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18 of the Best Catering Companies for Your LA Party

Whether you are planning a corporate holiday party for 600 or an intimate cocktail reception, finding the right caterer is vital to the success of your event. Searching for a sophisticated caterer to bring your discerning culinary vision to life? We invite you to explore this list of amazing LA catering companiesBon Appetit.

Good Gracious! Events

Photo courtesy of Good Gracious! Events

With thirty years of experience, Good Gracious! Events will take your event experience to a whole new level. Whether it be a wedding or a large corporate event, Good Gracious! Events uses international influences to artfully deliver a unique menu. Having executed many high profile events, such as the Olympics, Good Gracious! Events is known for their adventurous style and bold flavors.

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Patina Catering

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Patina Restaurant Group specializes in luxury catering for events ranging from private dinner parties to large, nationwide events like the Emmy Awards Governor’s Ball. Having several restaurants, Patina Catering offers off-site services to Los Angeles, bringing their unique touch of flavor to your personal party. Patina Restaurant Group was built on the belief that culinary excellence is art, and therefore, all of their events are full of inspired cuisine to create memorable moments. 

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Contemporary Catering

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Operating since 1997, Contemporary Catering understands food’s important role in the success of each event and each customer’s experience. Making sure to always find the most local and organic ingredients, along with sustainable poultry and meats, they deliver food that is both high quality and delicious. Catering to parties of all sizes, Contemporary Catering maintains excellence in every single event and provides cuisine that is nothing short of spectacular.

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Heirloom LA

Photo courtesy of Heirloom LA

Fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients are the only ones used at Heirloom LA. With years of experience, the creators of the Lasagna Cupcake do not cut corners when it comes to creating wholesome, healthy meals for every one of their events. They take the time to seek out small local farms and humanely raised livestock in order to ensure that their ingredients are healthy and environmentally friendly.

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Taste of Pace Catering

Photo courtesy of Taste of Pace Catering

“Love people and cook them tasty food.” And Taste of Pace does just this. They are passionate about giving their clients a quality catering experience. Taste of Pace believes in only using the freshest ingredients available based on season and found locally. Wedding parties, baby showers, a party of any size, Taste of Pace doevs it all. Having taken part in events for Microsoft and MOSCHINO, they approach their events from every angle and size, making sure their menu provides exactly what each event needs.

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Wolfgang Puck Catering

Photo courtesy of Wolfgang Puck Catering

World-renowned chef, Wolfgang Puck, and his award-winning team bring nearly three decades worth of fine-dining experience to every event that they cater. Wolfgang Puck Catering’s extraordinary culinary skills and attention to detail offers a five-star experience for every client. Known for their innovative and creative menus, Wolfgang Puck and his team are constantly pushing the culinary envelope with bold flavors and one-of-a-kind dishes to make your wildest culinary dreams a reality.

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Kai’s Catering & Events

Photo courtesy of Kai's Catering & Events

Kai’s Catering and Events converts organic, farm-fresh ingredients into custom, seasonal menus for any event. Trained in Europe, Kai combines his outstanding cooking skills with his knack for design to execute stunning custom dishes. Serving clients from Bvlgari to Grey Goose, Kai caters to any client’s needs and makes every event a memorable dining experience.

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Tres LA Catering

Photo courtesy of Tres LA Catering

With its focus on innovative, playful dishes, Tres LA’s attention to detail and exceptional service create a unique dining experience. Having executed events for many celebrities, Tres LA ensures that each menu is tailored to meet their clients’ taste and budget needs while creating original, adventurous dishes. From hiring and training the best servers to focusing on the “tiny noticeable touches,” such as house made ice cream and hand-rolled butter, Tres LA’s passion and dedication makes them a company to remember.

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Made by Meg

Photo courtesy of Made by Meg

“Bold. Thoughtful. Honest. The experience you’ve been craving.” Made by Meg specializes in bold, hand-crafted menu items that meet each client’s needs. They offer full service catering for cocktail parties, weddings, corporate events and special occasions. Their staff prides itself on their diligence and assure that they are with their clients every step of the way. Made by Meg follows the philosophy of giving you exactly what you want so that your experience becomes the experience you’ve been craving.

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The Copper Key

Photo courtesy of The Copper Key

The Copper Key delivers beautifully presented dishes to each of their clients. They insist on using only the freshest ingredients from the most credible sources, assuring their clients are getting is the best of the best. Executive Chef and Founder, Guus Wickenhagen, doesn’t believe in shortcuts, his catering company goes the extra mile to bring each client gourmet food and great service that exceeds all expectations. Their reputation of outstanding culinary ability and dedication to client satisfaction makes them everything you’re looking for in your next catering experience.

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Crateful Catering

Photo by Tommaso Mei

Born from a Michelin Star tradition, Crateful Catering is dedicated to creating a unique, original and perfect catering experience for each of their events. From the taste to the presentation. they are known for including sophistication into every aspect of their catering. Their success is built around their team of award-winning chefs who come from both American and Italian backgrounds. They do it all, event catering, celebrity cooking events, shoots and more. They are passionate, experienced and strive for perfection.

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Carmelized Productions

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Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo use only the highest quality ingredients to create unique and exciting menus for each of Carmelized Productions’ events. Whether it’s a simple gathering such as a small dinner or a large-scale corporate party, Carmelized Productions is dedicated to delivering fine cuisine and outstanding service. Combining their specialized menus with their custom wine list, Carmelized Productions always meets client’s expectations.

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Someone’s in the Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Someone's In The Kitchen

Someone’s in the Kitchen is dedicated to making your dream event a reality. The team’s extensive expertise, combined with their passion and integrity, have made them one of the best catering companies in Los Angeles. Having worked with companies such as Cartier and NBC, they are dedicated to creating original dishes that are remembered long after the plates are cleared. Time and meticulous planning ensure that each event is flawlessly executed from start to finish.

24 Carrots Catering and Events

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The team at 24 Carrots is committed to making your special occasion memorable with fresh, quality ingredients and flawless execution. With their attention to detail and emphasis on personal relationships, it is no surprise that they are one of Southern California’s best catering companies. As an award-winning caterer, their success stems from their innovative creations and their team-driven attitude. They hold themselves at the highest standard so that your event is absolutely perfect.

sbe Events & Catering

Photo courtesy of sbe Events & Catering

Having a global collection of award-winning hotels, restaurants, nightlife and catering options, sbe Events & Catering has the knowledge and the resources to provide an unforgettable catering experience. They put a large emphasis on details, making sure every aspect is uniquely tailored to each customer’s vision of their party. No matter the affair, sbe Events & Catering has the ability to provide a variety of gourmet cuisines and the finest mixology along with captivating entertainment and extravagant venues. Outstanding food, service, decor and more, they provide the whole package.

Lucques Catering

Photo courtesy of Lucques Catering

Lucques Catering can tailor to any customer’s wishes as it offers a large variety of dining styles and dishes. Not to mention, clients have access to their luxurious wines found on their award-winning wine list. Having catered for The SAG Awards and Vanity Fair Magazine, Lucques Catering can accommodate a variety of events. Lucques Catering’s versatility, outstanding history and dedication to meeting each customer’s expectations makes them one to remember.

Whoa Nelly

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This boutique catering company makes sure to deliver restaurant quality food and services to parties both large and small. Their strong relationship with local farmers allows them to provide local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. Whoa Nelly follows a clean eating philosophy where guests are served sustainably raised meat and fish along with fresh local produce. Each menu is specifically written to reflect the client’s wishes because Whoa Nelly strongly believes that “menus for special events should be just that: Special!”

Haute Chefs LA

Photo by Jack Strutz

Haute Chefs LA believes the best things in life are all things food. Their passion for food is reflected in the thoughtful preparation that goes into each catering event. They wish to exist in where the art of food, wine and culture of the table all intersect, creating a remarkable catering experience. They wish to deliver an individually unique service that does not just focus on the food, but the overall experience. Haute Chefs LA has created memorable dining experiences for  icons and brands such as Jennifer Lopez, Dior and Nike. Emphasizing food’s power to create storytelling and memorable experiences, they want every aspect, taste, appearance, and what happens at the table to be just right.