Caroline and Jeremy
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29 Best Wedding Planners in New York [Top List]

Caroline and Jeremy

The memories from your wedding day — set against the splendor of The Big Apple — will last forever. Ask any New York couple. From exchanging vows to celebrating with friends and family, your wedding day is bound to be one of the most meaningful days of your life. 

As you get whisked from moment to moment — and guest to guest — you will want to soak up every conversation and heartfelt look. After all, there are too many precious moments to spend worrying about logistics or troubleshooting roadblocks. 

That’s where your wedding planner comes in…

The memories from your wedding day — set against the splendor of The Big Apple — will last forever.”

Planning a wedding is no easy task. The best NYC wedding planners, however, are accustomed to the bustle of this dynamic city they call home. Without a doubt, they are designers, producers, and counselors rolled into one. They anticipate obstacles with strategic thinking. They save the day (as obstacles inevitably occur) with their flexible mindset and solutions-oriented approach. 

Hiring one of the best wedding planners in New York ensures that your dream celebration is tailored to your unique vision as well as flawlessly produced. It also guarantees that you can enjoy every moment of your wedding — without worrying about scheduling (or New York traffic delays), mishaps, or vendor negotiations.

Keep reading to discover the 29 best NYC wedding planners on PartySlate who know how to plan a beautiful and romantic wedding celebration. It’s time to put your dream celebration — set against the dramatic beauty of NYC — in the right hands.

*list is in alphabetical order

New York, NY

What we Love: With 400+ weddings under her belt, Ali Barone’s goal is to make the planning process as seamless as possible. Ali Barone Events will make your dreams come true through their design and exceptional service while using their connections to the very best in the business.

What to Know: “Ali Barone Events has been described as the ultimate ‘secret planning weapon,’ ‘wedding fairy godmother,’ ‘Mitzvah maven,’ and respected ‘go-to’ by industry icons and clients alike looking for creative collaborations on extraordinary weddings and events, Owner and Creative Director Ali Barone shares.

What to See: “This beautifully designed and executed event really reflected our sophisticated and fun clients who love NYC,” Barone tells us. “360 degree video mapping of the NYC skyline, complete with buildings rising up from the floor to ‘Empire State of Mind,’ transformed the space for a truly memorable afterparty experience that truly wowed guests.”

New York, NY

What we Love: We love how this luxe wedding and event planning company puts the client at the heart of each event, going above and beyond to fulfill (and exceed) every vision. Amy Katz Events is renowned for their professionalism, knowledge, flexibility, and so much more.

What to Know: “We are there to hold our client’s hand throughout the planning process, starting from the consultation until the last song of the wedding,” President & Founder Amy Katz shares. “We are available day and night, and are flexible and accessible, going above and beyond to exceed our client’s expectations and visions.” She goes on to say, “We truly value what each vendor brings to the table and see ourselves as the conductor, ensuring that the orchestra performs flawlessly.”

What to See: This picture-perfect wedding at the Plaza is something to see. Katz says, Nicole and KJ had an incredible love story that started when they were in high school,” Katz tells us. “From the start, we knew that Nicole’s excellent eye for details would develop into a picture perfect wedding. We truly enjoyed watching this amazing couple show off their sweet, soulmate love as they danced the night away with smiles that brightened up the entire room.”

PartySlate Note: don’t miss our summer-chic Hamptons launch party produced by Amy Katz Events with an eye toward white and gold glamour, unique performers, and a dreamy night scene we still reminisce about.

New York, NY

What we Love: From Broadway opening nights to social events, this team creates celebrations that wow with elegance and whimsy. We love how Apotheosis Events is able to beautifully express each host’s personality and taste.

What to Know: CEO Ryan Hill explains how Apotheosis Events has “a uniquely theatrical commitment to creativity, a surgical level of logistical precision, and an intuitive awareness described as ‘extrasensory.’” He goes on to tell us, “These core ingredients define Apotheosis. From big picture strategies to the tiniest of details, we provide an unparalleled level of care and an entirely bespoke experience from beginning to end.”

What to See: “Caraline and Craig’s wedding day epitomized autumn romance in New York, from their sacred vows at a historic community church built in 1849 to the al fresco photo session in Madison Square Park, and finally culminating at their grand reception inside the storied University Club,” Hill says. “Everything felt as beautiful and exhilarating as the crisp fall air.”

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New York, NY

What to Know: ASE, Amanda Savory Events is an experienced event agency. The team is skilled at producing stunning and memorable events through a process of cultivating relationships with their clients, advocating for their client’s individual style, and accomplishing seamless gatherings — making them one of the best wedding planners in New York.

What to See: This “Camp Disco” wedding provides a great example of how the ASE team creates totally unique celebrations that express the personalities of the couples they work with. For example, this wedding featured a clear Chuppah bedecked in soft pink roses followed by a reception that mixed elegant crystal chandeliers with fun disco balls.

New York, NY

What we Love: We appreciate how this full-service planning, design, and production team curates luxurious events worldwide through their strong network of international vendors. Colin Cowie Lifestyle’s five-senses approach to design means that guests will have an immersive and memorable experience.

What to Know: “While we love to produce fabulous weddings, we are most known for the fun of our events,” Founder and CEO Colin Cowie share. “We begin with your ‘DNA’ and apply our five-senses approach from concept through completion to ensure every detail tells your unique story with style. By acting as both the composer and conductor, we orchestrate the most fun—and truly unforgettable—productions.”

What to See: “Inspired by Amangiri’s contemporary cement structures and undulating desert landscape, we designed a ceremony with only two elements: mirror and sunset-toned floral,” Cowie tells us. “For dinner, we projected deep reds, purples, and oranges on the surrounding mountains and filled the space with thousands of candles for a natural yet ultra-glamorous final look.”

New York, NY

What we Love: We love how Daughter of Design takes inspiration from contemporary fashion, art, and interior design to create timeless events with “cultural accuracy.” Their celebrations — be it a wedding or corporate gala — wow with creativity and exquisite design.

What to Know: “Daughter of Design caters to a discerning clientele and draws creative inspiration from the worlds of fashion, art, and interior design for timely yet timeless designs,” Principal Planner and Founder Annie Lee tells us. “Particular about the particulars, Daughter of Design’s goal is that the wedding is as beautiful IRL as it is on camera.”

What to See: “It’s not everyday you get to plan a wedding on a 270 ft yacht and cruise around the Amalfi Coast,” Lee explains. “We created a 6 day program for the 30 closest friends and family that ended on the lesser known Italian island of Ischia where 100 guests joined the wedding celebration. #unforgettable.”

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New York, NY

What to Know: Director of Production Sanket Patel of David Monn tells us,”Striving to bring balance and harmony to every creation, David is guided by three core principles: Authenticity—the truth or purpose for the occasion; Scale—the context and proportion of the event; Detail—every element must help to tell the story.”

What to See: Patel describes this event as “a very refined Parisian-inspired evening.” He goes on to say, “Using the Plaza’s French Architecture, we created the ultimate experience of New York’s gilded elegance.”

New York, NY

What to Know: “We approach each wedding as a personal story brought to life,” Chief Creative Officer David Stark of David Stark Design and Production tells us. “Creative innovation is in our DNA, and we pride ourselves on craftsmanship, whimsy, and singular ideas that elevate the typical wedding experience to the realm of art.” He goes on to share, “We embark on the planning journey with our clients as esteemed professionals, and we end it as the dearest of friends.”

What to See: “For this intimate, late-October wedding on the beach, fifty of the bride and groom’s closest friends and family gathered for a loving ceremony in-the-round,” Stark shares. “Inspired by the extraordinary home and magnificent, natural setting, the pandemic served as a poignant reminder of the importance of celebrating life’s significant milestones – safely.”

New York, NY

What we Love: We admire JoAnn’s capability to create exquisite and unique events around the world. With a keen eye for design and exceptional customer service, it’s no wonder why Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli was recently recognized as the Top 25 Most Influential Wedding Planners in the world.

What to Know: “My approach in planning a wedding is getting to know the couple on a personal level,” Owner JoAnn Gregoli shares. “I love to make it about the couple and focusing on the little details that make it their own. I also like to take the guests on a journey and make it all about the guest experience, adding in elements of surprise along the way.”

What to See: “This rustic barn wedding was truly one of my favorites, since it was held at the family farm,” Gregoli tells us. I was able to incorporate so many personal details into this wedding that made it memorable for me and guests.” She goes on to say, “Loved including their antique collection and using the family donkey in my decor and design. Transforming the training ring into a wedding space was stunning.”

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New York, NY

What we Love: We love how this New York-based event planner creates tailored weddings with wow-worthy designs — all while taking the stress out of the planning process. Elle Audrey New York curates stunning sensory events that capture the unique personality of each client.

What to Know: “No matter the scale, I’ve always taken pride in creating one-of-a-kind events that are tailored to my brides’ individual personalities, yet tasteful and classic,” Founder Lauren Dickens of Elle Audrey New York shares. “A wedding is a transformative journey..We’re not just planner and client; we’re great friends.”

What to See: “The floral tunnel was my favorite party of this timeless wedding, Dickens reveals. “As guests arrived they entered the tunnel and were welcomed by a string quartet and signature cocktails. It was a very fabulous experience for myself, the client, and their guests.”

New York, NY

What to Know: Founded by event luminary, Harriette Rose Katz, Gourmet Advisory Services boasts more than 35 years of experience in providing full-service event production and a deep network of vendor relationships. This team collaborates with each other and their clients to create luxurious, one-of-a-kind celebrations.

What to See: This unique museum wedding is an all-white ode to winter glam, with its creative and generous use of alabaster orchids and sparkling details. Meanwhile, the undulating lighting scheme and custom dance floor evoke the movement of water, making for a sight all guests will remember.

PartySlate Note: don’t miss our company’s 4th anniversary party which Gourmet Advisory Services planned with perfect attention-to-detail and branded moments galore.

New York, NY

What we Love: We love how this talented team of event producers, with over 13 years of event design and planning experience, makes their clients’ events memorable through an attention to detail and creativity. Based in New York and Miami, Guerdy Design believes that your event should let your personality shine through.

What to Know: Owner and Stylist Guerdy Abraira describes Guerdy Design as “Timeless with a Twist! ” She goes to say, “We pride ourselves in the ability to translate our client’s aesthetic into the conceptual design. We love to push our clients to think beyond the norm but always edit with the assessment of “will we still love this design in 10-20 years?” If that is debatable, we go back to the drawing board.”

What to See: “I chose this micro wedding because it was such an intimate affair being held in the groom’s childhood home (backyard),” Abraira tells us. “It was during covid, so the fact that the bride and groom decided that “love can’t wait” was heart-warming. Plus, they went above and beyond to take all necessary precautionary measures to ensure a safe event.”

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New York, NY

What to Know: Jennifer Zabinski Events boasts a responsive team who acts as your friend and advocate throughout the planning process. They know that the most unique and memorable celebrations are a result of a trusting collaborative relationship — and their work shows that this approach produces highly-personal, gorgeous gatherings.

What to See: This glorious fall wedding features chic pastel florals arranged in stunning, creative installations. Make sure to see how the sky and effusive flowing blooms create an organic ceiling over the beautiful affair.

New York, NY

What we Love: Jennifer and teams bring extensive knowledge to the event industry. We love that Kraft Events can bring your dreams to life from their seamless customer service and outstanding attention to detail for each and every client.

What to Know: “We collaborate with our clients to produce weddings that truly reflect their aesthetic and who they are as a couple,” Owner and President Jennifer Kraft shares. “We spend a tremendous amount of time methodically building and creating custom environments that often include unique guest event experiences. We succeed in making each of our luxurious celebrations truly memorable and distinctive.”

What to See: “This spectacular destination wedding on Necker Island included a 5 day experience with lemurs, tortoises, themed dinners, fireworks, and boat rides on the gorgeous BVI waters,” Kraft tells us. “Kraft Events’ superb detailing of the production, design elements, entertainment, and challenging travel logistics for all made this event one of our most memorable!

New York, NY

What we Love: Brilliantly fresh and savvy, Leslie Mastin is an expert in everything from incredibly personal wedding celebrations to global fetes. We love that her celebrations are works of art.

What to Know: Leslie Mastin Events is a skilled matchmaker, matching couples with their perfect slate of vendors and guiding them through every step of the process to create an event that is uniquely theirs. Mastin’s events tell memorable stories that people talk about long after.

What to See: This whimsical Brooklyn wedding is filled with vibrant hues, a unique wedding arch unlike any we’ve seen, blooms frozen in ice installations, monogrammed cocktail ice cubes, and creative entertainment moments galore.

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New York, NY

What to Know: Lindsay Landman Events offers a uniquely holistic approach to planning and design,” President and Creative Director Lindsay Landman explains. “With a full in-house floral design studio and custom stationery studio, we are able to offer unparalleled continuity in design strategy and thinking, marrying it seamlessly to our thoughtful logistical approach.”

What to See: “This at-home wedding proved that you can create a fun, warm, exciting + beautiful wedding at any size,” Landman shares. “After LLE designer Jen + her husband Jake had to reschedule their big celebration multiple times because of COVID-19, they opted for a wedding at home, but no stone was left unturned. So much detail + so much love defined this magical evening.”

New York, NY

What we Love: We love how this luxury event planning and design firm, located in New York City,  creates a seamless planning process (with the help of the newest technologies) to create a stunning weddings and events all over the globe. LLG Events continuously captures our imagination with their opulent designs and sensory experiences.

What to Know: “What makes our company so unique is the bi-lateral approach we have – we are both the wedding planners and the wedding designers,” Founder, Principal Planner, and Designer Lauren Grech tells us. “Offering these two types of services allows us to be fully integrated into the wedding planning process from the event management perspective and the designer perspective.”

What to See: “A seven day destination wedding in Bora Bora was one of the highlights of my career,” Grech shares. “We pushed ourselves creatively by designing an overwater lunch where guests were able to eat while sitting in the water. It was truly an experiential, once in a lifetime experience for myself and the guests.”

New York, NY

What to Know: Marcy Blum Associates are an internationally sought after event planning & entertaining experts who — with 30 years experience — craft events with sanity, humor, innovation and style,” President and Owner Marcy Blum shares. “With attention to detail and flair for the unimaginable, we create events that stimulate the senses and awe guests while creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for clients.”

What to See: “Nate and I had been friends for many years when he met and became engaged to Jeremiah who became my friend as well,” Blum tells us. “Nate is a wonderful, talented, and kind person. Prior to marrying Jeremiah, he had tragically lost his long time partner Fernando in the tsunami. To be a part of this celebration of the possibilities that love can bring was joyous.”

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New York, NY

What to Know: Matthew Robbins Design is an event production firm with a strong focus on design. Their collaborative process prioritizes getting to know each client’s aesthetic to create the most personal celebration possible with attention to every little detail.

What to See: See this destination wedding in Cartagena to experience a colorful celebration in a unique setting that kept guests engaged with location-specific performers all evening. Even the images from this party embody pure joy.

New York, NY

What we Love: Michelle Rago Destinations is a New York City-based event planning professional known for her tasteful celebrations around the globe. We love Michelle Rago for her willingness to take on new challenges and new locations when planning the most perfect and unique destination event — building an extensive vendor list in the process.

What to Know: Founder Michelle Rago and her team have produced and designed events as far-flung as New Delhi and the Cote d’Azur and, of course, from coast to coast on the continental United States. “Team Rago will oversee and execute every aspect of your event to not only ensure it unfolds smoothly, but to allow you to fully engage in hosting your own party,” says Rago.

What to See: This destination wedding in Como, Lombardy, Italy  featured luscious trees on one side and Lake Como on the other. The couple exchanged vows at the end of a grassy aisle lined with lavender liriope, followed by a candlelit dinner at white tables decorated with peaches and vibrant florals. The evening ended sweetly with Italian gelato beneath a sky illuminated with fireworks.

New York, NY

What to Know: “I spend lots of time getting to know my clients, and my parties are a complete reflection of them,” Owner Norma Cohen of Norma Cohen Productions shares.

What to See: “This jewel-toned floral wedding was a masterpiece of art,” Cohen says. “The client wanted to transform a New York City ballroom into Big Sur — and we were able to accomplish that. Years later and guests are STILL talking about this event.”

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New York, NY

What to Know: “Our goal is to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients through listening and learning their priorities,” CEO Andrea Adelstein of NYLUX Events shares. “Our focus is to place each couple at the center of our planning process, and we are with them from concept to execution,” She goes on to say, “Our mission is to curate a one-of-a-kind wedding experience where your story and style are front and center.”

What to See: “Rustic yet luscious, this Aspen ranch wedding was produced in just three weeks,” Adelstein says. “We were inspired by the surrounding beauty of the Colorado mountains, resulting in a spectacular Chuppah for the outdoor ceremony and gorgeous décor inside the reception barn. We were elated to able to safely bring together family and friends during the pandemic.”

New York, NY

What we Love: We love how Pejy Kash Events creates exquisite events with impeccable taste for clients across the globe. Their celebrations are highly customized and designed to cater to each of his client’s taste, ensuring every moment shines to its fullest.

What to Know: “The way that we approach event planning and design is to start with a connection with the family with whom we are working,” Creative Director Pejy Kash tells us. “We believe that no two parties are the same, and the only way to make a party special is to make it personal.”

What to See: “This particular bride and groom trusted us with every detail and aspect of the event — from choice of venue to the entire floral and decor,” Kash shares. “They were completely in the dark about what we were planning, until they were surprised on the day of the event.”

New York, NY

What to Know: “The birth and name of Premini Events was rooted in my brother’s middle name Prem and my sister’s middle name Padmini (combined to make Premini),” Founder and CEO Elizabeth Priya Kumar shares. “Prem in Hindi means love, and mini means little. All you need is a little love in life, and that is the sole root of why we do what we do. Because we love… LOVE.”

“What to See: “With less than six months to plan a 700 person, three day event in Kansas City, Missouri, our team knew that the peak of creativity, logistics, and vendor selection had to be at the utmost level of detail,” Kumar tells us. “With a week long of production set up — from rigging, draping, lighting, carpeting, and floral installations — this three-day whirlwind wedding stunned us.”

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New York, NY

What we Love: This team, led by icon and tastemaker Bryan Rafanelli, consistently wows us with their creativity and breadth of events. Their custom approach and attention to detail conjures inspired celebrations that evoke emotion every time (and make them one of the top NYC wedding planners).

What to Know: The driving force behind Rafanelli Events secret to success? It’s simple (and yet so many miss it): they listen. The team connects with their clients to learn who they are and what matters most to them to produce highly-personal celebrations; as their tagline says, “the best event we’ve ever done is going to be yours.”

What to See: From its dazzling white aisle and pastel pink and green accents, this gorgeous outdoor NY wedding stuns with rich details. Don’t miss the luxe draped clear tented reception (with its totally unique place cards), creative lighting, and after-party that had guest making memories until dawn.

New York, NY

What to Know: SJS Events is a full service event planning company based in NYC, and we specialize in South Asian Weddings,” Founder and CEO Sonal J. Shah shares. “No request is too small or too large for our team. Not only do we plan the minute-by-minute production schedule for all the vendors, but we also cater to our couples’ family and guests with our ‘white glove concierge’ service.”

What to See: “The ‘Emerald Green Wedding’ has become a social media sensation,” Shah reveals. “This was a multi-day production to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our couple’s Reception at the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York City. Over 30 difference vendors worked hand in hand to bring this fantasy to life.”

New York, NY

What we Love: New York City and Miami-based event planner Jeff Stillwell is regarded for planning events in some of NYC’s most iconic venues over the last 20 years. We love Stillwell Events for tailoring events for his clients so that every celebration is personalized to perfection.

What to Know: “With over 20 years executing luxury events in the most prestigious and iconic venues in New York, we’ve accumulated a vast amount of knowledge regarding every aspect of events — while developing a superb and sophisticated event style and design,” Founder and Creative Director Jeff Stillwell shares.

What to See: “I’ve always had this enormous love for the ‘Old World New York City Glamorous Weddings Era;” Stillwell tells us. “So, I researched a design style often used for formal dinners back in the gilded age when the Metropolitan Club was founded in 1891, then gave it a modern twist.” He goes on to say, “Guests at this classic old-world New York wedding were greeted to this magical 1930s styled ‘X Table’ design.”

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New York, NY

What we Love: We love how Victoria Dubin Events prioritizes open communication, collaboration, and a methodical timeline to create exquisite, custom celebrations. Victoria Dubin’s innate style and strong industry connections distinguish her as a top New York event planner.

What to Know: “Victoria Dubin Events has built an innovative event planning company based on the approach that each and every affair will be a personal reflection of the client,” Owner Victoria Dubin tells us. “We pride ourselves in staying ahead in the event industry trends — constantly looking for new, unique, and creative ideas to inspire, surprise, and delight.”

What to See: “This grand wedding took place at a venue where the bride spent her childhood years,” says Dubin. “The vision was to transform the grounds into a romantic, etherial, summer residence reminiscent of the 1900’s estate. The ceremony was on the vast patio terrace surrounded by hundred-year-old trees. A magnificent, enchanted tented dinner and dancing reception followed.”

New York, NY and Palm Beach, FL

What we Love: We appreciate how YSD Events brings innovative design and elevated taste to every event — be it a wedding, product launch, or private dinner. Based in both New York City and Palm Beach, this talented team draws rave reviews for their listening skills, responsiveness, and extensive network.

What to Know: “With our backgrounds in fashion, public relations, and event production, we approach each event as an opportunity to showcase the unexpected,” Founders Justin Scalzo and Brad Frey of YSD Events tell us. “We focus on planning through an experiential lens; which means that giving your guests an experience that is unique and one that they will never forget is of utmost importance.”

What to See: “This New Year’s Eve 2020 wedding was especially important to us as it was one of our first events to occur during the pandemic,” Scalzo and Frey share. “We brought in a fully-licensed medical team that Covid tested each and every guest and staff member on-site. This created an environment in which our clients and their guests were able to celebrate together safely.”

PartySlate Note: also see this experiential dinner party for Vera Wang that YSD co-hosted with PartySlate; its unique dinner-in-the-round layout and all-white décor stuns. 

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