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Digital Event: 7 Ways to Make Your Website More Engaging and User-Friendly

Your website is one of your best marketing and branding tools, but it’s important to ensure that your website content is both engaging and user-friendly. This is called website marketing, and it is a key to building a successful business. 

On Tuesday, May 5, PartySlate CEO and Co-Founder, Julie Roth Novack, hosted a digital event focused on website marketing and website best practices. She was joined by PartySlate’s Senior Director of Marketing, who weighed in on her marketing team’s approach to optimizing PartySlate’s own website, as well as individual profile pages within the platform.

Before jumping into seven steps to building an engaging website, Julie started with important pre-steps, like understanding your content strategy and your brand guidelines. Without focusing on these initiatives, Julie noted it would be very challenging to effectively create a new website design.

First and foremost, Julie noted how important it is to present a strong handshake on the homepage of your website. This should include a brief description so that website visitors can immediately understand who you are and what you do, as well as engaging video or photo content that represents your brand.

The second step is to simplify your navigation, a key website best practice that will help your website visitors easily move from page to page. From there, you want to provide a clear overview of your services, which will also help people quickly understand what you do and what you have to offer.

The fourth step focuses on photos and videos, which are the bulk of the content to consider as part of your website design. As far as website best practices go, it’s important to select only your best photos and videos, and make sure they are professionally shot. 

Including a team section is also basic website marketing; people buy from people, and Julie noted that your team or bio section can help tell your full brand story. You should also focus your website marketing on positioning yourself as an authority, which includes adding press mentions, testimonials, and more to your website. 

Lastly, Julie shared that your website design should include clear calls to action throughout; consider what actions you want your website visitors to take. Julie finished the presentation with an overview of the consumer funnel, and she touched on metrics that can help you better understand your website performance. 

If you are interested in getting the list of well-designed websites discussed during this digital event, please send us a request via email

You can watch the full digital event recording below, or open the recording with YouTube.