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Father’s Day is Every Day, Thanks to These 36 Photographers

Father’s Day is on the way, so we had to share 36 heartwarming event photos for the occasion. From milestone Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and birthdays to once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebrations, these dads shared the most precious moments with their kids — and luckily, some of our favorite photographers were there to capture every fleeting moment. 

1. Alain Martinez Photography

photographer: Alain Martinez Photography

A Very Proud Dad

We love the pride and joy on this father’s face as we walks his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Alain Martinez Photo & Cinema

Miami, Florida

2. Andrew Weeks Photography

photographer: Andrew Weeks Photography

Not All Superheros Wear Capes

Little boys often want to grow up to be “just like dad” and we love how this image shows how nurturing that relationship can be.

Andrew Weeks Photography

Chicago, Illinois

3. Apollo Fotografie

photographer: Apollo Fotografie

The Dance of a Lifetime

This photo exudes warms and tenderness and we don’t need to see this dad’s daughter to know she’s beaming too.

Apollo Fotografie

San Francisco, California

4. Areeg Spencer

photographer: Areeg Spencer

Getting Ready for His Little Girl

This dad-to-be is clearly enjoying a baby shower quiz aimed at exploring what he and his bride will be like as parents; it bodes well that they’re in agreement already.

Areeg Spencer Weddings

San Diego, California

5. ArtVesta Studio

photographer: ArtVesta Studio

Wrapped in Love

This warm hug from father to son says it all from “I’m proud of you” to “You’re going to be a wonderful husband.”

ArtVesta Studio

New York, New York

6. Beller-Jones

photographer: Beller-Jones

A Day Full of Bliss

This dad happily greets friends and family while donning his best Scottish finery — clearly enjoying every moment of walking his daughter down the aisle.


Chicago, Illinois

7. Cage and Aquarium

photographer: Cage and Aquarium

You Never Outgrow Your Dad

It starts when dads teach their sons to tie their shoes and comes full circle when they teach them how to tie their wedding day bow tie. We love that this moment was beautifully captured.

Cage and Aquarium

Chicago, Illinois

8. Caitlin Hamilton Photography

photographer: Caitlin Hamilton Photography

There to Lend a Helping Hand

Loving fathers never stop being supportive — whether it’s lending a listening ear or a helping hand. We adore this pair’s lighthearted expressions that tell you what their relationship is like.

Caitlin Hamilton Photography

Denver, Colorado

9. Carasco Photography

photographer: Carasco Photography

He’ll Always Have Her Back

Loving dads know when to let their daughter take center stage — while always being close by to lend support and affection.

Carasco Photography

Chicago, Illinois

10. Cheers Babe Photo

photographer: Cheers Babe Photo

You Can’t Beat a Dad Joke

Ah, dad jokes — we all know them well; they live at the intersection of a smile and a cringe. We love how this image captures the loving lightheartedness of this father-daughter relationship.

Cheers Babe Photo

Los Angeles, California

11. Duke Images

photographer: Duke Images

Greeting His Soon-to-Be Son

This image depicts one of the most heart-rending and heartwarming moments of every father’s life: handing his daughter’s hand to her spouse-to-be (and handing off many of his fatherly duties in the process).

Duke Images

Pasadena, California

12. EDLT Photography

photographer: EDLT Photography

Offering Support By Her Side

We can’t get enough of beaming fathers walking beautiful aisles with their even-more-beautiful daughters and this one makes us smile.

EDLT Photography

Los Angeles, California

13. Francis Ralph Potograpiya

photographer: Francis Ralph Potograpiya

A Meaningful Glance Before Her Romance

This glance is packed with love and affection and we love how the daughter’s face is dreamily lit, allowing this father’s crisp, wistful expression to center the image.

Francis Ralph Potograpiya

San Diego, California

14. Fred Marcus Studio

photographer: Fred Marcus Studio

Words From Dad to His Daughters

While we don’t know exactly what’s being said in this father-to-daughter Bat Mitzvah speech, we know that it’s full of love and playful ribbing — and it makes us smile.

Fred Marcus Studio

New York, New York

15. Gruber Photographers

photo courtesy of Gruber Photographers

Fathers of the Brides

The only thing better than one sweet father-daughter dance is two touching, simultaneous father-daughter dances. We love how these brides included their dads in their big day.

Gruber Photographers

New York, New York

16. J Lauryn Photography

photographer: J Lauryn

Dad’s Got the Dance Moves

He’s still got it! This image perfectly captures the joy of watching a dad tear up the dance floor, full of fun and happiness over adding one more person to his festive family — and hearing his fave jam.

J Lauryn Photography

Chicago, Illinois

17. JAYLim Studio

photographer: JAYLim Studio

The Groom’s Number 1 Fan

Sigh. This image is everything we love about father-son bonding. This pair looks as if they’re walking through the mist as dad imparts life lessons, before his son heads out onto the field of adult life as a husband.

JAYLim Studio

New York, New York

18. Jen Philips Photography

photographer: Jen Philips Photography

Here We Go

This dad is about to take the first step of the longest walk of this life — escorting his daughter down the aisle to her beloved. You can almost hear him asking her, “Are you ready?”

Jen Philips Photography

Napa, California

19. Jennifer Clapp Photography

photographer: Jennifer Clapp Photography

Looking Ahead

This father-daughter duo are intent, looking forward at the rest of their lives with confidence and trust in each other as she marries her love.

Jennifer Clapp Photography

San Francisco, California

20. Jennings King Photography

photographer: Jennings King Photography

Here Comes the Cutest Duo

The only thing sweeter than this father’s halting smile as he gives his little girl away is her absolute beaming grin. This image perfectly captures their of-the-moment emotions.

Jennings King Photography

Charleston, South Carolina

21. Jim Vetter Photography

photographer: Jim Vetter Photography

An Emotional First Look

We’re all familiar with that magical first-look moment when the bride appears in all of her finery, shining like a beacon. But this moment is a less captured one — when a dad sees his daughter as a bride (and perhaps as a woman) for the very first time.

Jim Vetter Photography

San Francisco, California

22. Justin Hankins

photographer: Justin Hankins

All Smiles Down This Aisle

Here’s another walk down the aisle that makes us smile. We adore how this father shows such a mix of happy and bittersweet emotion so clearly, while his daughter beams.

Justin Hankins Photography

Washington, District of Columbia

23. Kelly Hornberger Photography

photographer: Kelly Hornberger Photography

Unconditional Love That Shows

This one image tells us everything we need to know about this fun-loving dad-daughter duo. In it we can see years of her coaxing him into being silly — and him giving in every time.

Kelly Hornberger Photography

Houston, Texas

24. LaCour Images

photographer: LaCour Images

Pinch Me Moments Caught on Camera

This lucky father got not only the opportunity for a first look but also a moment to hold hands with his daughter and affirm his love for her before she enters the next chapter of her life.

LaCour Images

Chicago, Illinois

25. Lynette Boyle Photography

photographer: Lynette Boyle Photography

A Bond That Can’t be Broken

We’re pretty sure that this proud, stoic father probably broke down multiple times as he watched his daughter get married then shared a sweet dance with her.

Lynette Boyle Photography

San Francisco, California

26. Michael Jurick Photography

photographer: Michael Jurick Photography

An Exchange of Inside Jokes

This beautifully-captured image portrays a fun father-son dynamic that the groom’s mom clearly appreciates; she grins nearby giving them space to crack each other up.

Michael Jurick Photography

New York, New York

27. Nastasia Mora Photography

photographer: Nastasia Mora Photography

Forever Dad and Daughter

This dad is watching every delicate step as he walks his much-loved daughter down the aisle. You can tell that he’s a father you can count on.

Nastasia Mora Photography

Chicago, Illinois

28. Nicee Martin Photo & Design

photographer: Nicee Martin Photo & Design

Savoring the Moment

It’s clear that this dad will always be there to lift his son up — whether it’s a very literal lift as depicted here or more of an emotional pick-me-up.

Nicee Martin Photo & Design

Chicago, Illinois

29. Rebecca Marie Photography

photographer: Rebecca Marie Photography

Beaming With Pride

We could not love this more. The two brides steal a tender look with each other before walking the aisle with their supportive fathers.

Rebecca Marie Photography

Chicago, Illinois

30. Roey Yohai Studios

photographer: Roey Yohai Studios

Dad Knows Best

We’ll bet that this dad has some life wisdom to offer — and offer it he will, with a side of silliness and love.

Roey Yohai Studios

New York, New York

31. Romy Modlin Photography

photographer: Romy Modlin Photography

When His Boy Became a Man

A Bar Mitzvah is an especially moving moment for a young man — and so is the celebration where he gets to hear kudos and compliments from his friends and heartwarming words from his family, like this proud dad offers here.

Romy Modlin Photography

Dallas, Texas

32. Robert Hacman Photography

photographer: Robert Hacman Photography

A Joy Ride For His Bride

This bride allows her dad to take the wheel one more time as she heads to the altar to say “I do” and he’s clearly relishing the moment.

Robert Hacman Photography

Wellington, Florida

33. Studio Opia

photographer: Studio Opia

Holding Back Happy Tears

This father may be too choked up to actually dance, which makes this moment all the more worth capturing.

Studio Opia

San Francisco, California

34. Stohr-ee Events

photographer: Stohr-ee Events

‘Most Enthusiastic Dad’ Award

We have never seen a more enthusiastic walk down the aisle. This dad’s happy, fun energy is palpable and gives us — and his daughter and guests — big grins.

Stohr-ee Events

Fort Worth, Texas

35. Sugar Free Studio

photographer: Sugar Free Studio

His Face Says it All

Another first look. Another proud father. Another beautifully-captured moment. We truly cannot get enough. And we love how the dad is the focus here as the bride will be soon enough.

Sugarfree Studio

Miami, Florida

36. The Picture Cottage

photographer: The Picture Cottage

Daddy’s Little Girl is Grown

This father pauses for a moment to express his gratefulness for the beauty and love of his daughter. His show of love is so moving.

The Picture Cottage

Miami, Florida