A chef leans over his work table for a virtual event demo.
photo courtesy of & planner: Ladidadi XM
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Ideas for Hosting Impactful Virtual Meetings & Fun Corporate Events

A chef leans over his work table for a virtual event demo.

A New Corporate-Event Experience

COVID-19 continues to affect travel and social-distancing guidelines across the globe. As large-scale corporate events are postponed, and Zoom fatigue grips employees and employers alike, companies are looking for new and creative ways to connect with both clients and staff. Ladidadi XM, an experiential marketing and events collective, knows that making meaningful business connections are more important now than ever. As Founder and Senior Producer Noelle McInerney shares, “For starters…everyone is stuck at home. Why not entertain potential customers and employees during this really challenging time?” 

For Noelle, that meant thinking outside of the box (or the webinar) and creating a new type of virtual corporate event that combines “fun” experiences with educational training and branded messaging. “An example could be a consulting company that still needs to train new hires on company messaging, but can’t bring everyone together at their corporate office at this time,” Noelle says. “Why not send them a welcome kit that has something fun they can enjoy…but before they get to experience something like an at-home chef demo for a delicious meal, they receive live or pre-recorded content specific to their training needs.”

Ladidadi’s “At-Home Experience Concepts” pair virtual experiences with gift-box kits and swag from Monarch-Sales that reinforce both brand messaging and loyalty. While these experiences are produced in Chicago, they can be shared with any market across the country. Content can be pre-recorded or presented through live streaming prior to initiating the live experience. Key elements of each experience include invitations, delivery of the event kit, and live streaming of client/employee content followed by the “experience.” 

At-Home Experience Kits

A photo of various swag that includes a black apron, a floral oven mitt, a wooden cutting board, two champagne towels, a wooden salt container, and a container of spice.
photo courtesy of Ladidadi XM
Two people look on, with just the backs of their heads captured, at a wine sampling and tasting notes.
photo courtesy of Ladidadi XM
A movie night swag kit that includes flavored popcorn, candy, and white cups and a blanket with space for branding.
photo courtesy of Ladidadi XM
Book by James Lawrence, called Iron Cowboy, with bearded man's face on cover.
photo courtesy of Ladidadi XM

Chef Demo & Experience Kit

Opt for a live cooking demo with a local celebrity chef or choose to experience a live tasting. Chef-demo kits can include a gift card for grocery delivery, along with branded kitchen tools.

Wine Tasting & Experience Kit

Indulge in wine tasting with flights of wine curated by a local sommelier. Experience kits can include wines, tasting glasses, and other branded items such as coasters and tea towels.

Movie Night & Experience Kit

Stream in-theater movies from a Motion Picture Studio or have a Q&A with the director of an already-released film. Experience kits can include gourmet popcorn, candy, and branded items such as a cashmere blanket and slippers.

Keynote & Experience Kit

Tune in to a webinar or live interview with an acclaimed keynote speaker. Experience kits can include corporate items such as a branded leather tablet case, notebooks, and a signed copy of the keynote speaker’s book.

Other experiences include virtual scavenger hunts, virtual improv classes, flavor-tripping, and more. When it comes to flavor tripping, an esteemed food-blogger/influencer leads a demo that will alter your experience of taste — as sour becomes sweet (and infinitely more delicious). Ladidadi XM is even working with a local brand on hosting an at-home happy hour for their virtual conference VIP attendees. Moreover, for companies looking to host a virtual experience at a reduced cost or a faster turn-around time, they can also opt for an experience that excludes the shipment of kits. 

As Noelle tells us, “The current global environment has had unprecedented impacts on our lives. However, this gives us the opportunity to shift our mindsets on how and where we meet customers and employees.” She goes on to tell us, “We are seeing these work really well for corporate teams looking to bring employees together and have a light-hearted connection outside of day-to-day work efforts. We are also seeing organizations use these as a tool to connect and have conversations with clients.”

Although large-scale corporate events are postponed for the foreseeable future, virtual events will allow companies to celebrate milestones and continue their outreach and education — while bringing joy to employees and clients. And while we cannot wait for the day when we can gather in person, we certainly don’t mind indulging in an innovative at-home experience.