photographer: Rebecca Weiss Photography | planner: Amy Katz Events | design: Stonekelly Events | venue: Rainbow Room
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17 Must-See Bat & Bar Mitzvah Venues in NYC [Photos]

When it comes to hosting a creative Bat or Bar Mitzvah in NYC, the abundance of venues can be overwhelming. We see so many innovative milestone celebrations coming out of the Big Apple that we decided it was time to curate a list of the best Bat and Bar Mitzvah venues in NYC

We looked at the flexibility of each space to ensure that any theme you can dream of would be possible. We also considered the top Bat and Bar Mitzvah planners in NYC and where they produce events in order to make sure that their favorites made our list.

So, before you conjure your creative theme, find the perfect entertainment, choose personalized favors and gifts, and more — check out our reliable list of the 17 must-see Bat and Bar Mitzvah venues in NYC.

1. Carnegie Hall

Dazzling dance floor Bat Mitzvah in New York | PartySlate

photographer: Michael Jurick Photography

For a stunning space that features indoor and outdoor elements in the heart of NYC…

New York, NY

  • Carnegie Hall is a world famous music hall with incredible views that look out onto New York’s Central Park
  • We love how the expert planners at NYLUX lit the space in pink hues, layered in blush florals, and added touches of gold for a truly glamorous  “Think Pink” Bat Mitzvah celebration
  • Lucky guests also get to enjoy innovative food stylings from Constellation Culinary Group, Carnegie Hall’s exclusive culinary partner
  • Our favorite spaces at Carnegie Hall include the Weill Music Room with its grand windows and skyline views and its adjoining Weill Terrace Room, a well-manicured outdoor space that extends the views even further
  • Carnegie Hall boasts six event spaces and can accommodate anywhere from 24 to 300 guests 

Carnegie Hall

New York, New York

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2. Central Park Zoo

Evening Central Zoo wedding in glowing green tent | PartySlate

photographer: Michael Jurick Photography

For a weather-proof outdoor soirée surrounded by wildlife and NYC nightlife…

New York, NY

  • Central Park Zoo is an iconic locale in the heart of the city and also makes for a perfect Bat or Bar Mitzvah venue in NYC
  • The space offers the opportunity for unique experiences for your guests like a sea lion feeding demonstration or having cocktails alongside exotic wildlife
  • This Jungle-Themed Bat Mitzvah was perfectly at home in the Central Park Zoo, with its custom tiger dance floor and greenery-printed décor from Anthony Taccetta Event Design (their work always wows) 
  • In addition to memorable Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, the zoo is well suited for corporate events, weddings, galas, and more
  • Central Park Zoo offers flexible event spaces such as the Central Garden that accommodates capacities of 700 seated and 2,000 standing, with a clear tent that takes weather out of the equation in the winter months

Central Park Zoo

New York, New York

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3. Rainbow Room

Beautiful NYC event space with gold accents and red lighting | PartySlate

photographer: Rebecca Weiss Photography

For an iconic New York experience complete with top-notch service and views…

New York, NY

Rainbow Room

New York, New York

4. Lincoln Ristorante

Beautiful pink floral centerpieces at this dreamy mitzvah | PartySlate

photographer: Gruber Photographers

For much-lauded Italian fare in a chic, modern setting…

New York, NY

  • Centrally-located and well-situated alongside Lincoln Center, Lincoln Ristorante boasts bright floor-to-ceiling views of the well-known plaza along with modern décor, making it a unique Bat or Bar Mitzvah venue in NYC
  • We adore how Eventsful, Inc. curated a bright vision with this Dreamy Pink Bat Mitzvah in the Lincoln Ristorante space (don’t miss the pink floral arrangement place card “tree”)
  • Hosting a celebration in a renowned restaurant like Lincoln Ristorante means your guests will be thrilled with the authentic Italian fare and well-served classic cocktails
  • With private, semi-private, and a full-buyout options, Lincoln Ristorante offers options for intimate gatherings up to 17 guests (for a Micro Mitzvah celebration) or full-blown celebrations for up to 175

Lincoln Ristorante

New York, New York

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5. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Chic bright pink New York Bat Mitzvah | PartySlate

photographer: Colin Cowie Lifestyle

For a truly cultured NYC experience with several space options to choose from…

New York, NY

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

New York, New York

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6. Roxy Hotel

Roxy hotel outdoor seating in New York City | PartySlate

photo courtesy of Roxy Hotel

For a hip and fun vibe in the heart of New York’s creative center…

New York, NY

  • Wonderfully located in New York’s nexus of creativity, Tribeca, Roxy Hotel manages to feel both historic and modern at once 
  • Guests adore the accommodating and welcoming staff as well as the hotel’s attention to chic design detail that extends even to the restrooms
  • We appreciate all of the event spaces at Roxy Hotel but especially love the marquee signage for the Roxy Cinema (an epic place to show a montage) that offers swank to the Plaza at the Roxy space 
  • Roxy Hotel boasts six event spaces to choose from for gatherings of 20 to 350 guests; Paul’s Cocktail Lounge Bar is perfect for a decades themed event, while The Django is a great space for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrant who wants to perform

Roxy Hotel

New York, New York

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7. New York Aquarium

Aquarium green and blue underwater Mitzvah | PartySlate

photo courtesy of New York Aquarium

For a waterfront experience with theming options galore…

Brooklyn, NY

  • Appropriately and beautifully placed by the sea in Coney Island, New York Aquarium offers a unique event experience for you and your guests with spaces that offer views of the exhibits as well as the ocean
  • Imagine the built-in Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme opportunities, from mermaid and scuba parties to sailing and “Under the Sea” celebrations
  • We appreciate New York Aquarium’s commitment to eco-conscious entertaining, with their “Keeping the Ocean Safe, One Event at a Time” pledge
  • Don’t miss this Mystical Underwater Bar Mitzvah that allowed guests to dine alongside beautiful tanks at tables adorned with colorful coral centerpieces; also see the magical ice sculpture from OKAMOTO STUDIO Custom Ice and the unique themed cake 
  • New York Aquarium offers a variety of event experiences with four indoor and outdoor spaces accommodating anywhere from 60 to 1,500 guests

New York Aquarium

, New York

We looked at the flexibility of each space to ensure that any theme you can dream of would be possible. 

8. Soho Grand Hotel

Tropical theme restaurant New York | PartySlate

photo courtesy of Soho Grand Hotel

For a fashionable event in the city’s hippest fashion hub…

New York, NY

  • Soho Grand Hotel is perfectly located in one of New York’s hippest neighborhoods, Soho, and boasts a dog-friendly policy that means Fido can celebrate with your friends and family
  • For a tropical-themed late spring or summer soirée, we love the décor and space at Gilligan’s restaurant and bar (bonus: delectable seaside fare) at Soho Grand Hotel
  • We also appreciate the flexibility of Grand Bar & Lounge for an elegant event with stylish touches like gold silk velvet curtains and floor-to-ceiling windows that peer out onto West Broadway 
  • Soho Grand Hotel features eight event spaces to fit any size and style of celebration for 30 to 250 guests

Soho Grand Hotel

New York, New York

9. Space54

Techy and modern themed celebration in New York | PartySlate

photo courtesy of Space54

For a unique modern party with state-of-the-art technology…

New York, NY

  • Space54 is a thoroughly modern space that offers flexibility for sound, lighting, and myriad branding possibilities (imagine the Bar or Bar Mitzvah celebrant’s name in lights in the ceiling)
  • We especially appreciate that the space comes tech and décor-ready with unique lighting panels lining its walls, unique light-up steps for a memorable entrance, and a stunning 19-foot marble bar 
  • Space54’s well thought-out entrance area offers a perfect spot for a custom step-and-repeat for photo ops and a built-in coat room for blustery NY days
  • The full venue at Space54 can accommodate up to 265 guests


New York, New York

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10. Espace

Loft like basketball Bar Mitzvah in New York | PartySlate

photographer: Kari Otero Photography

For an endlessly flexible loft-like experience…

New York, NY

  • Espace is a super-flexible raw space in Manhattan that is able to be transformed by your skilled event team into any vision, made even easier by its personalized projection system and fabric walls
  • One of our favorite Bar and Bat Mitzvah planners, Florie Huppert Design, conjured a court for one basketball-themed celebration at Espace; the party was complete with hand-painted sneakers, the coolest textured invitations we’ve seen, and chic acrylic stools and seating from the always-reliable CERF and their epic collection of rentals
  • Espace can accommodate from 50 guests to 500 and features an open space that can be configured in a variety of ways to offer various celebratory areas


New York, New York

11. Tribeca 360

Chic loft space for your Bat or Bar Mitzvah | PartySlate

photographer: Otero+Seclen Photography

For endless city views and a space that can be transformed for any vision…

New York, NY

  • Tribeca 360 is a well-designed blank canvas loft space for the party of your dreams with views that span, you guessed it, 360-degrees of sparkling New York cityscape as seen from Tribeca
  • We adore the heart-shaped lighting projections at this all-pink “I Love Lucy”-themed Bat Mitzvah from the talented team at NYLUX Events for a “girl who always signs her name with a heart”
  • Top Bat and Bar Mitzvah planners Florie Huppert Design & Carolyn Bender Events have also produced celebrations in the unique space at Tribeca 360
  • Tribeca 360 can accommodate up to 720 guests and its open space is perfect for varied layouts to include separate areas for each Bar or Bat Mitzvah activity

Tribeca 360

New York, New York

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Central Perk Friends themed green bar at Bat Mitzvah | PartySlate

photographer: Michael Jurick Photography

For an industrial space with warmth from light, wood, and brick…

New York, NY

  • Though SECOND. was custom-built to host corporate events, its flexible space, natural light, and exposed brick also make it perfect for any Bar and Bat Mitzvah in NYC
  • We are not over our love for the show “Friends,” nor can we get over this Friends-Themed Bat Mitzvah from the top planning team at Gourmet Advisory Services; we are gaga for details like the photo spot complete with a couch, umbrellas, and fountain, and the “Natflix” play on words to honor the Bar Mitzvah girl
  • More top Bat and Bar Mitzvah planners like Urban Art & Design and Florie Huppert Design have produced creative events at SECOND. as well
  • SECOND. offers three event spaces, including their window-filled Terrace which can hold 150 to 300 guests and their wide open Great Room that can accommodate up to 500


New York, New York

13. Mandarin Oriental, New York

Swanky Bar Mitzvah with dance floor, and tables full of tall candles | PartySlate

photographer: André Maier Photography

For a glamorous celebration in a gorgeous ballroom…

New York, NY

Mandarin Oriental, New York

New York, New York

14. Ascent Lounge

Chic Red Carpet Inspired Bat Miztvah at Ascent Lounge in New York City

photographers: Michael Molinoff; Aria Isadora; LA Photo Party

For dazzling views and clubby modern design…

New York, NY

  • Ascent Lounge is located in the landmark Time Warner Building, making it the perfect spot to treat home-towners and out-of-towners to an authentic NYC experience
  • In addition to the glittering views that Ascent Lounge offers, we are wowed by their specialty cocktails which offers the opportunity to  get creative with themed drinks for your themed Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration
  • We love how this Modern Bar Mitzvah in the chic space featured an original, custom dance floor from Bombshell Graphics, with a clever take on the celebrant’s name
  • The space at Ascent Lounge can accommodate up to 500 of your closest friends and family

Ascent Lounge

New York, New York

15. Bryant Park Grill

Action Packed Bar Mitzvah at Bryant Park Grill in New York, NY

photographer: André Maier Photography

For a park-side setting that feels like an oasis in the city…

New York, NY

  • Bryant Park Grill is a well-located spot that offers flexible indoor and outdoor spaces for all sizes of Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations
  • City, park, and skyline views give Bryant Park Grill a quintessential New York City vibe with a top-notch service team
  • Don’t miss this Action-Packed Bar Mitzvah from the full-service planners at Stillwell Events for its chic design, interactive games, and custom swag
  • Bryant Park Grill offers three event spaces to choose from to accommodate  up to 300 guests, but our favorite is the South Garden surrounded by trees and city scenes with a heated clear tent for winter gatherings

Bryant Park Grill

New York, New York

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Outside City Limits

These Bat and Bar Mitzvah venues are worth the short drive (or maybe they’re actually a little closer to home).

16. SPACE Events

Green uplighting at colorful graffiti New York Bar Mitzvah | PartySlate

photographer: Omar Gonzalez Photography

For a full-service experience and the ultimate in personal branding…

Englewood, NJ

  • Located just outside of New York City in Englewood, New Jersey, SPACE Events is a mecca for creative Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations because of its unique flexible space and helpful, full-service staff
  • When it comes to Bar or Bat Mitzvah parties, “branding” is key — expressing the personality of the child being celebrated through custom elements like a step-and-repeat photo spot, printed signage, and more; the in-house team at SPACE Events are experts in branded experiences
  • We can’t get enough of the creative elements at this Colorful Graffiti Glow Bar Mitzvah, like the glowing arcade games and the live graffiti artist painting custom t-shirts and caps for partygoers 
  • Also don’t miss this Neon Bar Mitzvah with its crystal fringe installations and tons of disco balls setting a festive and fun vibe
  • SPACE Events boasts a large and flexible Main Space that can accommodate 500 as well as a VIP Lounge (perfect for older guests who want to get away from the pumping dance floor but still be part of the celebration) for up to 75 guests


Englewood, New Jersey

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17. Abigail Kirsch at The Loading Dock

Tropical trendy Bar Mitzvah in New York | PartySlate

photographer: Gustavo Campos

For an urban spot serving the best fare outside of the city…

Stamford, CT

  • Abigail Kirsch at The Loading Dock is an outside-of-the-city spot that feels totally urban and chic, perfect for an NYC experience a little closer to home 
  • We adore this modern Tropical Trendy Bar Mitzvah vision from the expert planners at Enza Events, with an attention to detail that makes for great moments like an airport-like check-in experience before guests “travel” to their beachy destination (also don’t miss this inspired NYC Transit-Inspired Bar Mitzvah)
  • More top Bat and Bar Mitzvah planners like Florie Huppert Design and Carolyn Bender Events have also produced events in the space and bonus: renowned Abigail Kirsch Catering provides fare that your guests will be talking about for a long time to come 
  • The open industrial, loft-like space offers maximum flexibility with its all-white aesthetic and ability to accommodate any floor plan configuration for parties hosting up to 450 guests

Abigail Kirsch at The Loading Dock

Stamford, Connecticut