5 Simple Website Fixes to Get More Inquiries Digital Event | PartySlate
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5 Simple Website Fixes to Get More Inquiries [Recap & Video]

5 Simple Website Fixes to Get More Inquiries Digital Event | PartySlate

On Monday, January 25, 2002, Julie Roth Novack, CEO and Co-Founder of PartySlate, sat down with Sam Jacobson, marketing expert and Founder of Ideaction Consulting, to discuss website optimization. Joined by Chhavi Tiwari, PartySlate’s Senior Director of Product, they examined simple fixes to drive conversion and generate leads. They also explored how third-party platforms like PartySlate can help with customer acquisition and increased consumer engagement. Read on to learn more.

Optimizing your digital footprint goes far beyond social media. While platforms like Instagram and Facebook are beneficial for top-of-funnel marketing, your website is where actual conversions take place. The following best practices ensure your website will engage customers and lead to meaningful transactions. For a deeper dive into each topic, watch the video below.

  1. Strong Homepage Handshake 
  2. Engaging calls to action to build relationship
  3. Simple user experience
  4. Curated photos and videos
  5. Inspire them to contact you

However, event professionals should not rely on their websites alone. Third-party marketing platforms tend to have higher domain authority — with a wider SEO reach. Prioritize one or two platforms that are right for your business. Consider your brand and clientele when choosing a platform, as well as how much time you have to manage your own website.

One such platform, PartySlate offers event professionals an easy-to-use profile page to accompany and expand on the content on your own website. Because the profile templates are designed with SEO in mind, you will be able to create a stunning landing page where potential clients can view your portfolio, meet your team, and see testimonials. Best of all, each profile page provides the opportunity to create a narrative for your company, so customers are engaged from the moment they encounter your brand.

PartySlate is here to help you optimize your website and PartySlate profile page. If you are interested in receiving a complimentary website or profile review, please email us

You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube for full details on how to maximize your digital footprint to get more inquiries.