Pamela Rothbard

Managing Editor

What makes a celebration really stand out from the crowd?

One perk of my role at PartySlate is spending all day immersed in the world of beautiful celebrations, and along the way I’ve learned a few things. My biggest lesson? Lighting makes all the difference. The right lighting scheme can take a space from charming to swanky, romantic to dance-all-night. Lighting can also signal to guests when the mood of the event is shifting. Projections can be used to add texture to the walls or floor and more immersive projection mapping can transport guests to new locales.

What’s one aspect of your (wedding, Bat Mitzvah, etc.) that you would redo if given the chance?

My wedding was a gorgeous, black-tie ballroom affair. If I were to plan it now, it would definitely be outside with lots of cozy bohemian touches. Think tasseled rings as bouquets, tabletops with colorful vintage glassware, and an aisle made from overlapping rugs. Also, I’m a sucker for loads of candles and a tent lit up at night! Oh, and who can resist a mini-Airstream photo booth?