Fireside Chat With Mindy Weiss: How to Scale for the Wedding & Event Boom [Recap & Video]
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Fireside Chat With Mindy Weiss: How to Scale for the Wedding & Event Boom [Recap & Video]

Fireside Chat With Mindy Weiss: How to Scale for the Wedding & Event Boom [Recap & Video]

Are you ready for the wedding and event boom of 2022? On November 18, 2021, celebrity wedding and event planner Mindy Weiss sat down with PartySlate to share her thoughts on growing your team, emerging trends, and unique celebration ideas for 2022.

First, we learned more about Mindy Weiss, known around the world as one of the industry’s most creative minds and top event planners. She discussed her start in the invitation and stationery business, how she learned from her own party-host parents who were known for hosting unique events, and her first high-profile celebrity clients.

As far as growing her team, Weiss discussed her team structure and how this format allows her to stay focused on creative design and being present for her clients. Weiss refers to her team as a family and emphasizes how they depend on the value of trust and reputation.

Weiss also shared her event and wedding trend ideas for 2022. Events are back, and people are ready to celebrate. “You can’t put a price on making memories,” Weiss said. She expects the wedding and event boom to lead to large-scale events, big wedding parties, and party hosts who want to create memorable experiences for their guests. 

A few trends and elements she expects for 2022? “Green is it,” Weiss said. Get ready for all shades of green, including pops of green glassware on your tablescapes. She also expects a rise in thoughtful, deconstructed floral design inspired from Dutch art.

Like many event professionals, Weiss is always looking for creative inspiration to design her next event. Weiss finds inspiration from fashion, museums, design magazines, and from fellow planners and event professionals. At PartySlate, inspired events inspire people, and you can find curated inspiration and unique event trends to bring your dream vision to life. “PartySlate is a great way to see what event planners are doing…and for me, it’s inspiring,” Weiss said.

While the pandemic led to many lessons learned, Weiss stated the importance of listening to your client, being present, and working at places that appreciate you. Lastly, to have patience, grace, and understanding as our industry recovers after a challenging year.

You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube.