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Digital Event: The Anatomy of a Great Email Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing should be an essential part of your business’s digital marketing strategy. Your target consumers will actively check their email on a daily basis, where as using social media relies on passive scrolling. This low-cost digital tool is an effective way to build direct relationships with consumers — with a higher conversion rate than other digital channels.

On Tuesday, July 21, PartySlate CEO and Co-Founder Julie Roth Novack sat down with Senior Email Marketing Manager Chelsea Rump to discuss the anatomy of a successful email marketing campaign. They explored the five types of email campaigns — newsletter, triggered emails, drip campaigns, milestones, and promotional — while providing real life examples along the way. They concluded the webinar with an email marketing action plan and list of best practices.

PartySlate is here to help you create a strong email marketing campaign. If you are interested in receiving an email strategy template, email campaign review and advice, or a PartySlate profile review, please email us.

You can watch the full digital event recording below, or open the recording with YouTube.