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Digital Marketing Tips to Complement Your Social Strategy



SEO and websites and social media… oh my! In this episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, CEO and Co-Founder of PartySlate, Julie Novack offers digital marketing best practices. She shares how to boost your presence on Google, improve your website, and create online profiles for your business.

Listen to learn:

Basics for Search Engine Optimization, including the importance of local keywords

What authoritative link backs are and why you want them for your website

The most important section of your website that’s often overlooked

What PartySlate is and how to get listed on the website



PartySlate is a photo-rich platform where leading event professionals share their work with the world. It’s a site for brides, grooms and party hosts of all kinds to find new ideas, venues and top local event professionals. Unlike other inspiration platforms such as Pinterest, PartySlate is designed specifically to give Event Professionals such as Photographers, Planners, Décor Companies, and Venues a better way to showcase their work, build their brand, credit partners and collaborate with their clients.