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Digital Event: PartySlate Master Class on How to Build a World-Class Profile Page

On Thursday, July 2, PartySlate CEO and Co-Founder Julie Roth Novack was joined by Director of Product Chhavi Tiwari and B2B Marketing Manager Nicole Deberry to share profile building best practices, new ways to build your brand, and an easy way to score your profile. The trio also offered a live demo of how to create a PartySlate profile and how to upload an event to the platform.

To begin, Julie shared PartySlate’s founding story, including her own decades of experience in digital marketing. While hosting more than 50 large events and galas, she identified the need for an elegant solution for exploring potential venues, choosing event teams, and identifying the source behind real event inspiration. She identified five differentiators of the PartySlate platform: 1) curated content; 2) networked crediting system with clear attribution; 3) no dead-end links; 4) beautifully simple user experience; and 5) content rich profile pages.

Julie then shared a comprehensive overview of PartySlate from the homepage to event type and location pages. “We are really a content marketing engine — everything we do is SEO-optimized and mobile-optimized and that’s really how we drive traffic back to your profile,” said Julie.

The team next shared the differences between paying or premium profiles and free or organic profiles. While delving into an actual profile on PartySlate, Chhavi highlighted new features like a five-image carousel for cover photos, in-profile announcements, and more — many of which are only available to premium members. Free profile members receive the opportunity to share their work through descriptions and a limited number of real events in any event category. Julie shares, “Our research shows that people want to first look at the type of event they’re planning but then they also want to look at other types of events you’ve done.” Julie continued, sharing how the PartySlate team selects images and events for a curated user experience.

More in-depth advice included adding company descriptions of 3-5 sentences and event albums with 20 to 50 images showing different event elements as well as the full scope of an event. Messaging options are available for all profiles, in addition to website and social media links. The starting point for all event professionals and venues is to build out a complete PartySlate profile.

Nicole went through the play-by-play of how to sign up and apply for a company profile, create a user name, and select an event pro category to set up a profile. She instructed on adding a cover photo, company logo, and description and history information, as well as average response times. Julie added, “We came up with a fun way to score your profile that we’ll send out to you.” The scoring system assesses every profile on its completeness, including added press, engagement via frequent uploads of events, and more.

Future PartySlate Master Classes will include how to leverage idea slates, profile page SEO strategies, and more. If you are interested in receiving information on upcoming digital events or in setting up a PartySlate profile, please email us.

You can watch the full digital event recording below, or open the recording with YouTube.