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Digital Event: 5 Steps to Optimize Your Instagram & Build Your Brand

Instagram has emerged as so much more than a photo sharing app — it is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to build your brand. PartySlate CEO and Co-Founder, Julie Roth Novack, recently hosted a digital event where she shared how to optimize your Instagram.

Julie was joined by PartySlate’s Senior Marketing Director, Lauren Mandel, who shared more tips and strategies for Instagram marketing, while also asking Julie questions posed by attendees throughout the event. 

Julie covered five simple steps throughout the digital event, focused on key Instagram marketing initiatives that event professionals can execute for their own brands. The first is optimizing your Instagram bio and basic ideas to make it a strong representation of your brand.

Next, the digital event shifts to focus on how to choose the best photos and videos for effective Instagram marketing. In addition to colors and shades, Julie discusses the importance of the look of your Instagram grid when planning out your content.

The third step is focused on outlining a clear and concise hashtag strategy. Hashtags are an important part of Instagram marketing, and they can help more people discover your content and your brand. While hashtags can be confusing at first, Instagram makes them easy to navigate, and Julie recommends creating a hashtag bank for easy reference and access when content planning. 

As a fourth step, Julie discussed how to approach your Instagram feed and Instagram Stories differently. She shared best practices and tips for each part of the platform, showcasing how you can easily leverage both as part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Crediting and engagement on the Instagram platform were both covered as the last step, though Julie also covered IGTV and Instagram Live as an “extra credit” section of the digital event. While IGTV and Instagram Live are more advanced options to incorporate into your Instagram marketing strategies, Julie sets up the basics to help you decide if they are the right fit for your business. 

If you are interested in getting the Instagram marketing strategy template offered during this digital event, please send us a request via email.