PartySlate’s Most Popular Small Events of 2020 [Recap & Video]
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PartySlate’s Most Popular Small Events of 2020 [Recap & Video]

PartySlate’s Most Popular Small Events of 2020 [Recap & Video]

With more than 6,000 events uploaded to PartySlate this year, it was difficult for the content team to choose our favorite ones. The pandemic has created a new emphasis on celebrating small and with a more intimate guest list. 

Having smaller events, however, did not stop them from being as meaningful as ever. As such, we are here to recognize the creativity and innovation that have gone into designing and producing these smaller gatherings.

On Tuesday, November 17, members of the PartySlate team hosted a digital event featuring the most popular small events of 2020. This team included:

  • Nicole Deberry, Associate Product Manager
  • Lauren Mandel, Senior Marketing Director
  • Pamela Rothbard, Managing Editor
  • Marlee Somerman, Customer Success Director 

The content team reviewed every event uploaded to PartySlate in 2020 and narrowed their list down through specific criteria. This criteria included whether the event followed CDC guidelines, implemented COVID-safe protocols, and more.

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite small events that were uploaded to PartySlate in 2020:

Drive-Up Wedding: Lauren noted that she can’t look at this event without being happy and wanting to smile.

Boho-Chic Baby Shower: According to Pamela, “This event was a mix of current and future trends that makes it onto my all-time favorite list.”

Miami Wedding: This event had to be made drastically smaller due to COVID-19. Nicole said, “If you were seated in that room, in those velvet chairs, you felt lucky to be there. This was an event you would not want to be cut from.”

At-Home Wedding in Chicago: Lauren tells us, “This event was more casual, but no less elegant and fun.” 

Virtual Wedding Experience: Nicole loved every element of this event down to the boxes they served the food in.

Backyard Movie Night 50th Birthday Party: Marlee thought this event was bright and happy. The team appreciated the clever signage and thoughtful, individually-packaged fare.

Zoom Bat Mitzvah: Nicole loved that there were balloons everywhere at this event and said that this has been a trend this year.

Trollz-Themed Virtual Birthday: Lauren thought that this event was so special and loved how happy it made the little girl.

Outdoor Bat Mitzvah: Pamela called out a new trend with this event, saying the event was “tie-dye inspired.”

Charming & Rustic Outdoor Experience: Pamela said this event was a “wedding experience” that embodied both modern and rustic themes.

Of course, we couldn’t seem to pick just ten of our top favorite submitted events. Therefore, we created an Idea Slate of our top 50

An Idea Slate is a way to save and organize your favorite photos, full event albums, venues and event professionals on PartySlate. You are able to add notes to remember what you love and what you want to share. Lastly, you can copy the link and quickly send it to your friends, family, or event planner

But wait, there’s more: PartySlate is here to help you optimize your PartySlate profile page. If you are interested in receiving a PartySlate profile review, submitting ideas to our editorial team, or receiving the Idea Slate featuring the 50 most popular small events uploaded to PartySlate — please email us.

You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube.