Perfectly Pink 1st Birthday Party | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & floral: Larry Walshe Studios | planner: Jemma-Jade Events
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12 Kids’ Birthday Party Trends for 2023

Perfectly Pink 1st Birthday Party | PartySlate

As our Editor Jessi says, “Every kid’s birthday party is a milestone celebration — regardless of the year.” You don’t need to wait for a traditional milestone to celebrate your little one. Throw a trendy celebration for them, incorporating our predictions for the biggest kids’ birthday party trends of the new year.

We’ve rounded up 12 kids’ birthday party trends for an unforgettable bash in 2023. From balloon décor like you’ve never seen to elaborate mocktails for the kids, these trends are here to stay.

1. Balloon Installations Go Wild (Animals)

Balloon installations are always one of the most exciting décor elements at a kid’s birthday party. This year, we are expecting to see these formations get creative in fun animal shapes.

Hire an experienced décor company to execute this grand vision for your child.

Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Party at Bridge 410 in Chicago, Illinois | PartySlate
photographer: J Lauryn Photography | planner: Wagner Lane Productions | floral: Visions in Bloom | venue: Bridge 410 | balloons: Chicagoland Luxe

Minnie in Balloons

Chicago, IL

This Minnie Mouse-themed third-birthday party included an epic balloon installation in a familiar Disney shape.

photo courtesy of & planner: Gables Event Design | venue: La Jolla Ballroom

Flamingo Fancy

We love the grandeur of this birthday party entrance, lined with cascading balloon installations shaped into flamingos.

2. Personalized Snacks for Your Kiddo

Adding a personal touch to your party doesn’t have to be extravagant. Customize sweet details that will make a big impact. You can personalize some of your kid’s favorite snacks with their name or or portrait on the packaging. Scroll down to see some of our favorite examples of this birthday party trend.

First Birthday - Baseball themed kids birthday party | PartySlate
photographer: Diana Feil | planner: Party Crush Events

Tate’s Concessions

Tate’s sports-themed birthday party included a concessions stand filled with his very own personalized snacks (he’s lucky his name is already a brand!).

photographer: Mark L. Simmons Photography | planner & floral: Emily Events

Winnie Grahams

Winnie’s third birthday was filled with personal touches, including Winnie Grahams and Goldfish crackers with her portrait printed on the packaging.

3. Art-Focused Party Activities

Keep kids entertained with hands-on art projects. What kid doesn’t love finger painting, face painting, or any creative outlet that allows them to get a little messy? While this fun activity will keep your child and their friends entertained, their finished art projects will double as fun party favors to take home.

Check out some examples below, and find even more kids’ birthday party ideas here: 33 Kids Birthday Party Ideas You’ll Want to Steal for Yourself

Charming Horse-themed Kid's Birthday Party at a Private Residence in Los Angeles, California | PartySlate
photographer: Diana Feil | planner: Party Crush Events | floral: Dogwood + Fir Floral

Horsing Around

This horse-themed party featured fun activities, like a horseshoe painting station. Make sure to check out the petting zoo, as well.

Circus-Themed First Birthday Party in Boston, Massachusetts | PartySlate
photographer: Captured by Moll | planner: AE Events

Face Painting at the Circus

Get kids excited by letting them choose their favorite face paint character. This circus-themed party featured a multitude of perfectly on-theme activities.

Black and Gold Great Gatsby 16th Birthday in Miami, FL | PartySlate
photographer: Imagery by Jules Photography | planner: KeAira Chantell Events | floral: The Simon Design

Caricature Artistry

We love how this Great Gatsby-themed 16th-birthday party offered unique activities like personal caricature drawings for guests.

4. Live Entertainment That Gets Kids on Their Feet

Kids’ entertainment is more than than turning on the television or a music playlist. Live party entertainment, like musicians, gets kids on their feet and dancing. Expect your little one to be ready for a nap by the time the party is over.

Find and book the perfect entertainment for your kid’s birthday party.

photographer: Danny Pham Photography | planner: LC Events | floral: Elegant Affairs | venue: Maman

Bubbles & Bass

This boho first-birthday party kept the little ones happy with bubbles and live entertainment that included a singer and guitarist.

Moana Inspired Birthday Celebration in Miami, Florida | PartySlate
photographer: B. Ashton Visuals | planner: KeAira Chantell Events | floral: The Simon Design | entertainment: Aloha Islanders Hawaiian Entertainment Inc

Fire Dancers & More

Miami, FL

Aloha Islanders Hawaiian Entertainment Inc. was the main attraction at this Moana-themed birthday party. They brought in Hula dancers and fire dancers to wow guests and get the kids dancing.

photographer: The Honeycutt Empire | planner: LC Events | floral: Ava Party Designs | venue: Home Studios Inc.

Exciting Sesame Street

New York, NY

We adore this colorful Sesame Street-themed first-birthday party full of interactive musical entertainment.

5. Punny Party Themes

When a good pun presents itself, it’s hard to not lean into it. Whether on signage or invites, make sure your clever play on words makes an impact. Check out some of our favorite examples below, and find even more of the best party themes on PartySlate.

Home One-themed Birthday Party at Wildwood Studio in Chicago, Illinois | PartySlate
photographer: Wildwood Photography | planner: elliestyled | floral: The Flower House | venue: Wildwood Studio

Home “One”

This “Home One” birthday party featured every baseball motif imaginable, including a baseball-shaped smash cake and concessions stands serving all of your ballpark favorites.

Train-Themed 2nd Birthday Party in Durham, North Carolina | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & planner: My Elevated Experience

 Chugga Chugga Two Two

Durham, NC

We adore this train-themed second-birthday party with locomotive inspired décor and a clever theme.

photographer: Chasing Pleasures Fine Art Photography | planner: Event Du Jour | venue: The Garland

Love You a Latte

This neutral-colored 10th-birthday party mimics the hues in your favorite latte to create a cohesive theme.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Themed Birthday Party in Buford, Georgia | PartySlate
photographer: Kim Hymes Photography | planner: ChrisFête Events

Itsy Bitsy Cobe

Buford, GA

We love a classic nursery rhyme turned party theme. This Itsy Bitsy Spider-themed second birthday is a chic portrayal of a time-honored children’s poem.

6. Curated Mocktails for the Kids

Mocktails are growing increasingly popular and are one of our favorite trends here at PartySlate. Offer curated mocktails for the kids to take this trend to a new and adorable level. Caterers will not miss a detail in creating these masterpieces. Complete with smoke, edible flowers, and more, this adult trend is now for the kids.

photo courtesy of & rentals: Quest Events | planner: Boutique Event Planning | venue: Red Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Edible Mocktail Toppers

Las Vegas, NV

This pink birthday party offered a curated mocktail menu with spiked versions for the adults.

photographer: J Lauryn Photography | planner: Wagner Lane Productions | venue: Bridge 410

Mocktails Fit for Three-Year-Olds

Chicago, IL

The mocktails at this Minnie Mouse party exceeded expectations with fog bubbling out of the top of the fishbowl-style cups.

7. Over-the-Top Tablescapes

A meticulously designed tablescape is one of my personal favorite parts of any event. In 2023, we expect to see even more over the top tablescapes — literally. Check out these examples below, designed by expert décor companies.

photographer: Chasing Pleasures Fine Art Photography | planner: Event Du Jour | venue: The Garland

Boho Canopy

Los Angeles, CA

This extended tablescape wowed us with a luxe, boho canopy of pampas grass and palms overhead.

planner: Jemma-Jade Events | photo courtesy of & floral: Larry Walshe Studios

Tablescape & Ceiling Décor in One

London, England

This lavish birthday tea party featured tablescapes of colorful baby’s breath that seemed to cascade from suspended, floating tea kettles and balloons overhead.

8. Seating On Their Level

Plush pillows and low benches with accompanying tables are a perfect, and practical, kids’ birthday party trend. Think of it as an elevated picnic. This chic seating arrangement is in this year, so get ahead of the trend before you see it everywhere.

Boho-Inspired 10th Birthday Party at The Garland in Los Angeles, California | PartySlate
photographer: Chasing Pleasures Fine Art Photography | planner: Event Du Jour | venue: The Garland

Boho Floor Seating

Los Angeles, CA

We love this kid-friendly seating arrangement with boho decorative pillows around a low table.

photo courtesy of & planner: Social Llama Events

Elevated Picnic-Style Seating

This precious, yet spooky costume birthday party offered comfortable ground seating with cozy pillows and blankets.

9. Bounce Houses That Pop

The days of primary-colored bounce houses for kids’ birthday parties are gone. If you’re going to go with a bounce house, make it pop. Add décor and balloons galore to amp up your party theme or style. This is one of our favorite trends of 2023, so check out the glamorous bounce houses below — and find a rental company near you for your kid’s next milestone.

Floral-Filled Kids Birthday Party at Lombardi House in Los Angeles, California | PartySlate
photographer: Kris Kan | planner: Mary Michelle | floral: Dolce Fiore | venue: Lombardi House

It’s All Coming Up Daisies

Los Angeles, CA

We adore this elaborate pastel-colored, daisy-filled bounce house with accompanying slides into a ball pit (all in the same color palette).

photo courtesy of & planner: Social Llama Events

Spooky Costume Party

Dallas, TX

This spooky bounce house with a vibrant color scheme is brought to life with brightly colored balloon installations.

photographer: Alyssa Hunter Photography | planner: Play play zone | floral: JNJ Florals

Super Noah

Burbank, CA

Take inspiration from this chic Super Mario-themed birthday party for how to incorporate fun colors into an otherwise neutral-hued event.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Themed Birthday Party in Buford, Georgia | PartySlate
photographer: Kim Hymes Photography | planner: ChrisFête Events

A Classic Nursery Rhyme, But Make it Chic

Buford, GA

This white bounce house was elevated with a cascade of blue and black balloon installations.

10. Barbiecore Is More Than a Trend for the Adults

Barbiecore is one of our favorite themes here at PartySlate and we are ecstatic to see it trickle into kids’ birthday parties this year. The ultra-feminine, signature Barbie-pink, coupled with silhouettes of her portrait, is the theme of your little one’s dreams. Our favorite thing about this trend is that it has come full-circle. It began with kids, then became a glamorous adult trend, and is now back as an elevated style for kids.

Barbiecore kids birthday party trend | PartySlate
photographer: Diana Feil

Combining Barbie & Art

Los Angeles, CA

This Barbie-inspired party captivated guests with Barbie-themed watercolor activities.

photographer: Kris Kan | planner: Mary Michelle | floral: Dolce Fiore | venue: Lombardi House

Barbie & Her Squad in Attendance

Los Angeles, CA

Barbie was in attendance at this floral-filled birthday party and sat at the dessert table as a special touch.

Colorful Barbie Birthday Party at Evelyn's Park in Bellaire, Texas | PartySlate
photographer: Jujuu Photography | floral: Macy Lima Celebrations + Events | venue: Evelyn’s Park

C’mon Baribe

Bellaire, TX

Not a detail was overlooked at this Barbie-galore birthday party filled with an abundance of pink balloons and Barbie silhouettes everywhere.

11. Disco Balls Make Their Way to Kids’ Birthday Parties

Another trend moving from adult parties to kids is disco balls. Disco balls as décor definitely had their moment in 2022, but in 2023, we are going to see disco balls filling kids birthday parties. The best thing about this décor element is that it works with so many themes. You don’t have to commit to a full 70s-themed party to indulge in disco décor.

photographer: Isabella Alex Photo | planner: The Collective Creative Co. | floral: Something Pretty Floral

Vibrant Space Disco

Dallas, TX

This “Interstella” space-themed party included disco balls in a subtle and chic way.

photographer: Jujuu Photography | floral: Macy Lima Celebrations + Events | venue: Evelyn’s Park

Barbie Disco

Bellaire, TX

Mini disco balls cascaded down the birthday girl’s pink birthday cake, adding a sparkly touch.

12. More Than an Invite

In 2023, the style and design of the invitations is just as important as the rest of the décor at the event. Storybook-inspired, or interactive invites, get kids and parents excited for the birthday party to come. They will also paint a picture of the party and sometimes tell the story of the celebrant. There’s no better way to get your little guests excited than with an interactive invite.

Izzy's Second Birthday Party | PartySlate
photographer: Kim Spath Photography | venue: Gather at Textile | invites & print: Momental Designs

Once Upon a Time

Wyoming, PA

A storybook party invitation gave guests a sneak peek into this dragon-themed fable birthday party.

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