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Carnival Freakshow Halloween Party

Photo Courtesy of Braedon Photography

Guests were greeted at this highly-experiential Halloween party by a brazen Ringmaster who ushered them through the mouth of a giant clown into a long circus tent. Funhouse mirrors distorted images at every turn and the marquee-style signage proclaiming “Circus” with arrows pointing the way was just askew enough to let partygoers know that the evening was going to be full of unexpected, off-kilter fun.

Kristin Banta Events used lighting, props, and ingenuity to create eight stylized spaces for this event on a private estate in Beverly Hills. In the courtyard, guests enjoyed sideshow acts performing feats of magic and mayhem. Stilted performers, a strong man, and a contortionist kept everyone entertained against the backdrop of a magnificent city skyline view. If partiers wandered a bit, they might encounter an ominous-looking tarot card reader or a creepy carnival barker. Surprises waited around every beautifully-eerie corner.

After meandering through a wasteland of expired amusement ride parts — wooden horses unmoored from their carousel, a lone bumper car, an empty cannon —  guests traveled on a funicular to the lower level of the property to experience five more conceptually-designed spaces including a haunted house. Brian Tropiano with Braedon Photography captured every thematic detail like vintage carnival signs (evoking days of yore when everything cost a dime!), a life-sized wooden zebra, and giant clown face props with red lightbulb noses.

Guests enjoyed upscale carnival treats and an “Oddities and Curiosities Bar.” Vials of “Scarlette’s caramel butter popcorn infused vodka” and shaved ice-turned-cocktails kept the party lively.  

posted by Kristin Banta Events

photographer Braedon Photography

event planner Kristin Banta Events