Lauren Mandel

Senior Director of Marketing

What is your favorite event featured on PartySlate and why?
A new favorite event is uploaded to PartySlate literally every day, but this Palm Springs wedding from the team at The Lynden Lane Company will always have a special place in my heart. I remember seeing the photos for the first time and realizing how much I truly love event design. To me, this is the wedding that perfectly showcases understated elegance. It seamlessly combines classic and modern styles, with lush florals, a clean color palette, and many memorable design details. My two favorite elements? The marble dance floor and cascading florals at the entrance to the tent. So simple, yet so perfect.

What’s an important element of celebrations that often gets overlooked?
This isn’t so much one element, but people often overlook the importance of the event design complementing the venue. The two don’t have to match — in fact, I love modern glass details in an industrial warehouse venue — but they should work well together.

What do you remember most about your all-time favorite celebration?
My husband and I got married in Chicago in 2016, and the entire celebration was perfect for us. We had an incredible band that kept the dance floor packed all night, an epic dessert table (including Blizzards from Dairy Queen), and speeches from family that still make me cry. Everyone says you don’t get the chance to eat at your own wedding, but we love food too much to let that happen. After the ceremony, my husband and I took a few minutes to ourselves while enjoying appetizers and custom cocktails. We had our own mini cocktail hour, just the two of us, before joining all of our friends and family. I will never forget that time we spent together.