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Digital Event: Your 7-Step Guide to LinkedIn for Event Professionals & Venues

It may take seven or more digital touch points before a prospect chooses to contact you. Often, when consumers are doing pre-event research, they start on Google, typing in search terms to see what’s out there. If an event host discovers you with this method, they are often led to one of three places: your company website, a third-party platform (like PartySlate), or social media channels like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an unlikely marketing and branding tool not be overlooked. In this digital event, Julie Roth Novack, PartySlate CEO and Co-Founder, shares seven ways to “master” LinkedIn, specifically:

  1. Create a strategy for your personal brand
  2. Optimize your Linkedin profile page           
  3. Build and grow your digital network          
  4. Post content with a hook to drive engagement
  5. Leverage the power of endorsements and recommendations
  6. Create or join a group
  7. Set up your LinkedIn Company Page

On the first point, Julie shares the key pillars of her own personal brand, which involves being a female founder, invested in digital education, and a connector and speaker at industry-related events. When creating a personal brand strategy, she suggests you go in depth with what she calls “The 5 C’s.” Consider what you care about, what your company stands for, who you want to connect with, as well as the content you can create or curate.

To optimize your LinkedIn profile page, make sure you use a professional headshot — which will garner you 14x more views on the site. Use keywords in your headline and don’t forget to complete the oft-overlooked “about” section. List your experience in detail, making note of awards and publications in the “accomplishments” section. Don’t forget your education, boards, and association affiliations.

To grow your digital network on LinkedIn, Julie says to start by importing your contact list. She notes the importance of writing a personal note when asking to connect rather than just sending a blind request, and offers more tips for a strong network.

When it comes to posting content, we often consider our own website or other sites and publications, but Julie urges us to consider LinkedIn as well, saying, “Organic reach on LinkedIn is high right now.” Post engaging content such as relatable stories, lessons learned, thought-provoking insights, and open-ended questions.

Next, leverage the power of endorsements and recommendations. In fact, when your endorsements climb to 5+ skills, you’ll gain 17x more profile views. Julie encourages professionals to proactively give endorsements to others to build relationships. The same goes for requesting and giving recommendations — be generous.

Another way to build your visibility on LinkedIn is to create or join a group. You can begin by searching for a relevant group in an area of interest related to your business. Join two or three groups. You can also start an “engagement pod” wherein a group of members agree to engage (via likes, comments, and sharing) with each other’s LinkedIn posts.

When it comes to LinkedIn — a very business-focused social platform — it’s not enough to have only a personal profile, but your company should have a profile as well. Julie encourages you to set up a Company Page on the platform. In addition to allowing you to connect employees together, you will be able to gain “followers” of your work (whereas a personal profile has “connections”).

Julie ends the informational session by highlighting how PartySlate functions as a platform that connects individuals and organizations as well. Specifically, the site’s crediting system is designed to extend and represent your professional network. PartySlate offers the perk of “network effect marketing” allowing consumers, as well as other companies, to see “event professionals and venue partners” that have worked together, effectively positioning you as an industry leader and partner based on your past work partners.

At the conclusion of the program, Julie shares a three-step LinkedIn action plan: 1) optimize your LinkedIn profile page; 2) make strategic connections to build your brand; and 3) focus on growing your larger digital network.

If you are interested in getting a copy of this presentation or a review of your LinkedIn or PartySlate profiles, please send us a request via email

You can watch the full digital event recording below, or open the recording with YouTube.