How Wow-Worthy Moments Can Grow Your Business [Recap & Video] | PartySlate
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How Wow-Worthy Event Moments Can Grow Your Business [Recap & Video]

How Wow-Worthy Moments Can Grow Your Business [Recap & Video] | PartySlate

How can you create wow-worthy moments that guests will talk about long after your event ends? Moreover, how can these bold moments lead to referrals and expand your business?

On Tuesday, April 13, PartySlate Founder and CEO Julie Roth Novack and Managing Editor Pamela Rothbard sat down with top planners and designers to discuss how producing memorable experiences is essential to help you stand out and build your brand. Panelists included:

Ty Kuppig of TYGER | Event Design + Production explained how he starts his creative process by thinking through the concept of the event, and then communicating to his clients with visuals to help them understand the vision. This includes renderings, floor plans, and physically building out parts of the event to create a sample of the immersive experience.

Kuppig creates wow-worthy moments by “approaching events as experiences, and thinking about how we are engaging the five senses for guests.” He goes on to say, “It’s creating a new experience with wow-moments, with big installations, and creating something cinematic.” 

From creating a striking cranberry bog in the middle of Rockefeller Center to a Tokyo-inspired sushi and cocktail conveyor belt at the PartySlate Boston launch party, Kuppig’s wow-worthy moments come in many forms.

Ryan Hill of Apotheosis Events chose his company name as an ode to wow-worthy event moments;  “apotheosis” is defined as a culminating moment, or elevating something to divine status. Hill has applied the idea of storytelling structure on events as diverse as weddings and birthdays to corporate gatherings and galas — offering memorable moments in each.

Hill creates events that tell a story and take guests on a journey through each moment. Hill discussed details of the New York Hamilton premiere at Pier 60 where he executed a grandiose apotheosis with a wow-worthy, 15-minute fireworks show paired with a customized soundtrack created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

Pejy Kash of Pejy Kash Events also creates wow-worthy moments by building trust with his clients, learning their stories, and translating those stories into the event. “Our intention is to create those unique moments that we aspire to have for every single celebration,” Kash said. He collaborates with creative partners to create moments that elevate the guest experience and are geared to each specific client, project, and location.

Trust is essential for Kash to have the freedom to think outside the box, take risks, and even surprise his clients with the final results. See how Kash surprised his clients for their intimate wedding with unexpected color combinations, creating a grand vision through florals and décor.

You too can create wow-worthy moments that guests will discuss long after your event. Remember, it’s essential to build trust with your clients and partners, take risks, and tell a compelling story through your event. Creating bold moments can set you apart, build your brand, and strengthen your network and referrals.

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You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube.