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Chef CW: One of Chicago’s Top High-End Caterers

Photo courtesy of Chef CW

There are a lot of elements that go into a catering company, but without passion, it’s simply a business that serves food. This is not the case for Chef Charles Webb’s venture, Chef CW. The seasoned epicurean regularly travels the world to stay on trend and inspired, which is evident in all of the fresh, organic food prepared in his kitchen. He’s had the extreme honor of being the chef for a Portuguese Contessa, Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and private art collectors, among other esteemed individuals (it probably helps that he speaks an impressive five languages!). Just one look at Chef’s Instagram feed and you’ll see how his aspirational photos tell a story through his various excursions.

His team is made up of talented professionals from around the globe, many of whom previously worked in Michelin-starred restaurants. Webb believes in using only the best ingredients in the world — many of which he’s sourced first-hand through his travels — to create nectarous, sexy food. Along with corporate and private dining services that make you feel like you’re a guest in your own home, his high-end gourmet catering business, Avanti, has been voted one of the top caterers in the city of Chicago — and there are copious client testimonials to prove why.  

Despite the fact that both service and cuisine are executed at a high level, the cost you’ll pay for such quality is on par — if not better — than the industry standard. Not to mention, you’ll be responsible for throwing a dinner party or event that is guaranteed to keep guests talking for years to come, no cooking or cleanup required.