Celestial theme baby shower with curving table and white balloon ceiling | PartySlate
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15 Beautiful Baby Shower Centerpieces for Every Style and Season

Celestial theme baby shower with curving table and white balloon ceiling | PartySlate

There’s so much to celebrate with your little one on the way. Make sure your baby shower is both beautiful and memorable with curated baby shower centerpieces. Centerpieces transform each tablescape into a place of gathering and celebration. Your guests will love sharing stories and anticipating your happy future surrounded by such stunning décor.

We’ve searched through thousands of real events on PartySlate to find the best baby shower centerpieces for your celebration. Best of all, we’ve organized each baby shower centerpiece idea by style, theme, and season — so you’re bound to find the perfect match.

It’s time to check the first box off your baby shower to-do list and start envisioning the perfect baby shower décor.

Baby Shower Centerpieces by Style

1. Up the Glam Factor

Think beyond teddy bear décor and a blue or pink color palette with a modern and glamorous baby shower style. Elevate your centerpieces with dyed florals, modern glassware, and contrasting neutrals. We especially love how linen, mirrored tabletops, and even ceiling décor can work together to create a photo-worthy tablescape. 

Bright baby shower with boho centerpieces and gold, pink, and pale green ceiling balloon décor | PartySlate
photographer: Styled & Snapped | KIS(cubed) Events See More
Glamorous baby shower with red curtains, pink baby's breath centerpieces, and mauve sofas | PartySlate
photographer: Joshua Dwain Photography | Elle Audrey New York See More
Royal-inspired gold baby shower centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: JR Pulse | J Loft See More
Mirrored tablescapes with gold modern seating and white and pink floral centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Mariah Joy Photography | Elevated Style Events See More

2. Add a Twist of Tropical

Tropical centerpieces are not one-size-fits-all. Capture a refined tropical vibe with fresh white blooms and tranquil palms. Lean into a more playful aesthetic with a table runner of colorful balloons or bright fruits. For a boho vibe, consider throw-pillow seating with elevated palm fronds. You can even look to tropical wedding centerpieces, as well as our favorite tropical party ideas on PartySlate, for additional inspiration.

Tropical baby shower table with pink linen, palm leaf-patterened seats, and colorful balloon table runner | PartySlate
photographer: Imagery by Jules Photography | KeAira Chantell Events See More
Tented baby shower with white florals and palm fronds | PartySlate
photographer: Fred Marcus Studio | Norma Cohen Productions See More
Boho baby shower with elevated palm frond centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Von “VLEX” Jackson | Sharp Occasions See More
Tropical baby shower with colorful floral and fruit centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Aimee Mazzenga Photography | Christine Janda Design & Events See More

3. Go for Boho Vibes

Boho baby shower centerpieces wow with lush pampas grass and unique color palettes. Of course, centerpieces are only one piece of the puzzle. Curate an Instagrammable boho tablescape with round throw pillows, suspended macramé, and wicker place settings. The overall vibe is all in the details. 

Boho baby shower with pink and yellow flowers | PartySlate
photographer: Ris Photography | Event Du Jour See More
Pastel pink and purple rose centerpieces for baby shower | PartySlate
photographer: Twan Imagery | St Germain Design + Co. See More
Boho baby shower with orange and mauve table line and suspended florals | PartySlate
photographer: Magnolia Photography | Willow Event Designs See More
Baby shower with pampas grass centerpiece | PartySlate
photographer: B. Ashton Visuals See More

4. Make it Whimsical

Bring a dreamy yet playful vibe to your baby shower with whimsical centerpieces. Guests will love the creativity that comes with candy-colored florals and optical illusions (cue the floating florals). We especially love how glass candle holders can be filled with colorful sprinkles, beads, or gemstones for a one-of-a-kind candlelit celebration. 

Whimsical baby shower with elevated white and green floral centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Mary McCarty | 59 & Bluebell Events See More
Event planner arranges flowers at whimsical baby shower with floating mauve baby's breath centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: East 95th Street Photography | C’est Belle Event Planning & Design See More
Colorful and whimsical baby shower centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Feather & Fawn Photography | Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore See More
Blue and pink baby shower with sprinkles in glass candle holders | PartySlate
photographer: Roey Yohai Studios | Leslie Mastin Events See More

5. Keep it Classic With Florals

For those who want a celebratory look that stands the test of time, consider classic floral centerpieces. We recommend using white and cream florals for your base and then adding in bolder colors such as blues or pinks. For couples who want to maintain a timeless look while still offering unique party elements, we suggest keeping your décor classic and opting for immersive entertainment options and one-of-a-kind party favors for a memorable party.

Pretty in pink baby shower with pink floral centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Soda Fountain Photography | Michelle Durpetti Events See More
Blue and beach floral centerpiece | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: Stephanie Atlas Events See More
Gold place setting with blush and cream floral centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: UDS Photo | Gilded Group Décor See More
Elegant baby shower with towering blush floral centerpiece | PartySlate
photographer: Danielle Bacon Photography | Luxe Linen See More

Baby Shower Centerpieces by Theme

6. Shoot for the Moon (and Celestial Vibes)

Celebrate the impending arrival of your little one amongst the moon and stars with a celestial-themed baby shower. Utilize endless rows of floating candles to mimic the stars and suspended white balloons to evoke the clouds. We also appreciate how a backdrop of blue linen recreates the night sky. For even more celestial baby shower inspiration, see how The Real Housewives brought the “star power” for Andy Cohen’s celestial baby shower.

Celestial theme baby shower with curving table and white balloon ceiling | PartySlate
photographer: Purroy Photo & Video | Priceless Event Planning, LLC See More
Celestial baby shower with candle light centerpieces and blue and white floral backdrop | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design See More
Moon and stars baby shower with blue linen and white balloons | Partyslate
photographer: Mariel Hannah Photo | Detailed Touch Events See More

7. Make it Rain-Themed

We love a fun play on words, and it seems like we’re not alone. Rain-themed baby showers are always trending. Just check out our list of top baby shower themes of all time. We love how umbrella centerpieces can range in color and décor to match your style — be it playful or refined. 

Rain themed baby shower with umbrella centerpieces and blue and white color palette | PartySlate
photographer: Felix Studios | Bello & Blue Events See More
Elegant baby shower with umbrella centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Christian Oth Studio | Jennifer Zabinski Events See More
Blue umbrella centerpiece with flowers | Partyslate
photographer: Sean Feuer | Stillwell Events See More

8. Make Waves With a Nautical Theme

Nautical baby showers are another popular baby shower theme. This theme is especially perfect for the creative at heart. We love how floral centerpieces are fashioned to look like ocean waves or drifting sailboats. Make sure to click “See More” to discover even more ways to capture a nautical theme. Hint: Use life-saving buoys to decorate seating or seashells to distinguish each place setting.

Sailboat centerpiece at nautical theme baby shower on the water | PartySlate
photographer: Gloria Mesa Photography | XO Bloom See More
Nautical baby shower with yellow floral centerpiece | PartySlate
photographer: Dennis Kwan Photography | Mindy Weiss Party Consultants
Nautical baby shower with red floral centerpiece | PartySlate
See More

9. Set Your Sights on a Safari Adventure

A grand new adventure awaits with the arrival of your little one. What better way to celebrate than with a jungle theme baby shower? Our favorite safari baby shower centerpieces feature animal figurines, lush greenery, and bold floral décor. Make sure to click “See More” to see how each theme boasts its own unique vibe — proving this baby shower theme fits any style.

Tropical safari baby shower tablescape in green and gold | PartySlate
photographer: Imagery by Jules Photography | KeAira Chantell Events See More
Bright red, orange, and yellow flower centerpiece with bright green moss | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: CHRISTOPHER MARCS DESIGN See More
White and pink rose centerpiece with greenery and animal figurines | PartySlate
photographer: Amy & Stuart Photography | Alyson Fox, Levine Fox Events See More

10. Embrace an Earthy Aesthetic

Take your celebration outside and keep the beauty of nature in focus with a woodsy or farmer’s market theme. Laden your tablescape with everything from fresh veggies and tree trunks to moss and wildflowers. Pro tip: You can make your reception tables even more unique by adding natural elements and curated menus to your place settings.

Woodsy yellow reception table with tree trunks, mushrooms, and moss | PartySlate
photographer: A Little Story Photography | Bambini Soiree See More
Place setting with personalized eggplant | PartySlate
photographer: Lisa Blume Photography | Bellwether Events
Place setting with personalized eggplant | PartySlate
See More

11. Inspire a Love for Learning With a Book Theme

We love unique party themes, especially those which revolve around our favorite stories. Celebrate the love of reading with décor from iconic childhood literature like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or tales by Dr. Seuss. You can even use books to replace the traditional floral vase.

Book themed baby shower with rainbow balloon arch | PartySlate
photography: Steve Williams Photography | J Loft See More
Dr. Seuss themed centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Sweet Memories Photography | Xquisite Events See More
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme centerpiece | PartySlate
photographer: NJM Photography | Flourish by Legendary Events See More

Baby Showers Centerpieces by Season

12. Celebrate New Beginnings With Spring Centerpieces

Spring, like parenthood, is filled with new beginnings. It’s  to celebrate as the earth reawakens and new life begins to bloom. Capture this joyful time with spring baby shower centerpieces. Incorporate fresh florals, mellow hues, and delicate greenery. We also recommend keeping tablescapes minimal so your baby shower centerpieces remain a focal point.

Delicate floral centerpiece in pastel shades | PartySlate
photographer: Nicole Chan Photography | Elegant Aura Events LLC. See More
Spring centerpiece with yellow flowers for baby shower | PartySlate
photographer: Kevin Chin Photography + Cinema | Nancy Liu Chin Designs See More
Spring baby shower centerpiece with white florals and moss | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: Social Revelry See More
White floral centerpiece with greenery | PartySlate
photographer: Mariel Hannah Photo | Detailed Touch Events See More

13. Savor Summer With Colorful Centerpieces

Summer baby showers are for bright colors and cheerful designs. Cue colorful-patterned linen, radiant florals, and whimsical balloons. Whether you opt for understated centerpieces with lavish backdrops or centerpieces that draw all eyes to the table, keep summer in mind with a joyful vibe.

Yellow baby shower with yellow tulip centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Daniel Kim Photography | Mindy Weiss Party Consultants See More
Outdoor baby shower with colorful table linen and bright table flowers | PartySlate
photographer: Josh Gruetzmacher | Taste Catering & Event Planning See More
Poolside baby shower with pink table linen and pink and blue balloons | PartySlate
photographer: Audra Wrisley Photography | CG & Co Events See More
Outdoor summer baby shower with colorful table flowers | PartySlate
photographer: Niki Marie Photo | Chance Productions See More

14. Approach Autumn With Dramatic Designs

Fall is a time of transition and change. It’s also a time of rich colors, thrilling chills in the air, and the bustle of last gatherings before the winter months set in. Fall baby showers are the perfect chance to get creative and go with bold designs, brilliant jewel tones, and rustic details. See why these autumn baby shower centerpieces make us want to linger at our tables long after the last slice of cake.

Maroon and cream boho floral centerpiece for fall | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: Wildwood Studio See More
Green, white, and coral floral centerpiece | PartySlate
photographer: Dagny Piasecki | Cassie LaMere Events See More
Jewel-toned garden baby shower tablescape | PartySlate
photographer: LaJoy Photography | CHRISTOPHER MARCS DESIGN See More
Autumn baby shower with Orange balloons | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: KIS(cubed) Events See More

15. Up the Chill Factor With Winter Centerpieces

Winter baby showers are the perfect opportunity to capture the pristine beauty of ice, snow, and sparkle. Curate your own winter wonderland with evergreen tree centerpieces (snow covered or primed for the holidays), twinkling candlelight, and lucite elements. With showers this stunning, we wouldn’t mind if the season lasted a little longer.

Winter baby shower in white and ice blue | PartySlate
photographer: Mariel Hannah Photo | Detailed Touch Events See More
Winter baby shower with snowy evergreen tree table décor | PartySlate
photographer: Studio This Is | Christina Currie Events, Inc. See More
Wooden table with crimson table runner and evergreen centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Violetta Dominek | TACS Stables See More

People Also Ask…

Do you need centerpieces for a baby shower?

We recommend centerpieces for a baby shower if your celebration includes tabletops for gathering — whether for a seated meal or at casual cocktail tables. Centerpieces contribute to the overall vibe of your celebration and create a beautiful space for guests to enjoy. Moreover, you will likely want photographs of your guests interacting at your celebration. Centerpieces ensure these photos will be beautiful as well as meaningful.

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What vendors should I hire for my baby shower?

A lot goes into preparing for your new arrival. As such, your baby shower should offer an opportunity for you to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones. We recommend hiring a team of vendors to ensure that your celebration is seamless from start to finish — and without stress. Start with an event planner who will guide you through your other hires and all of your party logistics. For those who choose to forgo an event planner, we recommend hiring the following vendors for a memorable celebration.

You can also use PartySlate to find an available venue near you. Head to PartySlate’s curated venue directory and narrow your search by location, guest count, amenities, and more. Make sure to click into a preferred venue’s PartySlate profile to see how the event space can be customized for different types and styles of celebrations.

Where can I find more baby shower ideas and inspiration?

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