Haleigh Fobbe

Contributor, PartySlate

What is your favorite event featured on PartySlate and why?

My favorite event featured on PartySlate is the Tented Glamorous Gatsby 40th Birthday in New York. While PartySlate features so many extraordinary jaw-dropping weddings, this 40th birthday celebration stood out to me because of its meticulous planning and engaging experience. The dazzling décor transported guests back to the roaring 20s and captured the lifestyle that The Great Gatsby represents. The event planner, Leslie Mastin Events, even incorporated a secret “speakeasy” where guests were invited to continue to party the night away. I admire the creativity put into this event because it offers a unique experience that guests rarely encounter. As soon as guests passed the velvet ropes, they entered a glam affair which made real life feel like fiction — and that’s how a celebration should feel.

What is your favorite aspect or element of any celebration?

When I think of the word “celebration,” the first thing that comes to mind is the décor. Décor is my favorite aspect because it brings so much character to any celebration. The décor you choose to have has a significant impact on the ambiance and energy of the celebration. Also, you can utilize a vast array of décor, especially in today’s digital world. Your décor is what guests will remember and what will stand out the most when you look back on your celebration’s pictures.