Vibrant and Virtual Trollz Theme Birthday Party in Miami, Florida With Invitation Box
photographer: Bufotos | event design: The Treehouse Events | bespoke paperie: Lexi Kay Paperie | venue: private residence
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5 Birthday Gift Box & Invitation Box Ideas for Guests [Photos]

Vibrant and Virtual Trollz Theme Birthday Party in Miami, Florida With Invitation Box

Keep your guests in mind when planning a birthday celebration, and wow them with an invitation box or birthday gift box. After all, it’s always fun to open presents — whether it’s your birthday or not. 

Give your friends and family a reason to celebrate before the party begins with a custom-made invitation box. Or lead guests to their seat with a gift-box place card.

Virtual parties, especially, can benefit from a birthday gift box. Include a fun activity or delicious meal that lets guests actively participate in the celebration. After all, distance is no match for the best birthday gift box ideas.

Presents are great, but it’s the thrill of opening a present that makes gifts so exciting.”

A birthday gift box creates an instant immersive experience for your guests — inviting them to actively participate in the celebration. Even party favors can benefit from custom packaging with decorative printing. Presents are great, but it’s the thrill of opening a present that makes gifts so exciting.

What does this mean for you? Keep reading to see five of our favorite birthday box gift ideas. From video invitations to dinosaur excavation kits, there’s no limit to the imagination — especially with the right invitations & print team.

1. Excite Guests With an Invitation Box

A birthday party, like any celebration, begins with the invitation. For guests, the invitation is a sneak peak into the theme, color palette, and experience that await them at the upcoming gathering. 

But wait, there’s more: Invitations are also an opportunity to get creative. A birthday-invitation box turns the mundane act of “opening an envelope” into a full-on interactive experience.

Get your guests in the mood to celebrate with the following birthday invitation box ideas…

Mason's Social Distanced Fish Camp Birthday Party in New York With Invitation Box
photographer: Andreas & Nico

“Gone Fishing” Invitation Box

New York, NY

As COVID-19 continues to affect the way people celebrate, it has also shown us the resiliency (and creativity) of the talented event professionals who curate celebrations all over the country. 

Ceci of Ceci New York, an industry leader in luxury couture-invitation design, used social-distancing guidelines as inspiration for her son’s fishing-themed birthday celebration. 

Before the party even began, guests received an invitation box that included everything from a custom made, tent-shaped invitation to a fish figurine. 

The actual party featured individual tented campsites for each guest as well as an outdoor movie screening. Other fun-filled details included a custom-balloon installation, an on-theme photo booth, and catering offered in individual fishing tackle boxes.

photographer: Andreas & Nico | design & event branding, invitations & print, & watercolor art: Ceci New York | décor: Aramat Events | venue: private residence | lighting & mc: Jacobco Creative | caterer: Personal Touch Catering Experience | cake: Cake Power NYC | linen & masks: Nuage Designs | furniture: RentQuest | picnic tables: Smith Party Rentals | fish donuts: Glaze Artisan | photo booth: Shake and Share Media | blankets: LB Squared | balloon art: Balloon Design Studio | virtual video: VidHug | outdoor movie screen: Hollywood POP Gallery | camp bags: Love Reusable Bags | signage cutouts: Bombshell Graphics | wrist bands: Boundary Bracelets | popcorn: Kettlecorn Capital District

CreateStudio Design Sweet 16 Invitation Box in Purple and Black with Bracelet Included.
photographer: Joey Kennedy Photography

“Turnt Up” Sweet 16 Invitation Box (Bracelet Included)

Pittsburgh, PA 

For this “Turnt Up” Sweet 16 celebration, guests received a custom-designed party invitation by CreateStudio — an idea inspired by the birthday girl’s vision. CreateStudio tells us how each box was “outfitted with a platform insert that featured a built-in container to hold a fabulous Christian Louboutin-inspired leather bracelet complete with shiny pyramid studs.” 

Guests were invited to wear these custom-made bracelets to the party and keep them afterward. We also love how the invitation’s text evoked a fashion editorial. The stamped purple and silver foil was perfectly on-theme (not to mention, picture-perfect).

photographer: Joey Kennedy Photography | concept, design, & invitations: CreateStudio Design | venue:  CAVO Night Club | lighting: LUXE Creative | bracelets: Susan Farber Collections | printing: Multi-Print Media

Children's Birthday Party Video Invitation Featuring Cinderella!
photo courtesy of: Gigeo

“Cinderella Video” Invitation Box

Boca Raton, FL

Imagine opening a stitched, leather-bound video book with a personalized video invitation. Guests invited to this birthday party received just that. 

Guests enjoyed a custom video book created by Gigeo, a premium video-invitation design company. Cinderella personally invited each guest to the celebration. Talk about a great way to get everyone excited about the party ahead.

photo courtesy of & invitations: Gigeo

Pretty In Pink 50th Birthday With Retro Cassette Invitation Box.
photographer: Cavin Elizabeth

“Retro Cassette” Invitation Box

San Diego, CA

This 50th-birthday party has us thinking of days gone by when we’d spend hours putting together the perfect mixtape.

Before arriving for the bash, guests received chic lucite boxes filled with a cassette invitation — along with whimsical high-heel confetti. Once at the party, guests enjoyed an elaborate selection of picture-perfect sweets, a prom-themed photo booth, and plenty of fringe décor.

We also love how guests dressed up in their best 80s-theme prom attire. Sometimes, it’s fun to celebrate the present while also reminiscing about the past.

photographer: Cavin Elizabeth | event designer: Haute Fetes | venue: Ultimate Sky Box | invitations, print, & stationery: Whimsíque: Designer Invitations & Stationery | desserts: Sweet Cheeks Baking

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2. Thank Guests With a Birthday Gift Box (and Party Favor)

While it’s always fun to receive presents on your birthday, giving presents to your guests can be even more fulfilling and meaningful. Say “thanks” to your friends and family (while creating a fun experience) with creative party favors

Think “outside the box” with — you guessed it — a birthday gift box. Guests will love the chance to open presents of their own. Best of all, the contents can allow guests to participate in the celebration in new and memorable ways. From wearable party favors to fun activity kits, there’s plenty of ways to get the party started.

Vintage Dinner Party With Welcome Gift Boxes
photographer: Vanessa Tierney Photography

“Welcome” Birthday Gift Box

San Francisco, CA

Guests received a warm welcome (and beautifully-packaged welcome gift) at this chic outdoor dinner party planned by Twenty Three Layers (23 Layers).

Contents of the box included everything from sparkling lemonade and dried strawberries to frosted cookies and white-cheddar popcorn. We especially enjoy how each box boasted a custom-made gift tag that mirrored the gorgeous array of floral centerpieces gracing the dinner table.

Other fabulous details from this stunning celebration include custom menus (designed by TPD Design House), artisanal-glass charger plates, and colorful glassware.

photographer: Vanessa Tierney Photography | event agency: Twenty Three Layers (23 Layers) | florals: Farmgirl Flowers | venue: private residence | welcome boxes: Marigold & Grey | design, printing, & signage: TPD Design House

RAWRsome DINO Birthday Party!
photographer: Infinite Creations

Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Kit

Miami, FL

Guests stepped back into the Mesozoic Era at this dinosaur-themed kid’s birthday party. Guests enjoyed vibrant balloon installations, complete dinosaur skeletons, and dinosaur-shaped seating (trust us, the pictures are a must).

Best of all, the kids received a multitude of party favors. While we especially love the dinosaur fossil excavation kits (along with the “dino dig” excavation site), we’re also swooning over dino-shaped water bottles and dino-theme Pez Dispensers. Without a doubt, this party was a rawr-ing good time.

photographer: Infinite Creations | planner & designer: Design Plan Play | specialty prop rentals: Bambini Soiree

Princess 7th Birthday With Custom-Made Birthday Gift Box
photographer: Kin & Kid Photography

Perfectly-Packaged Princess Tiara

Brookline, MA

Every guest felt like royalty at this princess-themed birthday party. In addition to receiving sparkling tiaras (in the prettiest pink packaging), guests relished the stunning décor that was straight out of a fairytale.

Bouquets of roses decorated each dinner seat, while personalized place settings came with jars of sweets topped with a royal crown. Kids also loved the petting zoo and arts-and-craft station. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the birthday princess.

photographer: Kin & Kid Photography | planner: The Party Muse | venue: private residence | calligrapher: Minted Feather Ink Studio | cake: Silver Whisk Bake Shop | kids’ chair rentals: Little Celebrations | vintage rentals: Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals | catering: Jules Catering | dessert caterer: Sugarsuckle

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3. Bridge the Distance With a Virtual-Birthday Gift Box

Virtual Events make it easy to celebrate while social-distancing. They also allow for out-of-town guests to join the party without having to hop on a plane. As virtual celebrations become more popular, party hosts are finding new ways to bridge the distance between guests — such as sending gift boxes.

Whether it’s a box of interactive activities or a meal to enjoy, gift boxes offer a way for guests to experience a feeling of togetherness. After all, the most important ingredient for a successful celebration is “love.”

Vibrant and Virtual Trollz Theme Birthday Party in Miami, Florida With Virtual Birthday Gift Box
photographer: Bufotos

“TROLLZ-Themed” Virtual Birthday Box

Miami, FL

Before tuning into this virtual, TROLLZ-themed birthday party, guests received a party box full of on-theme treasures like “troll hair” cotton candy and a custom-made story book.

We especially love the gorgeous custom-made, bespoke paperie items by Lexi Kay Paperie.

Every detail of this virtual celebration — from TROLLZ-themed invitations and cake décor to party hats and a shimmering backdrop of colorful streamers — made this party as memorable and meaningful as a live celebration.

photographer: Bufotos | event design & backdrop: The Treehouse Events | venue: private residence | bespoke paperie: Lexi Kay Paperie | bon bon boxes and troll pods: Oh La La Party Paperie

Virtual 70th Birthday Party Celebration With Food Box.
photo courtesy of Eventsful, Inc.

Virtual 70th-Birthday Feast

New York, NY

Eventsful, Inc. created a heartwarming surprise virtual-birthday party that also included a surprise for guests. Guests received a party box full of treasures to join during the virtual celebration.

Hor d’oeuvres, Champagne, and custom napkins allowed guests to share the same meal with their loved ones — despite the distance between them.

Party hats and noisemaker toys also gave guests the chance to participate in the birthday joy. They say “love knows no distance” and, in this case, they were right.

photos courtesy of & planner: Eventsful, Inc. | venue: private residence | caterer: Thomas Preti Events to Savor | entertainment: Jarrell Entertainment

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4. Beckon Guests to Their Tables With a Birthday Gift Box 

We’ve seen plenty of creative place cards and seating charts in our day. While it would be impossible to pick a favorite, we love the idea of turning the traditional place card into a party favor. After all, who doesn’t love opening a present (followed by enjoying a delicious meal)? From stylish briefcases to packaged bow ties, entice guests to their seats with chic gift-box place cards.

Nico’s 1st Birthday Celebration With Birthday Gift Box Party Favors.
photo courtesy of: Instincts Design Studio, Ltd

“Put a Bow on It” Party Favor

Des Plaines, IL

What’s even better than a package topped with a bow? A package filled with a bowtie, of course. Guests found their table number with a glittering bow-tie escort card. Bow ties made another dazzling guest appearance as on-theme napkin rings. We also love how the birthday boy was perfectly dressed for the occasion in a tiffany-blue tuxedo jacket. We always love a good excuse to get dressed up.

photography: Ruben Ramos Photography | décor, design concept, florals, & non-professional photography: Instincts Design Studio, Ltd | venue: Cafe La Cave | sweets: Sweet Soirees | linen & charger plates: BBJ Linen 

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5. Go Big With a Teeny-Tiny Birthday Gift Box 

Smaller, more intimate birthday parties are more in vogue than ever. With that in mind, we love how custom matchboxes evoke the spirit of an intimate celebration. Good things, after all, come in small packages. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-Themed Birthday Party With Custom-Made Match Boxes.
photo courtesy of: For Your Party

Light a Match (Party Favor)

Los Angeles, CA

For Your Party created custom-made match boxes that feature a stylish photo of the woman of honor. Other fabulous details from this milestone-birthday party (based on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) included custom luncheon and cocktail napkins as well as chic cocktail stir sticks. For Your Party reminds us that if the party was thrown today, they would have included “a beautiful set of customized pink disposable face masks and some hand sanitizer wipes for the hygiene-factor to match the times.” When it comes to creating a memorable birthday celebration, we recommend focusing on all of the little details. Items like napkins and face masks can instantly become part of the décor — as long as you have a talented invitations & print team.

photo courtesy of & invitations & print: For Your Party | planner: Almost Makes Perfect | venue: private residence | cake: Ashley Adams | photo booth: I Like Lucy Photo Booth

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But Wait, There’s More:

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For further inspiration, head to our birthday idea gallery. Don’t forget to save your favorites to an Idea Slate. You can even share the Idea Slate with your event planner and print company as you collaborate on your dream birthday celebration.