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10 Kids Birthday Party Ideas & Trends for 2019

Event Planner: One Inspired Party | Props & Specialty Rentals: Bambini Soirée | Photographer: Christy & Co Photography

We were lucky enough to see Johanna Dilone, President & Creative Director of Bambini Soirée Designs, give a recent trend talk on kids birthday parties at the Bambini Soirée Summit a fun-filled conference for professionals who create inventive children’s events. Johanna’s company provides specialty rentals for chic celebrations, which puts her in a perfect position to spot the what’s new and interesting. Together with Jennifer Sbranti from Hostess with the Mostess (HWTM), Astrid Pedneault from PAPERplayground, and PartySlate’s own Julie Roth Novack, they identified 10 hot trends, from pastel ombré to disguises and surprises. Read on for 10 unique kids birthday party ideas that will wow your guests, young and not-so-young.


Even when the party itself isn’t a surprise, it’s fun to have surprises incorporated. Johanna says, “Incorporate anything with a surprise inside that can be experienced.” Think cake that, when cut, spill candy from their centers or the current trend of creative baby reveals in which people are getting increasingly more innovative with the way they learn and share the news of their baby’s gender — fireworks in a gender-specific color, a piñata that spills colored confetti, or a cake that, when cut, reveals the answer, like the Curious George one above.

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Curious George Gender Reveal Party | Photographer: Brian Leahy Photography

Venetian Carnival Bat Mitzvah | Photography: Domino Arts Photography

Shark Attack 4th Birthday Party | Photographer: ELDT Photo


When is a peach not a peach? When it’s a whoopie pie in disguise! “This trend is all about making one thing look like another to add mystery and fun and further an event’s theme,” says Johanna. It can be flowers masquerading as fruit, cake that looks like an ice cream cone, or letters that spell out a guest’s name at their place setting but are actually crayons to draw on the table cover. Kids — and adults — love this type of whimsy (we will take fruit that’s actually dessert any day of the week!).

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Tropical Bat Mitzvah Celebration | Photographer: Sheri Whitko Photography

Peachy Whoopie Pie | Courtesy of Wolfgang Puck Catering-Los Angeles

Tropical-themed Birthday Party | Photographer: Christian Arevalo

Circus-themed Bat Mitzvah Celebration | Photographer: Jai Girard Photography


Acrylics offer the opportunity to display treats and décor in a creative way — allowing the items inside to add color and texture to a space. Consider adding acrylic boxes filled with interesting, playful or yummy treats to a tablescape or as a gift that even the littlest guests at a kids birthday party or celebration will be excited to take home.

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Party to the Max Bar Mitzvah Celebration | Photographer: Jody Gross Photography

Carnival Birthday Party | Photographer: Christy & Co Photography

Little Miss Baby Shower | Photographer: Jennifer Lawrence Photography

Valentines Day Bat Mitzvah Celebration | Photographer: Jan Birch Photography


Balloons have taken over — they’re standing in for centerpieces, ceiling installations, floral arches and more. Johanna says, “More is more when it comes to balloons. Balloons are popping up in unexpected places, such as on top of cakes, as sculptures, and more.” Balloons are a great way to add playful color to a celebration. 

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Let’s Flamingle | Photographer: Infinite Creations

Cici’s Carnival | Photographer: Christy & Co Photography

Ice Cream Birthday Party | Courtesy of One Inspired Party


Balloon garlands can create a welcoming entrance, define the perfect Instagram spot, or colorfully highlight a treats table. A new trend is balloon garlands mixed with other design elements for a more curated and themed vibe. “Consider balloon garlands that overflow with fringe or flowers. Artistic expression and innovation are key,” says Johanna. Incorporate palm leaves at a tropical party, flowers at a luncheon, or stuffed animals for a safari theme.

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Tropical-themed Birthday Party | Photographer: Christian Arevalo

Pink & Gold Minnie Mouse Party | Photographer: Nicole Jansma Photography

Storybook ONEderland | Photographer: Infinite Creations

Street Festival 40th Birthday Party | Photographer: Eric Floberg Film & Photography

Let’s Flamingle | Photographer: Infinite Creations


Creative signage “uses letters in all shapes, materials, and textures,” says Johanna. Don’t be limited to ink on paper for your clever quotes or direction signs — use unconventional materials like crayons, balloons, flowers, lights and more to get a fun message across or to delight the birthday boy or girl with his or her name lettered large.

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

BabeFest | Photographer: Jennifer Lawrence Photography (images 1 & 3)

Unicorn 1st Birthday Party | Courtesy of Wrap It Up Parties

Venetian Carnival Bat Mitzvah | Photography: Domino Arts Photography


From food to balloons, a pastel palette that gently fades from one color to another is still a hot trend that shows no signs of slowing. The rise in unicorn-themed parties has kept this party trend on the upswing, with lavender, pink, and pale blue combined with everything glitter to bring mythical creature dreams to glorious life. 

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Montana’s Mermaid Party | Photographer: Christy and Co Photo (images 1 & 4)

Sparkly Baby Unicorn | Photographer: Miguel Pichardo Photography & Cinematography (images 2 & 3)

Sophisticated Miami Beach Garden Wedding | LuvRox Photography


Classic bright colors are still synonymous with festive fun. Pops of strong color add interest, but an entire palette of bright hues sets the stage for a lively party. Rainbow colors remain a staple of childhood — just don’t forget the ROYGBIV order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) because somehow kids seem like they’re born with this memorized!

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Candyland Bat Mitzvah Celebration | Photographer: Jai Girard Photography

Bambini Soirée Summit | Photographer: Infinite Creations

Rasha’s 1st Birthday Party | Photographer: Visuals by Arpit

Colorful Birthday Celebration | Courtesy of Chez


Children at parties (or anywhere else) often don’t want to stop having fun long enough to actually eat. Enter fun, colorful food. Making food fun not only gets more of it actually eaten but draws interest and amps the silliness. Mini pop-tarts on a stick? Yes. Colorful fruit cut into shapes on a skewer? Yep. Cake pops? Double yes. Basically, add color and a stick and you’ve got yourself a winning kids buffet.

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Keeping Delicious Food Simple | Courtesy of Heirloom LA

Confero’s Confetti Ball | Photographer: Mo Davis Photography

Tropical-themed Birthday Party | Photographer: Christian Arevalo


Cocktails might literally be the only thing more fun about adulthood than childhood. But now kids get to have the same thrill of sipping a frou-frou drink laden with yummy garnishes with the “mocktail” trend — curated non-alcoholic drinks specially made for little guests. Think raspberry lemonade with mini skewers of raspberries and lemon gummi bears served in a martini glass with a lemon drop at the bottom.

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Pink Bat Mitzvah Celebration | Courtesy of Entertaining Company

Preppy Patterned Bat Mitzvah Celebration | Photographer: ImageLink Moving Pictures

Candyland Bat Mitzvah Celebration | Photographer: Jai Girard Photography

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