Intimate Boho Bridal Shower
photographer: Britney Tarno | planner: Sarabeth Events | caterer: Vestals Catering | venue: Private Residence
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The Best Wedding Shower Themes, Period

Intimate Boho Bridal Shower

The best party themes create a cohesive roadmap for your celebration. That goes for wedding shower themes, as well. Celebrate your impending nuptials (while creating hype for an epic wedding) with a curated soirée that features your unique style.

We’ve searched through thousands of real albums on PartySlate to find our favorite wedding shower theme ideas. Learn how to choose and implement the perfect shower theme — either for yourself or a loved one. Whether you’re looking for a unique party theme or a unifying style, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

How to Choose a Wedding Shower Theme

Perfume-making station with light pink flowers at wedding shower | PartySlate
photographer: Lauren Dixon Photography | Occasions by Bea Prescilla
Perfume display at perfume-themed wedding shower | PartySlate
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So what’s the difference between a party theme and a party style? While these terms are often used interchangeably, they vary in degree. Party themes revolve around specific ideas: think 90s party themes, disco parties, and more. On the other hand, party styles capture a specific vibe such as romantic or glamorous.

We sat down with Phoebe Allen, Creative Lead and Senior Event Manager of AE Events, for insight into how to choose your wedding shower theme or style.

“Sometimes couples come to us with a theme or at least a color palette in mind,” she shares, “but other times I suggest fun concepts that I see in my day-to-day life. I really try to think outside-of-the-box and come up with something new.”

In regards to her “Love is Sweet” wedding shower featured below, she tells us, “The concept came from the bride just loving dessert, and it unraveled from there!” 

How Do You Implement a Wedding Shower Theme?

Boho wedding shower with pink flowers and wicker details | PartySlate
photographer: Habia Una Vez Una Foto | One Inspired Party | Gilded Group Décor
Boho dessert car | PartySlate
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After you’ve chosen your wedding shower theme, it’s time to bring it to life. Think of your shower theme or style as the hub of a wheel. Your spokes will include everything from décor and catering to activities and entertainment.

Utilize these various “spokes” to reflect your party theme. For example, if you have a boho-style wedding shower, you can decorate your venue space with pampas grass, wicker detail, throw pillows, and rattan thrones for the special couple. For desserts, you might want to include a macrame-inspired cake or feather-shaped cookies. Lastly, keep your guests engaged with a boho-inspired photo op.

Pro Tip: We always recommend hiring an event planner to help you create a seamless event. Your event planner will also likely have a list of trusted vendors to recommend. For more vendor recommendations, make sure to check out PartySlate’s curated vendor directory.

17 Unique Wedding Shower Themes & Styles

1. Go With Preppy Pastels

Keep your wedding shower fresh and playful with a preppy pastel color palette. Whether you opt for soothing blues and greens or whimsical pinks and purples, pastels brighten any wedding shower celebration. 

Pro tip: Think outside the centerpiece and utilize floral installations to create picture-perfect backdrops.

Preppy bridal shower in pastel blue and green | PartySlate
photographer: gerber + scarpelli photography | Party Little Things | BBJ La Tavola See More
Preppy Pastel Wedding Shower in Los Angeles, CA
photographer: Lindsey Boice Photography | Soirée8 Tabletop Rentals and Shop See More
Luxurious Pastel Wedding Shower at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, IL
photographer: Nicee Martin Photo & Design | Chicago Botanic Garden | Kesh Events See More

 2. Make it Modern and Feminine

Romantic meets its edgy counterpart with these modern and feminine designs. Capture this fun aesthetic with geometric shapes, black accent décor, and lush pink florals.

Pro Tip: Juxtapose softer shades with bolder elements for a feminine vibe that feels both contemporary and unique.

Romantic pink wedding shower with black accents | PartySlate
photographer: Jenny Quicksall Photography | Detailed Touch Events See More
Elegant and Tasteful Bridal Shower at Lansdowne Resort and Spa in Leesburg, Virginia
photographer: Anna Liz Photography | Events by C See More
Lavender Bridal Shower at Veranda in Los Angeles, California
photographer: Mike Akopian Production | Event Blvd. | Soirée8 Tabletop Rentals and Shop See More

3. Take it to the Tropics

A whole new adventure awaits you and your spouse. Celebrate the journey ahead with a tropical-themed wedding shower. You can opt for a bold tropical vibe with bright colors or go for a more classic and refined approach by using a softer color palette and more minimalist décor.

Pro Tip: It’s all in the details. Curate your wedding shower tablescape with pink-flamingo stir sticks, banana leaf place settings, and more.

Surprise Paradise Inspired Bridal Shower in Orlando, Florida
photographer: Dani Nichol | Overeasy Events, Inc. See More
Flamingo Themed Bridal Shower
photograph: Smetona | Sugar Branch Events See More
Tropical Tea Party Bridal Shower in Westlake Village, CA
photographer: Emily Rammelsberg | XO Bloom See More

4. Bring on the Boho

Boho vibes are always trending, just ask our bohemian-loving Editor. Opt for a relaxed (yet elegant) picnic-style celebration — complete with throw pillows, ornate carpets, and a playful balloon arch. For a full sit-down dinner, consider a king’s table with suspended wicker lighting.

Pro Tip: Keep your catering as photo-worthy as your florals with mini charcuterie boards, macaroon-topped cupcakes, and more.

Boho wedding shower theme with suspended wicker baskets over king's table | PartySlate
photographer: Habia Una Vez Una Foto | One Inspired Party See More
Intimate Boho Bridal Shower
photographer: Britney Tarno | Sarabeth Events | Vestals Catering See More

5. Take it Outside With Al Fresco Dining

Take advantage of warmer weather with al fresco dining — and center your wedding shower theme around your tablescape. Elevate your centerpieces, linen, and seating with fresh florals and inspired color palettes. 

Pro Tip: Enlist the help of a rental company and utilize heating lamps or transparent tenting for an outdoor wedding shower in cooler temperatures.

Laguna Beach- Vegetable Garden Bridal Shower
photographer: Krista Mason Photography | The Lynden Lane Company | Keith J Laverty See More
Summer Garden Wedding Shower
photographer: Marcin Cymmer | Rachel De Marte Events | Entertaining Company See More
Charming Bridal Shower at The Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa in Lafayette, California
photographer: JBJ Pictures | Standard Event Rentals | Frances Lane See More
Bridal Shower Bridgeton Style
photographer: Wazzan | Plan Design Events | Nuage Designs See More
Dreamy Tented Bridal Shower in Los Angeles, CA
photographer: Amy & Stuart Photography | Alyson Fox, Levine Fox Events | Bright Event Rentals See More

6. Be Bold With Bright Hues

Who says a theme can’t revolve around your color palette? Make your wedding shower style bright and bold with dramatic hues from tablescape to backdrop. Use balloons, drapery, and florals as a blank canvas. Trust us, your photographer will thank you.

Pro Trip: Incorporate additional color into your celebration with custom cocktails, charcuterie spreads, and photo ops.

Outdoor Oceanside Bridal Shower in Laguna Beach, CA
photo courtesy of: The Perfect Party | Signature Party Rentals See More
Bright & Colorful Bridal Shower
photographer: Life After Dusk | Provenance Rentals
Bright & Colorful Bridal Shower
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 7. Embrace the Romantic

Anticipate the most romantic day of your life (from the exchange of vows to your wedding first dance) with a romantic wedding shower celebration. Embrace a red or pink color palette as well as lush florals, delicate chinaware, and sumptuous desserts.

Pro Tip: Add metallic accents like balloons and silverware for an ultra-glam twist to the romantic aesthetic.

Bright and Glamorous All Pink Bridal Shower in Miami, Florida
photo courtesy of: S. Dulcio Florals & Design See More
Love is Sweet Bridal Shower in Boston, Massachusetts
photographer: Allegro Photography | AE Events | MAX Ultimate Food
Love is Sweet Bridal Shower in Boston, Massachusetts
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8. Go with Gatsby Glam

The Roaring Twenties sets the tone for the most glamorous celebrations. Make sure your wedding shower is Jay Gatsby-approved with ultra-glam details. Incorporate glittering gold accents, Art Deco designs, and Champagne for plenty of Instagrammable moments.

Pro Tip: Make it a costume party for an immersive celebration that gets guests in the celebratory spirit.

Gatsby Themed Bridal Shower in Washington, D.C.
photographer: Amy Wu | Windows Catering
Gatsby Themed Bridal Shower in Washington, D.C.
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9. Make it All About the Florals

Flowers aren’t just for centerpieces, trust us. We love how floral-themed parties turn every corner of a celebration into the perfect photo op. Use everything from custom cocktails to lucite seating to showcase beautiful floral designs.

Pro Tip: Think beyond the playlist, and incorporate activities like flower crown stations into your wedding shower. 

Unique Floral-Themed Bridal Shower in Los Angeles, California
photographer: Kris Kan Photography | Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design See More
Sunflower Themed Bridal Shower
photographer: JR Pluse Wedding | Kbelle’s Design
Sunflower Themed Bridal Shower
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10. Celebrate Derby Day

Derby Day parties invite guests to put on their fashionable attire and celebrate in style. Get the party started with a round of mint juleps (or an interactive Champagne wall). Keep the festivities going with delectable Kentucky bites.

Pro Trip: Bring in live music for an elegant soirée that rivals the most refined Derby celebration.

On Trend Bridal Shower
photographer: Collin Pierson Photography | Michelle Durpetti Events | Paramount Events | Revel Decor
On Trend Bridal Shower
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11. Punch Up Your Party With Fruit

Fruits, just like florals, can set the tone for your wedding shower. Center your celebration around your favorite fruit and utilize your wedding shower invitations, centerpieces, and backdrops to showcase the sweetness.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to highlight fruit throughout your cuisine. In addition to fruit cups (in martini glasses, of course), consider pineapple-shaped cookies, lemon drops, and other fruity treats.

Vibrant Lemon Themed Bridal Shower in Miami, FL
photographer: Phylicia Duncombe Photography | KeAira Chantell Events | Sensory Delights Catering See More
Lemons and White Roses Bridal Shower
photographer: Twin Lens Studio | Victoria York Design See More
Pineapple Party Wedding Shower in Chicago, IL
photographer: Averyhouse | Christine Janda Design & Events See More

12. Head to the Winery

There’s plenty of reasons to toast to your upcoming nuptials. Head to a winery wedding venue and host a wine tasting as part of your wedding shower entertainment. Guests will also appreciate getting a tour of the winery, as well.

Pro Tip: Make sure to feature a curated menu with wine pairing for each item.

Wedding Shower with Sparkling Wine Brunch at Domaine Chandon in Napa, CA
photo courtesy of: Cole Drake Events | Chandon | Elaine Bell Catering
Wedding Shower with Sparkling Wine Brunch at Domaine Chandon in Napa, CA
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13. Make a Play on Words

April showers bring May flowers . . . as well as wedding shower season. Keep the theme in view with suspended umbrella ceiling décor, rain boots overflowing with florals, and raindrop-shaped charger plates.

Pro Tip: Utilize signage and photo ops to illustrate this whimsical play on words.

Blooming Wedding Shower
photographer: Michael Will Photography | Mosaic Inc
Blooming Wedding Shower
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14. Take Time for Tea

Put on a stylish fascinator (you know, those decorative headpieces with feathers and flowers) and sit down for an afternoon of sumptuous teas and Instagrammable desserts. We especially love how a tea-themed wedding shower turns every tablescape into a photo op with stunning tea sets and lavish blooms.

Pro Trip: Keep guests immersed in the celebration with a fascinator station complete with bows, lace, and feathers.

Charming Tea Themed Bridal Shower at Spanish Tavern in Mountainside, New Jersey
photographer: Marc Girardi | JENNIEVENTI
Charming Tea Themed Bridal Shower at Spanish Tavern in Mountainside, New Jersey
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15. Indulge in a Perfume Theme

Indulge in luxury with a perfume-theme wedding shower. Center your wedding shower decorations around the sweetest scent with perfume bottle-shaped vases, cookies, and other treats. Make sure to thank your guests for all of their love and support with perfume party favors. 

Pro Tip: Keep guests engaged with an activity where guests can make their very own signature scent.

Sophisticated Perfume Inspired Bridal Shower at The Trump Hotel Chicago
photographer: Christina Pawlak Photography | Christina Currie Events, Inc. | Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago See More
An Eau de Parfum Bridal Shower
photographer: Lauren Dixon Photography | Occasions by Bea Prescilla
An Eau de Parfum Bridal Shower
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16. Go Fashion-Forward

If you’ve seen PartySlate pair Met gala looks with fashion designs, you know that fashion and celebrations go hand-in-hand. Host a fashion-forward fête with your celebration centered around a brand or just fashion in general. We especially love the idea of turning logos into personal branding opportunities.

Pro Tip: Keep your party favors on theme with chic jewelry, sunglasses, and other fashionable accessories.

Fashion Inspired Bridal Shower at Balboa Yacht Club
photographer: Christopher Todd Studios | Christina Currie Events, Inc. See More
Tiffany & Co. Bridal Shower
photographer: Susie and Will Photography | Dreams In Detail
Tiffany wedding shower theme with blue champagne and gift bags | PartySlate
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17. Take a Trip Around the World (While Staying Close to Home)

Travel the world without the need to book tickets or pack your bags. Choose your favorite destination spot and recreate the perfect getaway with scenic backdrops and international cuisine.

Pro Tip: Hop from location to location like this Greek Islands wedding shower that featured several different Greek Islands.

Greek Islands Bridal Shower at Giando on the Water in Brooklyn, New York
photographer: SB Photography | Dolce & Gelato Catering Inc. See More
Vibrant Floral Bridal Shower in Miami, FL
photographer: Dipp Photo Booth Event Photography | Joy Wallace Catering See More

People Also Ask

How soon before a wedding should a shower be held?

Phoebe Allen of AE Events is no stranger to the planning process. With a talent for creating seamless events, she knows the intricacies of creating a meticulous timeline. She also knows the importance of setting a timeline that works for the couple.

“I think there is no set ‘perfect time’ to have your wedding shower, all that matters is that the timing does not stress you out,” she shares. “It’s important that it fits in your calendar along with your must-have guests’.”

She elaborates, “If you want it to be further out from your wedding, so you can spread out the things that you get to look forward to, that is great. OR, if you want it to be closer to your wedding, to hype you up before the big day, that is perfect too!” 

Where can I find a wedding shower venue?

Head to PartySlate’s curated venue directory to find an available wedding shower venue. Narrow your search by location, guest count, amenities, and more. 

We also recommend searching for specific venue types such as restaurants with private dining, rooftops, and venues with outdoor spaces.

If you see a venue that you like, make sure to click into their PartySlate profile to see examples of real celebrations held on site.

Where can I find wedding shower vendors?

Check out PartySlate’s Venue Directory for a curated selection of the top vendors in the industry. Use the filters to narrow your search by vendor category, location, services, and more.

Click into a preferred vendor’s PartySlate profile page to see testimonials, real examples of their work, and important FAQs. You can also reach out directly through their PartySlate profile page.