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Women’s History Month: How to Create Content Using Your Founding Story [Recap & Video]

PartySlate closed out Women’s History Month with a discussion on how to use your founding story and personal brand to create engaging content — as well as how to use that content in your digital marketing strategy. The conversation was hosted by inspiring women of the PartySlate team: Director of Product Chhavi Tiwari, VP of Marketing Lauren Mandel, and Associate Product Manager Nicole Deberry. 

To create a brand strategy and identify your personal brand, you must first think about how to position yourself as an authority and differentiate your expertise:

  • What do you care about?
  • What does your company stand for?
  • Who do you want to connect with?
  • What content can you consistently create?
  • What content can you curate?

Once you determine your “why,”you can further identify your brand differentiators by considering the uniqueness of your founding story details. Look at what has shaped your career and what sets you apart: past experiences, education, and involvement in your industry or community. 

These differentiators can help you to create authentic content that aligns with your brand. It’s important to first determine your audience and the content that they will engage with. Be sure to embrace your authentic self in the process; people love to know who is behind a brand or company that they interact with. You can also utilize your relationships and community to find new channels to share your founding story; including webinars, podcasts, and guest speaker opportunities.

There are endless ways to create and customize content for different audiences across different platforms. Once you create your content, consider all the ways you can share and repurpose it, including on your PartySlate profile. PartySlate is an SEO-optimized platform, and your PartySlate profile page can be one of your most powerful SEO tools. You can add keyword-rich descriptions to each event album and include keyword-focused tags to all photos and videos. Moreover, you have the opportunity to be featured in PartySlate’s social media and editorial.

PartySlate is here to help you optimize your PartySlate profile page. If you are interested in receiving a PartySlate profile review, please email us.

You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube.