Emily Rubin

Account Executive, PartySlate

What is your favorite event featured on PartySlate and why?

I have so many favorite events on PartySlate which makes it hard to choose just one, but I’ve always adored this super modern outdoor wedding held at a private residence in a clear tent. To me it really embodies a luxury feel while still remaining really sleek and simple.

What do you remember most about your all-time favorite celebration (share a memory)?

I think an element of surprise within an event can really make a celebration stand out. I once attended a Bat Mitzvah that was star/galaxy themed and then it had a totally different theme for an after-party in a whole new space. The room was filled with rainbow, glow-in-the-dark décor, and the music was super fun too. They had slinkies hanging from the ceiling which glowed as well — so cool and memorable.