Morgan Seminaro

Contributor, PartySlate
  1.   What is your favorite event featured on PartySlate and why?

            This Dr. Seuss themed baby shower was one of the first events I ever saw when scrolling through the PartySlate Instagram and it will forever be my favorite event featured on the website. The stunning balloon installment around the pool is such an eye-catching element of this baby shower. I love how every part of the host’s backyard is decorated to theme and tied into the festivities. From the venue, to the abundance of balloons, to the pastels, this event is everything to me. 

  1.     What is your favorite aspect or element of any celebration?

I believe that a beautiful tablescape can amplify any celebration. Whether extravagant or simple, tablescapes have always been my favorite part of an event. It is a fun way to make your event more beautiful and also show off a bit of your personality through your décor. Flowers, candles, greenery, or just about anything filling the tables at your celebration can make all the difference.