6 Game-Changing Lessons on How to Organize your Photo Portfolio [Recap & Video]

As an event professional, you might be wondering how to save time when organizing your photo and video portfolio. We have the answers.

Event professionals face a lot of obstacles when organizing their portfolio: photographer chasing, busy schedules, social media dilemmas, and more. It is important to have your photo and video portfolio organized. The digital world is all about content, therefore your photos and videos are marketing gold. 

When your portfolio is organized, you will have easier access to all of your content. This will allow you to submit your work to digital platforms, amplify your brand, and streamline your sales process.

On Thursday, November 5, PartySlate Founder and CEO Julie Roth Novack sat down with Pamela Rothbard, Managing Editor at Partyslate, for a discussion on photo portfolio organization. They shared tips on how to save time when publishing photos. Specifically:

  1. Select a cloud-based storage platform
  2. Map out how you want to organize your photos and videos
  3. Create naming conventions
  4. Create an index to track your event data
  5. Track event-specific data in a separate sheet
  6. Create an Instagram-ready credits tab

Julie continued the discussion with tips on how to save time when publishing your photos.

Julie and Pamela concluded the digital event by showing how an up-to-date PartySlate profile can lead to more social features.

But wait, there’s more: PartySlate is here to help you optimize your PartySlate profile page. If you are interested in receiving a PartySlate profile review, receiving a copy of the deck, or receiving our event index template and crediting guide — please email us.

You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube.