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Featured Pro: Andie Freeman

Photo by Andie Freeman Photography

Andie Freeman is an internationally published photographer based in Athens, Georgia, who runs a boutique photography studio that specializes in wedding and newborn portraiture. Andie and her team are available for travel worldwide.

A little backstory: Andee was not always set on being a photographer.  A graduate of the University of Georgia, she has a BBA in Economics and a BA in Political Science. She always had her heart set on being an international trade lawyer in the Middle East.

When asked how she ended up as a photographer, she says..

“It was really something that I just fell into.  I have always enjoyed taking photographs. After I married my husband, Sean, he purchased my first SLR for me. After that, it became a full-on hobby that I loved. But tragedy struck our family in many different way over the course of 18 months in 2008.

When I was 14 weeks pregnant with our daughter, Zoe, Sean was involved in a motorcycle accident that nearly took his life (a lady turned left in front of him). There were multiple extended hospital stays, surgeries and doctor’s visits involved in his recovery. My photography hobby was really forgotten. Then, when my daughter was born in January of 2009, my heart failed and I was very sick. And eight months later, our daughter, Zoe, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Somewhere in the midst of all of the insanity and me just taking portraits of Zoe, my business began to boom. Fortunately now, we are all healthy and happy. I think that my experiences give me a different perspective on the importance of pictures. Before Sean’s accident, there were no professional portraits of us together.  Now, we have multiple sessions together every year. You never know when that person you love so much will be taken from you forever.  So I intend to document everything.”

Andie has uploaded numerous outstanding photo collections to our site. Please enjoy browsing!