Lourdes Sanchez

Contributor, PartySlate

What is your favorite event featured on PartySlate and why?

My personal favorite event on PartySlate is the Luxurious Enchanting Wedding in Dallas,Texas. What caught my eye at this particular event was the changing color in flowers from beautiful white bouquets in every corner during the ceremony into the color-filled pink and fuchsia florals for the reception. The wedding has a personal fairytale-like touch with the perfect pop of color.

What is your favorite aspect or element of any celebration?

My favorite aspect of any celebration is the community that is built between people during special occasions. Whether it is a wedding, graduation, birthday or any other celebration, the shared experience of joy and support people exchange with one another during an event makes the occasion much more special and memorable. 

What’s an important element of celebrations that often gets overlooked?

I think a very important element of a celebration that gets overlooked is the lighting. I think lighting can determine so much of the mood and overall ambiance of an event in the same way that music challenges the spirit of a celebration. When there is good lighting for a certain occasion it sets people up in understanding the tone and character of the event.

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