photographer: John & Joseph | planner: Mindy Weiss Party Consultants | floral: Jeff Leatham Studio | venue: private residence
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How to Throw a Celebration Following CDC Guidelines — According to Khloe Kardashian’s 36th-Birthday Party

Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to keep up with the Kardashians. As their iconic brand continues to grow, and their business ventures bloom, there are plenty of reasons for the famous family to celebrate. This time, it was in honor of Khloe’s 36th birthday — and not even a pandemic could stop the A-list group from partying in true Kardashian (yet pandemic-safe) style. The glammed-up squad hosted an over-the-top celebration planned by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants with luxe décor from Jeff Leatham Studio — while still maintaining safety precautions and following CDC guidelines. And they most definitely did amazing, sweetie. 

1. Find a Spacious, Outdoor Venue

The CDC recommends only gathering at spacious venues with limited capacity and well ventilated areas — and what better spot to do so than makeup mogul (and younger sister) Kylie Jenner’s new Holmby Hills mansion? The resort-like home was transformed into a pink party paradise filled front-to-back with matte-balloon trees, over-the-top installations, floating florals, and more. 

2. Keep Your Guest List Small

For Khloe, this meant only inviting family and best friends. From the youngest family members — who got to enjoy a pink slip n’ slide decorated with Khloe’s face — to momager Kris Kardashian and honorary family member Scott Disick, every close relative was in attendance for the intimate (but absolutely epic) birthday bash. 

3. Have Sanitizer Readily Available

The CDC recommends frequent hand-washing, but also suggests that sanitizer can kill germs when you’re out and about. Guests “out and about” at Khloe’s party grabbed an individual bottle of hand sanitizer on their way into the soirée. The best part? Each bottle was completely on-theme with pink packaging featuring Khloe’s face. Is it just us, or should they start selling these to the public?

4. Masks Are a Must

Don’t forget to mask-up! In addition to hand sanitizers, guests received a Khloe-themed face mask upon entry into the party. Servers also wore pink face masks to ensure careful catering — which just so happened to match their pink aprons and corresponding tops.

5. Small Details Make a Big Impact

Think big, go small. By the looks of it, you would never guess that this over-the-top féte was attended by only a handful of family and friends. The party proved that a single-hued theme doesn’t limit creativity. Everything from florals and party favors to cocktails and cuisine rocked the feminine (and powerful) pink.

6. Individually Plate Your Passed Food

Pink-packaged tenders, heart-shaped plates, blush-cartoned sliders, oh my. It’s clear Khloe knows how to feast — and in the most chic way possible. The individual plating of each passed dish and corresponding condiments kept the event cuisine germ-free — and offered Instagrammable presentations for the social media queen. We don’t know what pink grilled cheese tastes like, but we sure wish we were there to find out.

7. Offer Desserts Not Meant for Sharing

Khloe had her birthday cake — and guests could eat one too. Individual cakes, among a variety of other pretty pink confections, offered the sweetest way to indulge (without the need for sharing). As if her stunning dessert spread wasn’t enough, mobile ice cream carts and on-theme pink popsicles tempted guests of all ages. 

8. Pose Together Without Contact

We all know that the CDC recommends we keep a distance of six feet, but any Kardashian-Jenner fan knows that it isn’t a party without the perfect photo op. Enter creativity. Khloe allowed loved ones to get up close and personal with life-size pillows that served as doppelgangers to the star. And just like that, guests no longer had to worry about social distancing for social media. 

photographer: John & Joseph | event planner: Mindy Weiss Party Consultants | floral: Jeff Leatham Studio | caterer: Chef K; Karts by Chef K | desserts: Cake Gourmet Sugar Service | ice cream: Ice Cream Occasions | candles: Vogue Candles | balloons: Balloon and Paper