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Bat Mitzvah with Selfie Mocktails and Unicorn Dance Floor

Photo Courtesy of ImageLink Moving Pictures

A Mitzvah party honors the culmination of a lot of hard work and growth. At this particular celebration, the Bat Mitzvah girl wanted an affair that captured all the things she loves. To that end, she hosted a party for 75 of her friends and it was girl heaven.

Magnolia Bluebird Design & Events created cool custom patterns and a logo used throughout the celebration for a cohesive feel on everything from decor and dining to pillows and packages. Magnolia also paid special attention to ensuring a seamless flow, managing both an adult and a kid party in separate spaces then bringing them together at special moments throughout the evening.

The adults arrived via glass elevator to the “front pages gallery” at Newseum and were greeted with a gastro cocktail from The Grand Bevy. Rather than the usual array of national and international front pages on display, custom newspaper-style articles featured the guest-of-honor. They located their seats via hand-calligraphed capiz shell place cards. The adult dinner was all about engaging conversation over a four-course tasting menu with wine pairings catered by Wolfgang Puck. Their cozy space featured rustic luxe decor with vines dripping from the ceiling and tables drenched in greenery, white flowers and candlelight.

Meanwhile the girls were arriving to the surprise of a live modern art installation of a 60’s-era-styled model walking colorful flamingo statues on leashes and a large wall of dip-dyed tennis racquets spelling out their friend’s name. Once they stashed their stuff in personalized cubbies, they headed over the the selfie mocktail bar/photobooth and posed for pics with their friends. Their photos were printed on edible paper then floated on top of curated mocktails delivered through cubby holes for a truly personalized experience.

Out on the terrace, the girls played ping pong on custom tables and stood in a life-sized logoed frame to get their picture taken with the Capitol Building behind them (no backdrop needed!). They were also treated to the spectacle of a champagne tower with the only non-alcoholic version of the bubbly flown in from France to be carefully poured over a giant pyramid of glasses to their oohs and aahs. Three “restaurants” served the Bat Mitzvah girl’s favorite foods: a French bistro, a pizzeria, and a taqueria. The girls dined on custom-printed tabletops then danced the night away on a hand-glittered “unicorn” dance floor.  

Towards the end of the evening, the girls had the opportunity to shop, shop shop. Each girl received a gift bag and punch card then visited bespoke boutiques staffed by models from Tryon Entertainment. The”giftique” offered themed shops: candy, apparel, spa, and tech. Guests chose from take-home treats, hoodies, sweatshirts, monogrammed chargers, mermaid-hued Swell bottles, facial masks and more.

The adults and kids joined each other for speeches, the montage and the dessert course which included a three-sided wall featuring mini milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, trifles in martini glasses, and a nitro-milkshake bar. Every little perfect detail added up to a creative and fun night to remember for adults and kids alike.

posted by Magnolia Bluebird design & events

photographer ImageLink Moving Pictures

event planner Magnolia Bluebird design & events

venue Newseum

cocktails The Grand Bevy

caterer Wolfgang Puck Catering – Washington, D.C.

model staffing Tryon Entertainment

decor Syzygy Events International

florals Blue Vanda

lighting Frost

favors Gifts for the Good Life