PartySlate Panel: Luxury Event Professionals Share How to Differentiate Your Brand in 2022 | PartySlate
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How to Differentiate Your Brand in 2022 [Recap & Video]

PartySlate Panel: Luxury Event Professionals Share How to Differentiate Your Brand in 2022 | PartySlate

On Tuesday, March 15, 2022, Julie Roth Novack, CEO and Co-Founder of PartySlate, and Jordan Kentris, Founder of A Good Day, sat down with three luxury event planners to discuss how to make your brand stand out in 2022. Panelists included:

Differentiating your brand in the age of constant connectivity can be challenging. According to panelists, the first step is to develop a brand strategy that is authentic to your business. A recognizable logo is great, of course, but a brand’s core identity is far more than graphics alone. It’s about what makes your company unique: the purpose, the values, and the identity. 

Kumar of Premini Events says, “We are 100% luxury, but we are luxury relatable. We are the girl who’s wearing a Chanel bag during the day but eating chicken and rice out of a cart on the side of the road at night.” It’s this balance that allows her to create show-stopping events with tangible personality.

For Kentris of A Good Day, a brand vision was born when he realized his personal passion intersected with a market need. He explained, “I’ve always loved art and crafting. I saw there was a need…And then I was like, I’m going to carve out a space to do something a little different.” 

Novack of PartySlate also advises, “Don’t just let your ideas live in your head.” Once you write down your vision, it’s much easier to bring your brand to life. 

Once you’re confident in your authentic brand strategy, you’re ready for step two. That means taking your online presence to the next level. Your digital footprint is made up of three primary components: your website, social media, and third party platforms (like Google and PartySlate). Potential new clients can discover you through any of these channels. Thus, it’s crucial to maintain your brand’s image across the board.

Perfecting a sleek website, a curated social media aesthetic, and a search engine optimization strategy isn’t a quick process. However, the ROI is high. According to Weinberg of Chris Weinberg Events, the “sellable image” is the backbone of your online identity. When it comes to the content you’re putting out, ask yourself what story you’re telling and how it speaks to the consumer.

The final pillar of a unique brand is the management of high-profile clients. Relationship building is critical when it comes to a healthy business. Every leader must have a concrete plan for forming and fostering relationships with their consumers. 

For LaTart of Fête in France, this means establishing trust through well thought-out communication. She uses each meeting as an opportunity to show clients that she’s mastered her domain. “When you’re dealing with long distance and time differences, establishing that trust can sometimes be a bit tricky; but when you’re anticipating their questions… that reassures them.”

PartySlate is here to help you make your business stand out. If you are interested in receiving a complimentary website or profile review, please email us.  

You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube for full details on how to set your brand apart in 2022.