Three party themes represented from left to right: disco party theme, 90s party theme, and Candyland party theme | PartySlate
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The Best Party Themes [Resource & Guide]

Three party themes represented from left to right: disco party theme, 90s party theme, and Candyland party theme | PartySlate

Take it from PartySlate: Great parties start with great party themes. Whether you’re a CEO planning an employee event or a party host celebrating an important milestone, take your event to the next level with an epic party theme. You heard it hear first, even themed rehearsal dinners are trending.

So what are the best party themes? Great party themes are like hubs on a wheel: They keep everything from the party décor to the entertainment rolling smoothly along. Your party theme will determine the look and feel of your celebration — down to the smallest detail. The best themes also create opportunities for guest engagement. Think costumed attire, photo ops, immersive entertainment, and more.

In addition to the 5 most popular party themes on PartySlate, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite themes for every kind of celebration — be it a corporate event, wedding, or important milestone. From classic to trending, these engaging themes start with a click of the cursor. Get ready to be inspired.

Decade Theme Parties

Decade parties are making a comeback. Go back in time and discover a world of Champagne towers, disco balls, PacMan video games, and more. Click through to learn how to bring each theme to life.

Great Gatsby Party Ideas

Great Gatsby Party Theme with flapper dancers in gold | PartySlate
photographer: PS Photography and Films

Disco Party Ideas

Glittery silver and gold disco balls for a disco theme party | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: TINSEL Experiential

80s Party Ideas

80s Party Theme with pink, blue, and purple neon signage | PartySlate
photographer: Hart Studios

90s Party Ideas

80s theme Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Party with colorful balloon backdrop | PartySlate
photographer: Imagery by Jules Photography

Color Theme Parties

Can color really be a theme? Absolutely. Colors come with powerful associations. They influence both our mood and understanding of the world. Plus, they set the scene for wow-worthy celebrations. Click through and find the color theme that fits your style.

Monochrome Party Ideas

All yellow monochrome party theme | PartySlate
photographer: Clane Gessel Photography

Neon Party Ideas

Neon retro bar mitzvah party in blue and green | PartySlate
photographer: Romy Modlin Photography

Holiday & Seasonal Party Themes

Holiday and seasonal party themes are great for anytime of year. Stuck indoors during frigid winter temperatures? Consider a Summer-themed bash. Feeling nostalgic for Halloween come April? Cue the goblin décor and apple cider cocktails. Click through for even more inspiration.

Mardi Gras Party Ideas

Purple, gold, and green beaded bar area for Mardi Gras Party Theme | PartySlate
photographer: Michael Jurick Photography

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween party with spooky purple and gold décor | PartySlate
photographer: Gold Grid Studios

Summer Party Ideas

Clicquot summer party with servers in blue and orange | PartySlate
photographer: Getty Images

Location Party Themes

No time to travel? No problem. Bring your dream vacation to you with a location-based theme. Best of all, there’s no need to limit yourself to planet Earth. Click to see why. 

Paris Party Ideas

Paris theme outdoor Bat Mitzvah party with Eiffel Tower | PartySlate
photographer: Nadine Froger Photography

Tropical Party Ideas

Tropical 40th birthday party with jungle-patterned dance floor in green, gold, and black | PartySlate
photographer: Infinite Creations

Space Party Ideas

Three women in space suits at space theme party at Carnegie Library | PartySlate
photographer: Michael Kress Photography

Activity Party Themes

Turn your favorite hobby or activity into an epic party theme. Activity themes naturally result in — you guessed it — engaging activities for you and your guests. Click each theme idea to learn more.  

Candyland Party Ideas

Candyland birthday party with costumed staff | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: LEVEL THREE

Winter Olympics Party Ideas

Apres ski corporate holiday party with ski lift photo op | PartySlate
photographer: Scott Ball Photography

Casino Party Ideas

Casion game at 007 themed party | PartySlate
photographer: Roey Yohai Studios

Pop Culture Party Themes

Each year, celebrity weddings and influencer events capture attention world-wide. The reason is simple: Pop culture celebrates the here and now. Click through to see why pop culture themes make for the best party ideas.

Streaming Party Ideas

Star Wars theme party with Mandalorian vibe | PartySlate
photographer left to right: Kelli Hayden | courtesy of IGN

The Home Edit Party Ideas

Minimalist wedding tablescape in ombré rainbow colors | PartySlate
photographer: Forged in the North

Zodiac Party Ideas

Corporate event with two spotlights shining down on white décor | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: Twenty Three Layers (23 Layers)

Party Themes by Event Type

While there’s no limit to the imagination, some themes are better suited for specific event types. Hint: You’re probably not likely to find a teddy-bear themed wedding. Click to see which themes and event types are perfectly matched. You might be surprised.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Storybook baby shower with pastel rainbow balloon arch | PartySlate
photographer: Steve Williams Photography

Wedding Theme Ideas

Celestial wedding theme with moon ceremonial backdrop | PartySlate
photographer: Jennifer Yarbro Photography

Quinceañera Theme Ideas

Father-daughter waltz at winter wonderland-themed quinceañera | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: Legima Events

Sweet 16 Theme Ideas

Retro Pop Sweet 16 in bright colors | PartySlate
photographer: Rodney Bailey Photography

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Theme Ideas

Street ball theme bar mitzvah party reception tables | PartySlate
photographer: North Shore Photography

People Also Ask…

How do you Pick a Party Theme?

photographer from left to right: Show Ready Photo | Charmaine Mallari Photography | Imagery by Jules Photography

Your party theme determines everything from décor and catering to photo ops and entertainment. As such, choosing a party theme is an important first step in planning your dream celebration.

Scour the internet and you’ll find lists, quizzes, and even astrological guidance to help you find the perfect party theme. In addition to talking with your party planner, we recommend considering the following when choosing party themes.

  • Favorite Colors
  • Favorite Hobbies
  • Favorite Vacations Destinations
  • Favorite Decades
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
  • Personality & Astrological Sign

For even more inspiration, visit the following: 

What are the Most Popular Birthday Themes?

Celestial, winter, and troll birthday party themes | PartySlate
photographer from left to right: Katie Beverley | Lemiga Events| Bufotos

The answer might depend on your age. Popular party themes for kids include unicorns, cars, donuts, and — who would have guessed it? – Tik Tok. We especially love movie themes for a kid’s birthday party.

At PartySlate, we’re always looking for new trends and ideas. Head to 22 Kids’ Birthday Party Trends for 2022 for the best kids’ birthday ideas.

Adults, of course, are drawn to different themes. Some of the most popular adult birthday party themes include Hawaii, casinos, and almost decade from the 20s onward. 

How can I use PartySlate to Plan my Next Party Theme?

Pastel candle backdrop with instructions on how to use PartySlate to plan your next event | PartySlate
background photo photographer: Caitlin McNeil

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