

photographer: Curtis Dahl Photography | planner: International Event Company | décor: EDGE Design and Decor and Marks Garden | venue: National Orange Show Events Center | rental:La Tavola Fine Linen, Classic Event & Tent Rentals, John Solano Photography, and RB Dance Floor | lighting: The Lighter Side | entertainment: Band Mama Said Entertainment,  Dj Jon B, Entertainment Plus Productions, and Vita Perfetta catering: Joanie & Leigh’s Cakes | videographer: Vidicam Productions

Framed photos of guests taken during photo ops
photographer: Beautiful Day Photography

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

This milestone-birthday party took photo ops to the next level. At the end of the night, guests found their portraits already framed and ready to hang on the wall — talk about a thoughtful (and meaningful) party favor. 

photographer: Beautiful Day Photography | planner: Linda Howard Events | venue: Hillcrest Country Club | rental: La Tavola Fine Linen | set production: Randy Fuhrman Events

Woman holding filp book
photographer: Cory Ryan Photography

Keep the Pages Turning

This 50th-birthday party brought a new twist to the photo booth (and party favor). On The Flipside provided a studio booth where guests acted in seven-second-scenes that were recorded and then printed out into a 60-frame-action flip book.

photographer: Cory Ryan Photography | planner: Brock + Co. Events | décor: Botanical No. 9 and Townsley Decor | venue: 800 Congress |  rental: Loot Vintage Rentals, Whim Hospitality, and On the Flip Side | lighting: FILO Productions | entertainment: Hill Country Strings | caterer: Contigo Catering, Steel City Pops, and Chocolaterie Tessa

For When You Can’t Commit to Just One Favor

Custom-made tote bag with hat, sparkling beverages, and sun block.
photo courtesy of NYLUX Events

Go for Practical (But Also Stylish)

For this milestone birthday in Sardinia, the host welcomed guests at their hotel with tote bags full of weekend essentials. Not only were the bags excellent take-home gifts, but they were also useful accessories during a weekend that was filled with lots of activities.

photo: courtesy of NYLUX Events | planner: NYLUX Events | venue: Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia | caterer: Chef Massimo Bottura

Dessert station of packaged cotton candy, Swedish Fish, caramelized popcorn, and caramelized apples
photographer: Suzanne Delawar Studios

The More the Merrier

No two snowflakes are alike. The same rang true for the myriad of party favors at this joint 50th and 21st-birthday party. With t-shirts, hats, popcorn, cotton candy, swedish fish, and more — there was something for all ages and tastes.

photographer: Suzanne Delawar Studios | planner: Carrie Zack Events | décor: Jose Graterol Designs | venue: Fontainebleau Miami Beach | rental: AFR Event Furnishings