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Digital Event: SEO-First Marketing and the Optimized PartySlate Profile Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a tricky subject — but now is the perfect time to learn about it. SEO is such a critical part of PartySlate’s marketing and consumer acquisition strategy. We have over 800,000 professional photos, more than 11,000 event professional and venue profile pages, hundreds of articles, and more — and we know how to leverage all of that content to drive high-intent organic traffic through SEO marketing.

On Tuesday, April 14, PartySlate CEO and Co-Founder, Julie Roth Novack, hosted a digital event focused on SEO-first marketing with a spotlight on PartySlate’s SEO-optimized profile pages. Julie was joined by PartySlate Senior Marketing Director, Lauren Mandel, who fielded attendee questions and weighed in with additional SEO marketing expertise.

The digital event kicked off by covering the three main areas of SEO: content SEO, offsite SEO (also known as backlink building), and technical SEO. The majority of the digital event presentation focused on content SEO, with key points pertaining to the other two components. 

Julie discussed free SEO tools that can be leveraged to build a list of long-tail keywords, which she goes on to discuss as a key component of any SEO strategy. Integrating keywords into valuable content, social signals, and tracking and SEO optimization are also covered, before Julie dives into the most effective way to leverage your PartySlate profile page.

Next, Julie covers backlinking, and how this important strategy contributes to both your domain authority and page authority. She also goes into detail about the many different ways you can acquire relevant backlinks to your website.

While Julie clearly states that technical SEO often requires an expert advisor, the digital event does cover the basics of this third and important area of SEO marketing. 

At the end, Julie covers PartySlate’s own SEO marketing strategy, before ending with a clear action plan if you are ready to prioritize your own SEO efforts. She also offers an SEO marketing strategy template to all attendees. 

If you are interested in getting the SEO marketing strategy template offered during this digital event, please send us a request via email

You can watch the full digital event recording below, or open the recording with YouTube.