Event Planning in 2021: New Ways to Leverage Technology to Save Time [Recap & Video] | PartySlate
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Event Planning in 2021: New Ways to Leverage Technology to Save Time [Recap & Video]

Event Planning in 2021: New Ways to Leverage Technology to Save Time [Recap & Video] | PartySlate

With the return of in-person events, collaboration and efficiency is more important than ever. On Tuesday, May 4,  PartySlate Founder and CEO Julie Roth Novack and Customer Success Director Marlee Somerman sat down with event industry entrepreneurs to discuss how you and your teams can leverage technology to create best practices, save time, and scale your business. Panelists included: 

In this digital-first world, technology is essential to maximize your time and improve cross-team collaboration. The panelists focused on three main areas: event planning, sourcing, and sales and marketing. Grech started by discussing ways event planners can leverage technology when planning events. He highlighted problem areas that event planners typically might face, and why he created Evy Planner to help planners run a more efficient business. EVY Planner is an event planning assistant built for event professionals to manage their events, team, and clients.

With endless resources and options available online, it can be difficult to efficiently source and vet reputable vendors for your event. David created Event Box, an online marketplace and booking platform which connects best-in-class vendors with event planners, saving event planners time and effort when organizing and booking events. With Event Box, planners can easily find products and services that are ready to purchase, with transparent pricing from the vendors. 

Novack explains why she created PartySlate; how planning large-scale galas and corporate events during her 20 years in the digital agency world introduced her to consumer pain points. She became increasingly frustrated while planning a high-profile cancer research gala, spending hours online looking for ideas and venues, only to find wedding blogs, sterile vendor listing sites, and Pinterest dead-ends. Novack was inspired and set out to create a Houzz-like website to address the $143 billion events industry and the problem areas that planners face. 

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PartySlate is here to help you optimize your PartySlate profile page. If you are interested in receiving a photo organization event index template or contact information for our panelists, please email us.  

You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube.