How to Use Data to Grow Your Business [Recap & Video] | PartySlate
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How to Use Data to Grow Your Business [Recap & Video]

How to Use Data to Grow Your Business [Recap & Video] | PartySlate

Data can be the key to securing new clients — but where do you even start? On Tuesday, May 18, PartySlate product experts discussed how you can use analytics and data to better market your business and grow your brand. Panelists included:

In today’s digital-first world, we are constantly exposed to data — even just having a conversation can be a data point. To achieve growth for your business, it’s essential to collect data, process it, and turn it into meaningful insights. 

First, identify your goals and what you want to learn. For example, how do you want your business to grow? Do you want to measure acquisition (i.e., visitors and leads), engagement (i.e., likes and followers), or retention (i.e., referrals and repeats)? Or maybe you’d like to use data to understand your brand differentiators and learn how to stand out from your competitors.

It’s important to collect two types of data: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative data is subjective and categorical, which can be collected by asking thoughtful questions to your peers, conducting interviews, and issuing surveys. Quantitative data is objective and measurable, and can also be collected with surveys, or with tools like Google Analytics or Instagram Analytics. 

Surveys are a low-cost and powerful tool to collect both types of data, even if you only ask a few simple questions. Whether you are collecting qualitative or quantitative data, be sure to tailor your questions based on what you are hoping to learn. 

Once you have your results, you can categorize the data to identify common themes and begin to understand the learnings. 

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You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording on YouTube.