Lucy Sohr

B2B Marketing Coordinator

What is your favorite aspect or element of any celebration?
My favorite part of an event is definitely the food! A good meal is a beautiful thing no matter the context, but when you’re celebrating, it’s a way to bring guests together and tell a story. Whether you’re serving a traditional dish that means a lot to you, an elaborate multi-course meal, or just a favorite food of yours, it can bring personality to any celebration.

What do you remember most about your all-time favorite celebration?
My cousin had an absolutely beautiful wedding in 2021. The part of it that stood out the most to me was the reception band. It doesn’t take much for me to hit the dance floor at an event, but this group totally blew it out of the water. They got the entire party on their feet and were so high energy. I could barely walk the next day from how much dancing I did in my heels, but it was so worth it!