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August Letter from the Editor

photographer: Brett Matthews Photography | planner: Amy Katz Events | decor: Diana Gould Ltd | venue: Parrish Art Museum

by Pamela Rothbard, Editor

PartySlate launched in The Hamptons last week. The celebration began with a long winding sidewalk festooned with luxe lanterns, and that beachy glamour carried through to the party’s creative, gorgeous décor in the endlessly chic palette of white and gold. 

I attended the event slightly hungry — and left starving. I was ravenous, despite the fact that the passed fare and the rich, colorful, creative tables of food offerings were from one of my favorite caterers. But I never got to eat. My evening was spent in a long, unending stream of fascinating conversations with our community. 

Full disclosure: when I noted the gorgeous décor above, it is because Instagram images posted by party-goers helped me remember (or see for the first time) every little divine detail. I barely made it past the entrance. I saw a perfectly-outfitted contortionist perform feats in a towering cocktail glass, but I didn’t get Champagne from a performer dripping crystals like a chandelier. I could hear the perfect set being performed by an amazingly talented band, but I never got close to the stage. Instead, I danced my own networking dosey-doe of interactions, switch your partner round-and-round. And it was a perfect party.

When PartySlate launched in Miami this past March, there was a moment during CEO and Co-Founder, Julie Novack’s speech when she asked PartySlate employees to raise their hands so that attendees would know who we were. At her talk’s conclusion, a queue formed. I have never felt more like a rock star than in that moment. My pockets filled with business cards. Venue representatives, established planners, just-starting-out décor professionals, and many more were eager to be more involved in the PartySlate movement.

I love superheroes (stick with me here, it’s related) and watch every first film of a new superhero series. It’s that first movie that intrigues me, because that’s where our unlikely hero discovers or gains his or her powers. That’s when she learns she can control the weather or people’s minds. It’s the becoming that’s exciting. Right now, that’s what’s happening at PartySlate. We’ve never had more images, event professionals, or venues on our site, and our organic traffic has never been higher. And we’re still learning and growing. We are becoming.

When we enter a new market, we’re deluged with requests from event professionals who want to help produce, venues who want to host, photographers who want to capture, and a long list of those who want to attend our launch celebrations. There’s a groundswell. And when it comes to our platform — the very heart of our success — we’re refining. We’re listening to the needs of our consumers and event professionals, which leads to new and improved features (hello, Idea Slates and new profile pages). PartySlate is Peter Parker, aiming our web at buildings over and over until we can swing between them with beauty and speed. The view is amazing. I’m proud to be a part of it all. 

And I’ve learned my lesson — from now on, I’ll eat before PartySlate events.

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